Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Second From the Right, and Straight On Til Morning

Hellraisers, Its time.

Blogger cant hold me anymore, and Im officially moving to a new site. Id be very honored if you all came with me.

Everything on here will remain up for as long as blogger does.

-The Astrogeek

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Moon in Aries- Bloody, Bold and Resolute

Lawd jezus, its a FIAR! Oh I know its old now, but apropos. Anyways, Its MUHUGGIN ARIES up in here! New Moon in Aries; its one of my favorite New Moons. The energy in the air, Spring, just feeling like a certified champion... Hard to beat it. Still, you have to make it last til Capricorn so dont go too hog wild!!

Ill keep it as short and sweet as I can for you all, so lets just skydive right into it!

Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars- Yes hellraisers, its another Stellium up in here. I love these, they make my life much easier by making it much, much harder! All of these guys ar joined by Eris, so you can bet this placement is about stirring up your life (for the better) and getting you way out past your comfort zone. You'll know you're onto something when you find something worth fighting for. A trine to Chariklo shows that you will not see this shakeup coming, but once it happens you will realize there was no real way that it could play out otherwise. A trine to Ixion and Burney confirms this, saying that this may come as a result of a very poorly planned choice, or possibly because you neglected to make a choice that could prevent it. Now all of this is not meant to be negative, says Black Moon Lilith, because the result of the coming changes will be positive- however the circumstances leading up to them might not be. A trine to Hylonome may inspire a new feeling of loyalty to something you love, whether that is a relationship. A quincunx to Psyche does not make this easy for you, however. Find something that sets you on fire, and set your path in its pursuit. A sextile to Thereus confirms this, and shows that your pursuit may take you off the beaten path into some surprisng places! A square to Varuna demands that you make an effort to bring yourself out onto the stage, into a place where you can have a greater impact and be seen for it. A sextile to Vesta shows that you will need to make this a long term commitment, dont waste your time if you cant dedicate the time and effort to it. A square to Astraea demands that you give this your full attention, telling you that now is not the time to pull the ripcord. More work is needed. A square to Apophis warns that there will be several distractions and attempts to pull you off of this path, but you just need to stay focused (this will get loads easier in Taurus) and keep at it. Don't allow yourself to make excuses. A square to Bacchus, an opposition to Rhadamanthus, and a trine to Amycus all confirm this. Dont allow yourself to get shaken by your own doubts and insecurities. A square to Ascelpius pushes you on, trust yourself and do what is asked of you to the best of your ability. That is the way through.

Mercury- Most Holy Hanuman, is he STILL in freaking Pisces? Ugh. At any rate, its almost over. Soon you'll have a clear head again and you'll be set to blaze a new trail. A square to Lilith, Vesta and Quaoar tells you to watch out so that you dont slip into your old habits- What you do now sets the course for this whole year. I know its hard to believe, but trust me. A trine to Varuna shows that you just want to slip away from your obligations and swim off into freedom- Don't. Another trine, to Psyche, tells you that the challenges that you are facing right now are to be conquered, not worked around. Tap Aries, and remember that you are much, much greater than you allow yourself to believe. A sextile to Kassandra asks you to look ahead and start planning out your trajectory for where you want to be next year- Play the long game. A square to Arachne confirms this, but warns you against getting discouraged because of the complexity. The best solution to a Gordian Knot isnt always a Gladius. A square to Hybris tells you that instead of warning against being proud and boastful, you're at the point to where you now need to build yourself up again, but not from an ego perspective. No, you are challenged to rebuild your sense of pride and worth, but taking care that it is rooted in a more mindful, aware part of you- Your actual Self, what is called the I AM, having conquered the ego (Even if you don't think you have conquered it just yet- You've done more than you think).

Jupiter- If it wasn't enough that the bloated gasbag is barreling full speed ahead into Cancer, hes also hitting right on a very sensitive point- the degree of last year's Venus Transit. So that means that in addition to the Mars-Venus Conjunction and all of its insanity, you are going to be presented with all of the issues that the Venus transit brought up last year, and you will be shown just how far or not-so-far you've come since then. This is a chance to get it right this time. You know exactly what you need to do- Be the best version of yourself possible. If you truly want it, put in the sweat equity and make it work, however you need to. No excuses. A conjunction to Atropos confirms this, telling you that for better or worse, you've come full circle. Show us what you've learned. A quincunx to the North Node and to Pluto shows that you are ready to make the adjustments needed in order to succeed. JUST DO IT ALREADY!

Saturn- Um... This is actually a first- Nothing major to report here. I have a square to Juno, challenging you to make deeper connections in your relationships, and a trine to Teharonhiawako which is making it easier for you to do something creative that you really want to do. Seize that opportunity, it wont be around forever. Other than that, Ive got nothing (Seriously? Nothing? Wow!), so enjoy a week off from Saturn!

Uranus- A trine to Orius tells you that you need an outlet, some way to unleash your wild side. Pressure is building up and the release is needed. Put it into something constructive. A sextile to Juno and a conjunction to Amor highlights that there are some power plays brewing in your relationships. Be aware of your boundaries. An opposition to Toro highlights a low in your drive and ambition- dont allow yourself to slip back, not when you've made so much ground! A sextile to Hephaistos says that this might be not be a great time for self-discovery and reflection, but you're too busy coming up with ideas and plans for your work and career to hear me anyway. A square to Narcissus warns of becoming too self-absorbed; why not try to lavish and adore someone else for a change?

Neptune- Blah blah Orcus, something something sextile to Magdalena... Nothing new? Oh wait, here we go- A sextile to Pallas Athene. She demands that you focus on your craft. This needs to be a way for you to actually reach into yourself and share what you find with the world. If you don't pour yourself into it, don't bother. Give it all you have, and start on it now.

Pluto- Closely sextile Chiron, we're dealing with all those old wounds that he loves to open up when he gets the chance. Here's the crazy thing though- They're actually healing. Think about it, recent events that have pushed you out of your comfort zone, and that you have stepped up to the plate on, even with your reservations; have actually helped you to move past your misgivings and old pains. Its legitimately magic. Keep at it. The sextile/Mutual reception to Saturn and to Deucalion tells you that this is not a temporary thing- start to build with taking it into consideration, not avoiding it and going around it. A trine to Elatus shows that the carrot is actually within reach for you. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but you can actually have what you want. Aries will help you get it, but you have to put in the sweat equity yourself. This is the reward, the battle plan is whats outlined above.

Get at it Hellraisers. Never forget that you are in fact worthy.
-The Astrogeek

And of course, if I somehow did not sate your appetite for Astro, go check out Starzina and her Time of the Month Horoscopes and J.D. over at Astrolosophy!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Venus/Mars Conjunction- Soldier of Love

Oh Hellraisers, can you smell that? No, not THAT, its spring! Yes, its in the air, things are heating up and life is returning! Of course, L'Amour is also in the air, and smells just as pungent. Its time for Venus and Mars to meet again!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of my favorite transits. Hands down, it rocks. Even for someone as anti-Venus as I am, I cant help but absolutely love this one. Even more so, now that its happening for my Venus Return!

Anyway, so what happens when you get a Mars-Venus conjunction? Well, lets look at the planets: Venus, goddess of love and beauty; And Mars, god of grit, War, and sweat? Anytime you get these two together, passions run HIGH. And in Aries? Holy hellfire, its like trying to put out a grease fire with gasoline!

So how do you work with this without getting burned to a crisp? Well you need to channel it instead of letting it run rampant through you, immolating you with its awesome. No, you need to tap into that truly amazing Aries energy, and let it inspire you. Be bold, try new things- Take up Motocross/ Dynamite Surfing /Skydiving! Go home with a stranger you meet at a bar! Take a random uplanned trip! Seriously, be shameless and just enjoy being alive for a while. If it feels like you're breaking some unwritten rule, you're doing it right. Of course, dont actually break any written rules, or promises/trust, dont cheat on your SO, and for the love of god dont come back with a disease if you do.

Playing back into the theme of Ceres, your mind is still focused on that new promising adventure that recently appeared on your horizon, the one that you really want to protect and allow room for growth. Keep at it, let it be your focus, but have fun with it! This life is way too short to be taken seriously.

Get dangerous, Hellraisers
-The Astrogeek

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ceres in Cancer- That's Right, You're Wrong

Well Hellraisers, I just reached 100 Likes on my Facebook page, so this is your reward! Seriously, you guys are awesome, and rock so hard its ridiculous. Its bringing some manly glistening to my eyes, of the type that is usually reserved for Doctor Who or some particularly ablative onions.

Getting into the astro, its been a while since we last checked in on Mama Ceres, so lets see whats up there, aye? She's been stuck in Gemini, with just Jupiter for company for a while. The last time this happened, she ended up pregnant with Persephone! So probably most likely with child, she heads into the much more feminine-friendly Cancer, to focus, recharge and recover- but most importantly to protect the new life within her.

Thats the main theme here- protecting something new that has just recently appeared in your life. You need to make sure it has support, room to grow, and has a chance to become something amazing. Look to wherever the start of Cancer is in your chart, and you'll see where this is going to play out for you. For instance, in the Seventh it could very well be some hot new love interest! Invest some time and energy on it.

The thing thats going to be hard is the dichotomy between the Aries "Me, me, me!!" attitude, and the Cancer attitude of "What's best for baby". Walk the middle ground- Let the Cancer soften the Aries Ego and consider the feelings and desires of others, while enabling the mother to channel Aries and empower her to defend herself and the new life within her.

The more I sit with this and write on it, the more I realize this is actually big. Work with this guys, sit with it and bring it into form. Trust your instincts- You should already know what this is. Be selfish, make it yours! That way you can defend it. Engage your support network- They will truly want to help you. In the same track, reach out to those around you and see if there is anything you can do to help them, they might need you in ways that are hard to broach. Pallas Athene switching signs in the same time and in sextile will be a great ally here, riding out ahead and being the shield-bearer for Mama Ceres, making sure she is truly defended.

Most of all- this is to become something that enriches your life, not consumes it. Maintain balance. Make sure your own needs are met so that you can meet the needs of others. And enjoy this! The process is pure dead magic, embrace it!

Breathe deep Hellraisers!
-The AstroGeek

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pallas Athene in Taurus- Limited Edition

Most holy and pimped-out Palatua, its been a minute since we looked at what was going on with the Minor Planets, huh? This is quite ridiculous, frankly, and pretty much intolerable if I want to continue calling myself a Minor Planet Astrologer! Well, since the lady Pallas Athene keeps carrying on about it, I suppose we can do one of these to placate her for a minute.

The Warrior Princess has finally had it with all of Aries' shenanigans, and decides to head out for the greener pastures of Taurus. Once getting there and discovering that there is absolutely nothing happening and the rural life is nothing like what she thought it was, she decides to start a brand new campaign to unite the working class farmers and unionize against the oppressive regime of the city-dwelling Capricorn overlords.

As seemingly always with Our Lady Violence, this devolves into guerrilla warfare almost immediately.

After the smoke clears and the battles are fought, Pallas is installed as the new leader of the Athenian Associated Agrarian/ Agricultural Assembly (Or 5A) for short. When we leave her, she is only just barely visible over a veritable mountain of paperwork.

This transit is going to combine the tactical brilliance of Athene and the bloody-mindedness focus that Taurus is so famous for, a potent combination that will be much needed, with all this crazy high-energy Aries shenanigans that haven't even begun to start. The real magic here however, is in Athene's other gift/ dominion- Aside from being the goddess of Tactics and Wisdom, she is also the goddess of Crafting. This is going to be a time for you to get back to your roots and to re-commit to some kind of creative work, whatever that means to you. If you dont have anything like that, why dont you take something up? Taurus loves Art, anything to do with the body (dancing, bodypainting, cooking and eating, lots and lots of sex) and Vocal performing (acting, singing, lots and lots of sex). Explore that side of yourself, and have fun with it! This is a rockstar transit, so live it up!


As an aside, Hellraisers (and in that same track), this is some advice that I'm taking to heart here- Crazy huge things are brewing here at AG Central, and you're really going to want to stick around so that you can see what im cooking up! Stay frosty guys, because the awesomeness is incoming!

-The AstroGeek

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon in Libra- The Fight in the Dog

Welcome back to the Asylum, Hell-raisers! That's right, its Cardinal Crisis time all over again! And what do we say when I say say that, kids?


Ahhh, Aries... Refreshing, isnt it? That raw passion, the pure energy... Its intoxicating. This go around, the stage is pure Cardinal Crisis- The Cyprus banking crisis and the oligarchs of the EU who engineered it, problems with the drones and the implications of war, The fight over Equality in America, A new pope that breaks with tradition wherever you look, Climate change finally starting to get out of control, posion food, an incarcerated population, obesity, the war on terror/ drugs, It can make this life seem like a circus, and not the good kind. This is the nightmare circus, the one that drags you in, makes you lower your guard, then gets you alone, overwhelms your senses, and you wind up in a gutter realizing that there really was no zebra there at all (raising serious questions about your mental state...)

So what do you do? Well ladies and gentlemen, I tell you what you do- You dig deep and master yourself. You do this because its the only way to outlast the craziness- And I'm going to show you how to do it, so that you can outlast the crazy.

Muhfuggin Aries.... Alright, so this is borderline ridiculous. We have five planets within orb of a major stellium, all centering on Uranus, sextile Jupiter, inconjunct Saturn, and squaring Pluto? Gods help us. If there was any one thing to take away, its this- You don't get the luxury of being ignorant anymore. It is ON, and you better be prepared, starting 3 weeks ago- To the Hustler go the spoils! Anything that doesn't serve you anymore, release it. Search out your limiting beliefs (I'm not good enough, I don't have enough, I'm too ugly, I'm too broken....) and ANNIHILATE THEM. Do not hesitate, or they will continue to have you. Do not do battle with them, because if you do, then you play into their game and you lose right then. Instead, laugh at them. Affix your feet in the security of your soul and move with the gravity of your entire being against this thought that is so small, it has to hide in the darkest corners of your mind- Step into your glory: How can anything, much less something like that, stand against YOU? Wear a rubber band, and any time you feel yourself slipping back into those thought patterns, snap yourself out of it, literally! This is the time to create your new patterns, because they will gain momentum in Taurus.

The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Uranus- So, aside from all that, other influences- Cyllarus shows that you need to get behind something. Find a cause and live for it so that you dont die for nothing down the road. A square to Kronos demands that you need to take a longer view. Look to your future. A sextile to Iris tells you to watch out for a sign or message coming your way. Listen to your gut, you'll recognize it when you see it. A conjunction to Hygeia implores that you listen to your body's needs and prioritize your health and fitness- A warrior needs to be in peak condition! An opposition to Typhon shows that you must not allow your emotions to carry you away- Stay in control of your words and actions. An opposition to Urania confirms this- Keep a diamond mind, and avoid tipping your hand. A trine to my favorite new centaur, Orius, shows that if you don't fight this, but instead work with it and make room for the changes that are occurring, then you will discover new wellsprings of passion and a lust for your life that you thought was long gone! Don't cling to what holds you back! Go wild! A sextile to Atropos confirms this, but tells you that you will need to cut yourself away from what you are trying to lean up against. I ask you this- Why lean and struggle to stand, when you could use your wings and fly free? A square to Narcissus lends a final warning however- You must conquer your ego before all else can take place. This isnt some airy-fairy crap, if you try to do any of this without subduing your own ego and making it work for you instead of the other way around, then it will just trip you up every step along the way. This can only be achieved by taking a hard look at yourself and where you are along your path. Do not flinch from the brutal truth- No, embrace it, because there's nothing else in this world that can set you free from the chains you bought for yourself. Let it burn away the guano that's caked onto your skin and expose the raw, clean skin underneath.

Mercury and Chiron- Yeah, I know I dont normally include Chiron in my Lunation list, but strange times call for furious dancing... Both of these guys are currently in Pisces and direct. So what happens when the Quicksilver Magician meets the Wounded Healer? Pure dead magic, as it turns out! A trine to Helio shows that this time right now is one for you to show yourself off and put yourself out there to the world. A square to Jupiter confirms this. Perfect timing, too- We could really use you in here. Another trine, to Saturn, confirms this, and warns you of the consequences of not stepping up to your personal best, and using this opportunity for the greatest good, with maturity and intention. Don't tempt the Grim Reaper. While we're on the subject, a sextile to the King of Hell gives you a rare chance to invoke some personal alchemy. When Pluto chooses to show you a weakness in yourself (as indicated above) use it to gain some awareness and transform it into a new strength by giving it up and allowing Pluto to show you a new way forward. This can only be done if you are willing to open up to the awareness of your weakness, rather than live in a delusion of invulnerability. A square to Orius helps you here, enabling you to access new paths once you step outside of your comfort zone and acknowledge that you don't have all of the answers just yet.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto- No, I haven't lost it, I promise. I told you this one was special! These guys are in a tight Yod (two planets quincunxing a third, while sextiling each other) so I'm taking them together. In fact, if you consider Mars, then all of a sudden you have a double Yod! A trine to Typhon ramps up the emotional turmoil, letting everything hit you all at once. Remember, this too shall pass- But not just yet. A conjunction to Poseidon  confirms this, rocking you to your very core and challenging the structures that you have built your life upon. An opposition to Hebe demands to know why you are still serving anyone else? Don't you realize you still have a life of your own to live? Don't fly into slavery just to avoid being pushed into the same. A trine to Urania confirms this, but she demands you do something big, and do it now. A square to Diana scares you into giving up your short term wants for your long term freedom (albeit under duress!). Own it and make it your choice- Its not like you can really do anything else, might as well use it! An opposition to Phaethon shows that you really need to be careful of who you trust- you may find yourself crashing and burning instead of having that person to protect you when they said they would. A square to Hermes should help you to talk and think your way out of any trouble you may find yourself in though!

Neptune- Last, but not least, the Guardian of the Edges, the Watcher of the Waters: Neptune. Our soggy, seaweed-brained storm god is rather quiet (which is always worrying... still waters run very deep with him, and you never know whats hiding down there), other than the opposition to Orcus that I have nothing left to write on at the moment, and a rather curious conjunction to Nemesis. You are challenged not to allow the changes of an inconstant and fickle Fortune to turn you bitter and angry. No, you must let your grudges wash over you instead, dropping the hot coal in your hand without finding a target to throw it at. Do this and succeed- Lash out in prideful anger and it is you who will be struck. You choose.

This is where I leave you, guys. This is once in a lifetime Astro, and it has major gifts for those who tap into it and use it for what it is- a personal Renaissance. No matter what you choose to do, make sure it is a path that YOU choose, and one that you commit to 100%. This is not the Astro for half-assing anything!

Let me leave you with this- it sums up the Astro pretty damn perfectly

Hang on tight and ride it for all its worth, Hell-raisers!

-The AstroGeek

Also we're now into Starzina's birthday season, so go over and pay the gal a visit, wont you? Its hard on her, gearing up to turn the big 2-7! I know it would mean the world if you go over and check out the page, share the videos with everyone you know, and maybe put in a word over with your cousin who's a producer out in L.A. (and actually, do your pal Astro a solid on that one too!)

For reasons that defy both Astro and Starzina's imagination, Starzina's newest video is not playing nice (trust an Aries...) but we have a handy link to it, here. Apologies for subjecting you to an extra click, Hell-raisers

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Venus in Aries- G.I. Jane

Not even a day into Aries and we already have to deal with Venus. Girl is on fire right now, figuratively speaking. As she moves into Aries (Gearing up for my personal Venus Return!) get your ass ready to go conquer the world. That's right guys, i'm officially giving you my blessing to quit the skullduggery and innuendo (not that you needed it, or are inclined to care at the moment!), and start putting all those schemes and plots into action! Besides, Aries is a god-awful time to try to get away with any bullshit, its nigh-impossible.

So how to use this she-devil, Hell-on-high-heels energy? Of course it all depends on your chart, but as a general rule; Go for the simple yet audacious, don't back down or shy away from anything you want, strip away any guile or deception, conquer on the battlefield, and when all else fails- just ask for what you want! You might be surprised.

Don't get too bogged down by admin crap and the little things- Find someone you trust to help you work out the details, trust me. And try not to overdo it, nothing is worse than Aries energy that gets out of control, except maybe Aries with no challenges or outlet! And no, there arent enough hours in the day.

This is exactly what the Doctor ordered though (hehehe!) and will help you get out of your current slump/ ennui/ doldrums. Channel it correctly, push yourself, keep climbing, and  you'll shock both yourself and all those around you. Seriously. Aries thats applied and directed is pure dead magic. The best part? Its magic that comes from you- All you need to do is put in the sweat equity!

Oh and of course, we're gearing up for the Mars/Venus conjunction, so watch out for that.

To the Victor go the spoils!
-The AstroGeel 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Solstice/ Easter/ Aries- Hurdles

Hellraisers, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all back to ARIES SEASON! We're so happy you could all make it, and while we're on the subject, let me wish you a Happy New Year for what is at least the 17th time this year, further proving the absolute insanity of the Calendar. Anyway, y'all may have noticed that Astro has been conspicuously absent from his own site, and as such you all are the ones to suffer. For that, im genuinely sorry. This Pisces trek was not an easy one for Astro, but since its now Aries, none of that matters and shall not be discussed again.

So to discuss Pisces, as we bid it a not-so-fond farewell, we're all going to do an exercise- I want you to take a minute and close your eyes. Shut up, you can take A MINUTE. Good. Now im hoping you read this whole thing in advance, or itll get awkward as you look up from your exercise all the time- defeats the purpose. Since you did read ahead however, you know that next I want you to just stop. This is hard. Stop everything, stop listening, stop all thought, stop doing anything. Just turn off for a second. Two. Three. Breathe. I want you to think about 2012. What mistakes did you make? Why are you still torturing yourself for them? Think about it, and then I want you to forgive yourself. Say it out loud if it helps. I forgive myself for _________. Sure, it might not work the first time, but its a start. Repeat til it sticks.

So, Aries!! Time to go out, be bloody bold, and resolute, as you take what you want, compete in the grand game that is our lives, and furthermore WIN!! Of course, itd be boring if it was just a straight shot to the finish line, so life in all of her bitchiness has designed several traps and tricks coming up here to trip you up. Not to worry though, im here to make sure you avoid them all and coach you through to the end.

First up- The planets were all lined up for a trick shot in Pisces, and now they're all shifting into Aries, and let me tell you, its a whole different ball game there. Mars, the ruler of Aries, is already here, and hes been ACTIVE. If you havent felt it, you're probably so underground that you're in a cave, and then who will see you in all of your elitist glory? Anyway, these guys are all shuffling into Aries, and once they do, they have to run the Uranus gauntlet. On the other side of him lies Pallas Athene, and you bet your ass you better have a battle plan ready for her, otherwise she'll just straight-up eviscerate you.

Now there is one of these I feel duty-bound to mention- Later on (2 weeks-ish) this season, we have a very special configuration in the sky: Mars is moving to conjoin Venus! I love this conjunction, Its one of my favorites. The lovers meet, and for a time, all is right with the world again. Or not, it really all depends. In Aries? No matter what else, you can bet your ass there will be fireworks! But more on that when we get there.

Also we're now into Starzina's birthday season, so go over and pay the gal a visit, wont you? Its hard on her, gearing up to turn the big 2-7! I know it would mean the world if you go over and check out the page, share the videos with everyone you know, and maybe put in a word over with your cousin who's a producer out in L.A. (and actually, do your pal Astro a solid on that one too!)

Til we meet again guys!!
-The AstroGeek

Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturn Sextile Scorpio (and Trine Chiron)- Scar Tissue

Show of hands- Who feels like this right now? All of you (Including your humble Astrologer)? Good, you're not lying to yourself. Awesome, you're ahead of the game. So, here's the rules for the next round:

Saturn and Pluto are resuming their fuqery- Enjoy that. If that wasn't enough, Chiron is also coming to the party too. Fun times, aye? So since we haven't really had a chance to sit down and talk about it, man to audience, I think its high time we made this happen.

Lets start from the outside in- Pluto: The black, dread lord of Hell. The bastard is in Capricorn (Saturn's Sign) and has been raking you over the coals since about 2008. This produces one of two extreme effects- Either you break under his torture, or you get stronger and use his power as your own. More often then not however, one leads to the other with our Dark Lord. Still, we're stuck in his particular hell till about 2024, so not much we can do about the situation, except for to manage as best as possible, be relentlessly upwardly mobile at all times, and make sure to grab a piece of the pie for you and yours- screw anyone else.

Saturn of course, is currently in Scorpio (Pluto's Sign)- So the two create a mutual reception, strenthening and supporting each others goals, giving each other a strong ally. Saturn is of course, the Lord of Time and is a relentless teacher of his lessons- But very generous to those that he favors and the ones who choose to work with him instead of fighting. In Scorpio, he is the torturer that forces you to rake others over the coals, speeding up the Pluto process. However if you only agree to do it, and abandon your own inhibitions toward it, then the rewards are palpable- You become a King of Hell, in and of a sort.

Chiron is the wild card- Not part of the mutual reception, and in Pisces with Neptune (but far enough away not to exacerbate matters), Chiron is someone we haven't spent nearly enough time talking about. However, I could devote every post from now til the end of the site and I still couldnt cover Chiron enough. Chiron is the Master, the Wounded Healer who is both animal and man, and uses his wisdom (and pain) to train up Heroes. He takes regular, broken down and tired people and transforms them into brilliant, shining amazing specimens of what we could all be, at our best. He takes us in and shares what he knows, for our own benefit, so that we can go out and share it with others to make the world better, however we can.

Now how to read these three together? I assure you, it would be much easier if we didnt have a huge, fuck-off stellium in Pisces muddying up the already very cloudy waters- The Sun, Mercury Retro, Venus, Mars,  and Neptune (the sign Ruler), all cozied up together (well, give or take a few degrees). But we do, so there you have it. Anyway, this gives all three of the players listed above a major power boost, so they are given even more importance. At least if you listen to them, that is.

Anyway, how it goes is something like this- Pluto cuts you off at the knees, breaks and tortures you, bringing back all of your old pain and baggage that you refuse to deal with. Then Saturn swoops in, scoops you up and says "Look, you know what would help you and make you feel a lot better? Making someone ELSE feel what you've been put through. Here, let me show you how its done." From there, you learn, and get more proficient, but emotionally you're frozen and even more broken then before. At your worst, enter Chiron. He grips you tight, and lifts you out of Perdition- taking you back to his cave, a safe place, and he helps you heal.

Once you confront your demons, and learn to laugh at them, then you do the process in reverse- You go back to the gates of hell, kick them in, and help others to get free when and where you can. You learn the hard lessons, like how not everyone can be, or even wants to be, saved; And even when you save them, they never thank you (Saturn)- but you save a couple. You make a difference. Not as much as you may want, but never discount a small action- they usually have the greatest effects. You pass on what you know, and what you learned. You learn a couple things yourself! You see it all again, through their eyes, and it gives you a fresh perspective. You come away changed, and better for it- Rooted in a strong sense of Self and embracing your own power, you become magnificent (Pluto).

As to what happens after that, well thats entirely up to you. Besides, id hate to ruin the surprise!

-The Astrogeek 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Venus in Pisces- In Love With a Stripper


Watch out for this one boys, shes nothing but trouble. She'll whisper in your ears, promising you the world, make you really feel like you matter, and then disappear the second you turn your back with your wallet and your watch. Probably your pants too. The thing is, you wont be too broken up about it, because for the briefest of seconds, she was with YOU, and you will walk away like a champion.

Ladies, you are to read the above and instead of getting indignant at Astro, your mission is to embody that, the ultimate magic and mystery to being a woman (i.e. disappear when you have to take a shit instead of letting the poor bastard see that you actually have bodily functions, so that you can keep the magic alive.)
For both sexes, be very careful, because you are going to be highly susceptible to believing in the magic. Youre going to want it to be real with all of your heart, but its not. Its fleeting, its wonderful, and its a lie- but that doesnt mean it isnt real. Believing is the fastest way to end up in the gutter slumming with Neptune...

But just for the briefest of moments, you'll let yourself believe; and in that moment you remember why its so amazing to be alive. Even better- you'll remember what alive really feels like.

Venus in Pisces. Exaltation. Mystery. Magic. Majesty.
-The AstroGeek

Video unrelated

Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturn Retrograde- Coloring Inside the Lines

If that girl doesnt have some crazy undiscovered TNO smack dab on her Ascendant ill eat my hat. Anyway, Saturn- The Time Lord is about to go Retrograde. Cue melancholy, depression, and the chutzpah to get up and do something about it.

The facts are these- Saturn is going to highlight a situtation that has become intolerable (i.e.- wherever you have Scorpio in your chart) and that needs a rapid intervention. You will need to take action on this, you HAVE needed to take action on it for some time, but you didnt, so now its a problem. This will be a long slog to get anywhere, and it is not an easy road. You are not in a position to be fighting this- Accept it first. Then let start taking action.

Once you do that, the magic starts to happen...

Ya see, with Saturn, you really cant fight him. Well you can, but it gets messy. And with us right at the start of Pisces, I strongly advise you to take the easy way out here. Escape. Slip out the back. Its the very antithesis of Saturn, but with him in Scorpio he understands that you must do whatever is necessary to acheive your goals.

The only thing you cannot do is break the rules, whatever form they may take for you. DO NOT BREAK YOUR OWN RULES! Just dont do it, I promise you the consequences will be much much worse than if you just take the hit at the outset.

Of course, look at where you have Scorpio for more info- House position will tell you everything.

Stay tough guys
-The AstroGeek

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Moon in Aquarius- Cosplay

Still, you're going to feel a bit like a superhero anyway- Its the Astro. Enjoy it, and use it to its full effect, because these superpowers come with a time limit guys. And man are we going to need them. Get your cape and read on.

Good news? Happy Chinese New Year!! Thats right, its officially the year of the Black Water Snake! I love that the Chinese New Year starts in Aqua, its so auspicious and full of hope and promise. Only better time would be to do it in Aries! But the Waterbearer is just as good. Oh wait, thats the second time Ive mentioned Water in this paragraph alone... Oh well, its probably nothing.

So the main focus right now is how this New Moon is almost exactly squaring the Nodes. So this is all going to have an element of fate to it, setting the stage for the rest of the year. Im betting the Chinese Astrologers are shitting themselves over this one, so it at least deserves a mention! What you choose matters, and its an awesome time to really send out a firm, strong message for how you want your 2013 to turn out. Make sure its bold, larger than life and mega-audacious.

Bearing that in mind, lets get to it, shall we?

The Sun and Moon- Have I mentioned how much I love Aqua? Like I said, the big news here is the Nodes. The Nodes combined with the Sun and Moon ALWAYS means eclipse energy, even if it isnt a traditional eclipse, so brace for intensity building up to a flashpoint, and expect this influence lasting for 6 months. This aspect specifically however indicates some deep Scorpionic issue threatening your continued survival driving you to make a big, life-changing Aquarian choice. Its okay to be scared as long as you do it anyway, but go big or go home guys. Of course, theres more to it than just that. A trine to Ceres is very much in effect, making it easier and extremely important that you put yourself first. This does not mean that you forget about your loved ones, however!! Miss Eris is involved here, demanding that you shake up some shit on your way out and helping you recover your backbone enough to do it. A square to Sedna tells you that no matter what you do, you are going to be missing out or lose something. Weigh your options carefully, HOWEVER DO NOT WAVER in making a decision, because the absolute worst thing you can do is nothing at all. This is confirmed by a sextile to Ixion. Make your move and roll the dice. A sextile to Pholus indicates that something very small is going to set this all off, so pay attention. Sweat the small stuff. A quincunx to Varuna tells you that something is going on behind the scenes. Use this energy to slip out the back door when you make your move rather than causing some big scene. A square to Psyche tells you that there may be considerable stress with you and your romantic partners (for those of you that have them) and its time for you both to put up or shut up. On that note, enjoy Valentine's Day! Dear god, these two are conjunct Damocles- No wonder you feel like there is a sword hanging over your head!! Gauge your choices and actions very carefully, and guard your thoughts. Handle yourself with as much humility, openness and maturity as you can muster- Radical candor is your friend here. If that wasnt enough, the centuars are definitely riding out! A trine to Thereus demands that you compose yourself and act with integrity, no matter what those around you are doing. Believe me, it matters. A sextile to Bienor and Amycus confirms this- Reign in your passions before they ride roughshod over you.

Mercury and Mars- Our boys Merc and Mars are both in Pisces now, and Merc is gearing up for his Retrograde. Til them we get to deal with his bullshit now. Joyous. A conjunction with Chiron is the focal point with this one, so how this plays out is up to you. Know that you will be made painfully aware of any insecurities or unresolved emotional issues; and it will be up to you to take action to resolve them- or at least attempt to integrate them into your life, with as minimal drama and resistance to them as possible. Never forget that they are pieces of YOU- Why fight yourself? All this is taking place opposite Orcus, who bears the rather grim message of "Grow or Die". This is confirmed by a square to Jupiter- Stand up, quit your bitching and get it done. Theres also a rather interesting square that im compelled to bring up- A square to brand-spanking new Centuar 330836 Orius! Now since this guy is brand new (the name is about a week old) and im not comfortable posting a interp for him, but watch out for a post featuring him after I do some intensive research. A trine to another centaur, Cyllarus, smooths the way for you to take action and I recommend doing so only after doing some serious recon of the area. Know the territory before you take a leap. A conjunction to Teharonhiawako warns against those who would plot behind your back and try to cut you off at the knees. Surround yourself with those you can trust, and don't just jump at shadows- Enlist your lieutenants to do some covert ops. An opposition to Eurydike indicates that you are depending on something in particular, and that dependence will be stressed and tested. Do you really need it? Another opposition, to Achilles, suggests that you can probably make it without it, with sustained effort and a little luck.

Venus- Our girl is in Aquarius finally, and the lusty passion of Cap is well gone, but the light fun and optimism of Aqua should be more than enough to make up for it. Right out of the gate, we find her in a trine to Vesta, suggesting that your commitment to what and who you love should flow very naturally right now. Perfect for Desperation Valentine's Day! A square to Saturn confirms this, but adds a note of seriousness and brooding over old hurt. Things should be examined before being taken to the next level. A sextile to Pallas Athene doesn't do anything for romance, but you can bet your ass she will scrutinize every single candy heart and stuffed bear for just the right message and statement of romantic intent. Thats... about it actually, so lets move on.   

Mars Ultor- Covered already. Go back, do not pass go, do not collect $300

Jupiter- Now this is interesting... A sextile to Uranus is key here, adding some extra zap to Jupiter's thunderbolt. So in this case not only do you have to dream big, it has to serve a purpose. A square to Teharonhiawako confirms this, and suggests that you try something completely new to you. You may just find an undiscovered talent! A trine to Hera tells us that for once, these two are getting along. Stop the presses! Enjoy it by spending time with those you love.

Saturn- The Time Lord is gearing up to go Retrograde again, and then we'll back down from the edge of the cliff we're on. Til then, stall for time. The sextile to Pluto will be exact again, and all the fun THAT entails will be back in effect. A quincunx to Pallas Athene forces you to take a critical look at where you are in your life, and asks you where you want to be. What are you willing to do in order to get to where you want to be? A trine to Chiron shows you may have some difficulty facing that down, due to some personal insecurity or emotional pain- My advice would be to go slow and not back down from it. Another quincunx, to Vesta, shows that your commitment to where you are now  and what you are doing is being stretched to the limit. Is it better just to call this one? A square to Icarus confirms this, and suggests that you free yourself of what you allow to limit yourself. A sextile to Echeclus shows that you need to focus on more than just the present, you need to be aware of what you are doing to move yourself into the future.

Uranus- The square to Pluto is seperating, but ignore it at your own peril. Take this moment as a short break from that while you deal with everything else! A square to Helio shows that right now you do not feel as though you are at your best, and as such you are not so shiny to the rest of the world, creating a vicious cycle that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A square to Astraea confirms this, and suggests that you take a step back from the spotlight to recover that. An opposition to Hera tells you to make sure that your needs are represneted and that you do not allow anyone to manipulate you. A square to Narcissus confirms this, and warns you not to do the same to others.

Neptune- Is really not active this go-around, no major contacts to speak of. A square to Hebe and Hybris indicates that you may have to do some things that are unpleasant, and that you will need to swallow your pride a bit in order to do so. It will be worth it, however- bide your time. A sextile to Kassandra will help you know when the time is right to take action.

Pluto- Stormageddon is making some tell-tale rumblings, but has yet to actually pull the trigger. His sextile to Chiron is dissipating, but no you're not done dealing with it yet. Keep at it. A conjunction to Echeclus tells you to detach and gain a new perspective on your situation. You need to explore the root cause of your issue and how to move past it. A square to Pallas Athene helps here, pushing you to turn a critical eye inward without judgement. This is doubled by a conjunction to Minerva, the Roman counterpart of Pallas Athene. A square to Sappho indicates that this is something that is best worked through on your own, and not to be put on anyone else so much.

With all this, you guys should be able to rock it out, no problem!
-The AstroGeek

As always, the lovely Starzina Starfish-Browne has her Time of the Month Horoscope for you all and your viewing edutainment!

Also, go check out my very good friend JD over at Astrolosophy! Hes a fantastic Astrologer, and could even teach me a thing or two! Grymnal over at The Blurring Lines and Cruentus at The Chaos Cookbook are who I have been reading lately, also very good friends of the site and who will most definitely not kill my family if I forget to mention them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mercury in Pisces- On the Lam

Gods, like we didnt have enough to put up with already... Mercury is now in Pisces and gearing up for his retrograde. Wonderful. Well, lets dive in, shall we?

Retrograde... Yeah not even dealing with that right now. Hes still direct damn it, so he will be treated as such. Hes storming through Pisces at top speed, flying past Neptune so that he doesnt get trapped in his fantasy mire, waving at Chiron as he passes, and blazing out past Mars to grab the win. This pisses off everyone who's slumming in Pisces, causing them to band together and yank the smug little bastard back to the start and damnit this has become another Retrograde reference.

Look, we'll come back to this in my Retrograde post. Til then, stay off the cocaine, avoid bars if at all possible and for the love of god...*bzzzzzz*....whatever you do, dont....*static*


Friday, February 1, 2013

Venus in Aquarius- Strange Attractors

Raise your glass Hellraisers! Our Lady Venus is now in Aquarius! And like I was saying in the Mars in Pisces post, she is the other half of the crazypants astro we now get to deal with! Yay!

Well its really not so crazypants, Mars and Venus are lining up for their conjunction later on, one of everyone's favorite transits! And guess what- This time, its on Mars' terms, in Aries. Thats right people. If you needed further confirmation that 2013 was going to be absolutely amazing and insane, look no further than that transit. But we'll get to that when it comes.

For now, the goddess of love has entered the realm of the mad scientist, and the not-quite-all-there. Shes going to be rampaging in here, flipping emotional levers at random, just to see whats going to happen. If you come at this from a standpoint of emotions and security, then you are going to hate every second BUT if you switch your perspective and say, "Okay bitch- you got me. Now lets have some fun with this!" and join her in the lever flipping, taking notes as you go, you may just find out a lot about yourself, and your emotional reactions and triggers.

Now Our Girl doesnt really have anyone to play with in Aqua this go-around, other than the sun, so she gets a little down. Anyone who knows Venus knows that this is something to avoid at all costs, because it is a damn slippery slope from a little down to Queen Venus, Destroyer of Worlds (well, at least relationships). Right now though, you need to watch for a tendency to detach emotionally and allow yourself to rationalize your emotions and try to run them through your head first. Dont do this. I know it directly contradicts what I said earlier- live with it, its Astro. You need to be concerned with the pure science of exploring your emotions, not focused on the results that your experiments will bring.

Above all else, dont forget to feel
-The Astrogeek

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mars in Pisces- The Grace of the Warrior

So these guys... Mars into Pisces is part one of the days shenanigans; We also have to deal with Venus moving into Aquarius. So lets just focus on the warrior for the moment, eh?

Mars into Pisces... Christ, this one is always difficult and thats coming from someone who has it natally. So what can we expect with our boy about to dive into the Piscean abyss? Well, normally id just advise against anything that involves direct, decisive action, and prepare to spend a lot of time in seedy bars doing seedy things.

This time however its different, because of the aforementioned Venus craziness. We have to look at them together. Normally, id say that Mars in Pisces will cause you to act from a more emotional place than you would usually act from, and all actions taken must be in line with where you want to be in your path in a universal sense.

Heres the thing- I can talk about how you need to identify what you want and to go for it til im blue in the face, but in the end it has to come from you. And once you do that, you then are faced with a serious conundrum that everyone who has done this has faced, right alongside you- Where do I start?

Whenever someone asks me this, I always say the same thing- "At the beginning". Usually I get hit for being trite, but its true. You have to define a goal, set your trajectory towards it, then take steps to get there. Its not a one-step process, nor is it one size fits all. And in Pisces its even more difficult, because Pisces never takes the straight path- Hell they're lucky if they keep moving forward! The Fishes swirl around, moving this way and that, exploring all possible avenues. So when you start doing this, dont be alarmed- You know where its coming from.

The scene you have to face- Straight out of the gate, Mars runs into Neptune. These two do not play well with each other, especially when its on Neptune's terms. Seriously, avoid substance abuse- It becomes heightened with these guys. Once hes clear of Neptune, he hits Chiron, forcing him to confront what he has been ignoring. You have two choices- Do it with humility and awareness, and gain emotional growth and reclaiming a lot of inner peace. Or you could do it the other way, and play the victim, screaming out "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??" to anyone who will listen, but that way has so much sturm und drang and drama, why would you want to? Nah, go with the mature way. Channel the warrior and make some shit happen. And make the gym your refuge for gods sake- Everyone has to have somewhere, and Mars loves the gym- Its all he freaking talks about anymore.

-The AstroGeek

Jupiter Direct- A Shower of Gold

Yes yes, I know. Starzina is going to have a field day with this one. But before we get into it, let me explain- Im taking the title (and image too- You wouldn't beleive what comes up when you google "Golden Shower"!) from the myth of Perseus. In the myth, the hero is born when Zeus (Jupiter) visits his mother, Danaë, who was imprisoned in a bronze box by her father because of a silly little prophecy that he would be killed by his daughters son borne by Zeus. Now Zeus really wanted some of Danaë, but since she was stuck in a box, his normal tricks wouldnt work. But then he noticed something- This box was open to the sky! Since Zeus was the God of the Heavens (sky), he sensed an opportunity. For reasons that will remain known only to him, and defying all conventional logic, Zeus decided to pay a visit to Danaë, but in the form of a shower of gold (very hard to type that with a straight face). Shortly after, Danaë becomes pregnant, as is par for the course in these types of situations. Her son, Perseus, went on to do awesome things, like slaying Medusa (who got a bad rap, but hey), defeating the Kraken (but not before it launched an absolutley wonderful line of Rum in its own name), winning the hand of Andromeda, and yes, killing his grandfather Acrisius in the kind of wacky hijinks you can only find in the ancient Greek myths.

So, now that I've explained where my head is at, you're probably wondering how in the hell Im going to tie that myth into any kind of theme whatsoever (aside from the running watersports joke), and ill admit- Its a bit flimsy, but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (which is my usual go to for both Jupiter and Mars [and in one particularly odd instance, Uranus; But we dont talk about Mexico.]) So, what has been happening right now? Well, with Jupiter Retrograde, bonhomie, hospitality, fortune, charity and drama all get scaled way back in daily life to make way for more pressing matters, like day to day survival.

With Jupiter Direct, the party starts back up in full swing. Literally, he can shower you with good fortune and luck (not to mention pregnancy- Never let it be said that I don't warn you guys). There are caveats to that however...

1.) This is not a call back to boozing, snorting, hooking, or however you choose to do low expression of Jupiter. This is still Demolition Astro, after all.
2.) The only way to tap into the absolute awesome of Jupiter RIGHT DAMN NOW is to be able to drop everything in a picosecond.
3.) High-speed processing is the name of the game. Baggage will be unnecessary where you're going. Anything that weighs you down holds you back.

This all gets heightened later on this month, when we get treated to Mars and Venus getting up to their usual antics, Saturn taking his turn to go retrograde, and some truly freaky things happening with Uranus. Til then, we have Jupiter gaining his lost ground. Try not to get pissed on.

Gemini protip- Stay as light as possible. If you find yourself resisting a change in the winds, ask yourself why. Dont mistake routine for comfort. Keep your ears open; If you hear about a greener pasture, doesn't it at least bear a quick look?

In closing, let me leave you with this-
“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” -Lao Tzu
Step Lively!-The AstroGeek

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Full Moon in Leo- March Of The Divas

Ooooooh, shes been a bitch tonight! And by bitch I mean this Moon! Its in LEO, Hellraisers!
Holy Helios, this is going to be fun. This is also the perfect moment to really clear out all the guano that is still in the air from 2012, and claim your stake in 2013, announcing your presence and making a grand entrance. 

Its not all sunshine and glamour though- this lunation is in a major square to Saturn and has very strong contacts with Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus as well. Of course ill go into devastatingly painful amounts of detail below, but the theme is this- You're going to have to get out on stage, looking more fabulous than you ever have before, even though you're nowhere near ready and want to just hide backstage and give up performing forever. If that wasn't enough, you're going to have to make it look effortless.

Up for it?

The Sun and Moon- Right, so I already mentioned the square to Saturn, pulling at both of these two and demanding that they grow the hell up, putting a damper on the otherwise spirited mood. Okay, maybe "spirited" is pushing it, ill admit, but it is most certainly energetic as all hell. But the sword hanging over your head is meant to spur you forward and inspire you to do better, not to threaten you. Jupiter is not much help here however, at stationary Direct, not actually moving things forward or backward, but still causing a ruckus by his mere presence. Avoid anything that even remotely reeks of drama or could potentially become dramatic, unless of course you are in some kind of dramatic production, in which case expect chaos which gets handled and produces an amazing show. Uranus is not to be ignored, being both supercharged and the big ruler here, so he steals the show. Luckily, when you play by his rules he invigorates and recharges whatever he touches, cranking up your neurons and setting you aflame with all kind of new, crazy ideas. Because this is Insanity Astro, Pluto is also in the mix, so you can bet that there will be an edge in the air, kind of like snatching yourself back from the very brink, and spitting in life's face, daring it to do its worst while you grab your junk suggestively. This is actually exactly what its going to feel like, indicated by Chiron- either that or you will be attacked exactly where you are so very weak and you will be forced into surrender. Pallas Athene indicates that this is not exactly a moment where you just let it ride- You need a battle plan. If your 2013 Resolutions include fitness goals, now is the time to hit the Iron harder than ever, not time to give up on it and bitch out. Vesta confirms this, saying that if you have faith and stay dedicated, then you will be amazed at what you can achieve come Gemini Season (Hint- That's going to be a major time this year. Mark it down). A connection to Klotho tells you that the time is ripe for writing yourself a new chapter in your story. If there's something you want to do, then go out and freaking DO IT. If finances are an issue, make it a priority and save up for it. Just take steps to make it a reality. A trine to Hera confirms this, demanding that you make yourself a priority this year. It is time to grow into your own majesty, so start acting like Queen Bitch/ The Bastard King. An opposition to Askalaphus warns you to watch what you say, however. My advice would be to avoid saying anything and just put on a show for 'em!

Mercury- Now in Aquarius, the trickster is stronger than ever. Enjoy the boost now, because he's about to go Retrograde... In Pisces, of all signs. Which should be a cakewalk. But more on that when we have to deal with it. Today's focus starts out with a strong sextile to Saturn, so your mind is on serious matters, most likely regarding your place in the world and how to advance that place significantly this year. Well 2013 will be an almost unparalleled time to make those advancements possible. Plan now, put it into action after the Retrograde. A conjunction to Eros tells you to listen to where your attention goes; What you are passionate about might evolve into something more quite easily. A trine to Vesta and square to Deucalion confirm this, adding that you will need to stay dedicated to achieve what you want, and it will be an uphill battle. Another square, to Ceto, tells you that if you are made aware of an opportunity, you need to pounce on that shit immediately.

Venus- Venus may not be in the main drama this time, but holy hellfire does she have one hell of a side plot. Making her rounds in the outer rim, and securing alliances with the likes of Sedna, Eris, Varuna, Huya, Salacia, Haumea and Rhadamanthus, getting all of her ducks in a row for the rest of the year. With a connection to the Nodes, I am very interested in seeing how things turn out after this! While not the tamest skies for romance, the forecasts are certainly not dull where Our Girl is concerned! Of course, she is in Capricorn, so ignore her at your own peril. Of course, if you play by her rules, she gives you the best of the best.... Its not all sunshine and puppies, however. A square to Bienor indicates that what you want comes with a struggle to get it. You're going to have to fight dirty, and you'll have to decide whether its worth it or not. A sextile to Niobe warns against a tendency to overplay your scene and boast about your amazingness. Remember, there are no small parts. A square to Lachesis has you hard pressed to eliminate anything or start to remove negative influences from your life, but that time will come soon enough. A square to Atlantis confirms this, and suggests that you shouldn't push yourself just yet, but don't hesitate if something comes up either.

Mars- Almost out of Aquarius, Our Boy is lighting up the chart almost as well as Venus is, albeit in much different ways. All the Outer Planet connections are in effect for him, but the one I want to focus on is a square to Huya, which is exactly (and I mean down to the arcminute) conjunct to the North Node, but closely opposite to Sedna. That kind of configuration tends to highlight that you are feeling a lack of abundance and that it is your duty to yourself to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Whatever shape that may be, dont take anything off the table. Unconvential means may be the most effective for once. Another square, to Asbolus, confirms this and adds that you take this very seriously. This Lunation sets the stage for the rest of 2013, and with so much of it being water-heavy (and in the sign of the water-bearer no less!) security is tantamount. Do not put this off, you've done that for long enough now. A quincunx to Varuna highlights the need to make adjustments and to do it behind the scenes. This will not be easy. A sextile to Okyrhoe and Quaoar help here, indicating that you do have support, and you do have what it takes to create a new way forward for yourself. An opposition to Hekate confirms this, but indicates that you have some choices to make about which way to go (you're going to have to be a bit more specific than just "forward"). Hekate always stands with you at the crossraods to make the decision, but you will have to make it yourself, and walk the path that you choose. A square to Atropos confirms that, and challenges you to end what needs to be ended, with no drama. Accept what you had and allow it to go. A sextile to Hidalgo gives you the strength to stand up for what is important to you, and stands in the trenches with you as you fight for it. A conjunction to Icarus shows how you seek to be free of any and all limits placed upon you, provoking anger when you feel you are stifled. I would advise caution, however, as evidenced in the story of Icarus- Dont fly too high. This is confirmed by a sextile to Apollo and Phaethon, bringing both characters into play. In this case it seems that you should be able to ride the thermals instead of burning your wings. Settle for what you can handle, and try not to ride in any strange chariots if you can help it.

Jupiter- As we've said, the blowhard is Stationary Direct, set to start moving again shortly after the Full Moon, so take your deep breaths now. Prepare for it to hit, and in full force. If you're not ready when he comes, you will get taken down. Stay light and unecumbered by the bullshit. Helping you there (and forewarning the insanity that is about to go down) is a sextile to Uranus, basically ramping up Jupiter's crazy up to 11 and ripping the knob off. A square to Teharonhiawako is taxing your ability to rectify your place in the world as a functional contributor to society and as a creative individual in charge of their own life. Walk the middle ground (hint- It has to do with latent Self-Worth issues!). A sextile to Circe shows that you can make some magic happen if you stay dedicated and have a little faith in yourself. A trine to Hera confirms this, but demands that all of your choices be made to further your own ends and be on your terms. A trine to Nemesis may be an issue here; do not ride in like an avenging angel to try to win the day- rather sit back and let your minions do the work for you.

Saturn- Alright well the Grim Reaper turns retrograde next month, easing up on us a bit, and allowing us some breathing room. Til then, however, you do not skip Saturn, or whatever it is that hes trying to teach you (look at the house hes mucking through). Sextile to Pluto, old news, just keep doing whatever it is that you're doing. You know, soul-searing, demon-slaying, revolutionary reinvention. take no shit. A trine to Heracles helps here- You make it look easy. A conjunction to Persephone confirms this, saying that if you want the buried treasure then you have to dig real deep. A quincunx to Vesta doesnt make this any easier, as it challenges the very faith you have to keep going. Remember- The monsters under the bed always lie. This is also confirmed by a sextile to Eurydike and a conjunction to Siwa. A trine to Amor and a sextile to Aphrodite tell you that even though a romantic interest may start out light, there is a strong potential that it is more potent than you know.

Uranus- A conjunction to Pallas Athene is also old news, those two have been dancing around each other for months. Still, theyre quite potent together... Channel Hilary Clinton and crush your enemies while making them look dumb in the process. A quincunx to Orcus and a sextile to Altjira tell you... jeez, give me something new here!! Okay lets see, new... new.. Yeah I got nothing. Damn synodic cycles!

Neptune- Well, having FINALLY seperated from Chiron, we can actually start to treat them seperately, and deal with them head on. Well, Chiron anyway. Neptune can never be fought head on, you have to sidle up to him in the dead of night, looking fabulous in your assassins cloak (never mind that no one wears cloaks anymore, its all about the STYLE of the thing) while you ever so slightly slip something in his drink that will get him in 3 hours. Luckily, there are no real new influences here either, so moving on....

Pluto- So Chiron moves away from Neptune and ever closer to Pluto, demanding that you face those nasty secrets you thought were dead and buried in your psyche. Do it the first time around and it is LOADS easier, trust me. A conjunction to Echeclus indicates that there are issues coming stemming from the past, and that have carried into the future. A quincunx to Vesta challenges you to maintain your commitment to your duty and rediscover your purpose even though you face down some serious opposition and the fear can be crippling. This is lessened somewhat with a conjunction to Orpheus, letting you fake it til its real. A conjunction to Aphrodite and a sextile to Amor tells you that your desires are strong and if left unchecked will end up being more trouble for you than they are worth. A square to Magdalena balances this out, and gives a nice Madonna/Whore vibe to the proceedings. A trine to Achilles and a sextile to Heracles round us out, and raising us by our testicles to fight another round!

In closing, my friends; Always ask where she got the milk.

In Invicti
-The AstroGeek

If this hasn't satiated your craving for good Astro, go check out the Fantastical Starzina Starfish-Browne and her Time of the Month Horoscope for Aquarius season!

And after that, go check out great friend of the site Grymnal over at The Blurring Lines. His stuff is pretty awesome, and will definitely get you thinking!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Venus in Capricorn- Primal Urges (Undead Love Issues Alert!)

Hello, Hellraisers!! So currently I'm enjoying Venus conjunct my Ascendant, and all the benefits that brings to my social life, but looking ahead is a little more pressing. Our girl is about to head into Capricorn, so that puts an end to her hijinks in freewheeling Saggo and lends more of a serious edge to all matters of romance and passion. Primal urges awaken and people start going into caveman mode- great for the preservation of the species, but not a great fit for modern society.

This is going to be especially evident when she links up with Pluto (the 17th), and for that one specifically im issuing another Undead Lover alert- Anything unresolved will come up for a flashpoint, and will force you to deal with it- I reccomend doing so quickly and with finality. Watch out though, because this will be active starting on the 10th, when she makes a sextile to Neptune and making it oh so easy to believe that THIS time, things will be different and that its going to work out. You guys, however, should be able to smell this from a mile away and should know better than to fall for the hype. Still, getting past your defenses is Neptune's specialty, and deep down, I know you really want to believe....

Luckily, Saturn is close by at the culmination of this, so he can help you strengthen your resolve. Not to mention that once its over and done with, you will be amazed at the new options that you have open to you, even if you have to put in the work to get them. Chiron is involved of course, because why not have this be a tie into old emotional pain?  Remember though- Chiron runs a school to train heroes, and you're in the master class; Beat this test and move on to the next lesson.

This is going to be rough, because its a distraction from all the taking over the world that you want to be doing right now. Focus on that, do not allow the other issues to take up any more of your time, energy or focus than what is necessary- Give it no quarter. Pay special attention to your health and wellness goals right now- if you've made a commitment to that, keep at it; If not, then get on that shit. Any self-improvement work you undergo now is very potent and all the more effective.

Oh and you can pretty much count the next 9 months as total, full-on Insanity Astro. Ohyes, boys and girls- we're back on! 

Ladies in Gentlemen- I have the utmost faith in you, and I know you will rock it out! Just remember- by any means necessary!

Dum Spiro Spero
- The AstroGeek


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mercury in Capricorn- By A Thousand Cuts

Gah. Reality bites, Hellraisers. I have never had more good ideas, and seeing how I could feasibly put them into effect, step by step, but I have never been in less of a position to actualize them. Which brings us to Mercury.

Yes, he is now in Capricorn, so the party is over and its time to clean up the mess. While you're cleaning, you get to think, think and think some more. You will have genius insights, and painful realizations. Keep a notebook handy to write these down (I have several, strewn all about and its really starting to aggravate certain people). Use this time to fire up those synapses into ways to further your own aims. Is there something that you could turn into a new revenue stream? Does your current system need an overhaul?

If you've been put into an uncomfortable situation that left you feeling powerless and weak recently, think about what led you to that situation- How are you going to take action against that happening in the future? Plot out your financials, explore your options, do what needs to be done. Dont take anything off the table if you can help it. You never know what might be your golden ticket. Remember, if it can be tracked, it can be conquered!!

But back to Mercury for a sec. In antiquity, in addition to being the god of communications, he also ruled commerce, business, and magic (and pretty much everything else. Seriously, the guy was a workaholic!) so capitalize on his help right now! Work with the bastard to spin some straw into gold! It is totally possible, no alchemy required. You just need a good Gemini salesman!

*Speaking of, ive reduced the prices on the consults for 2013. Email me if you're interested in one!*

Til next time, Hellraisers!

-The AstroGeek

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mars in Aquarius- Unconventional Tactics

Alright Hellraisers! Mars is officially into Aquarius, and there are some things you need to know to rock this out.

Since Uranus is in Aries, this is yet another mutual reception, which means the planets work together to support actions taken, to varying degrees of efficiacy. With Mars and Uranus, you can definitely believe there is going to be some action here, and it will be FAST! The trouble is, its going to be very hard to predict and prepare for it.

With this, Mars helps to discipline Uranus' insanity a lot, and channel his brilliance where it would actually be productive. For his part, Uranus lights a fire under Mars' ass and opens him up to whole new worlds that he had never cared to explore before. Its good for both of them.

What it isnt is stable. These two do not lend themselves easily to anything that might help make it last, so your job is to capitalize on the moment and put in the work to use these crazy skies for your own benefit.

How do you do this, you ask? Easy- You have to know your chart though, for maximum effect. Wherever these two are in the chart is about to be lit up like 10,000 Christmas trees. For me, its the 2nd and 4th houses, so money and security are the focal points right now for your not-so-humble Astrologer. So go buy some consults, and help me feed my legal team (seriously, they're about to riot, or at least demand to be paid...). Once you know your chart, just do Mars and allow for the insanity of Uranus in those particular areas, and watch the awesome transpire!

Today and tommorow are the absolute best days to get on top of this, as the transit will be exact then, but these two will be in mutual reception til February starts, so youll have some time. But start now, and prepare for awesome!

-The AstroGeek