Friday, December 28, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer/ New Year 2013- With A BANG!

 Well Hellraisers, 2012 has one last show for us- and it saved the best for last, let me tell you. We have a hyper-charged Full Moon sneaking in right at the end of the year and if you're not prepared and stuck in holiday party mode, it’s going to trip you up and instead of capitalizing on the awesome opportunity this presents you’ll be quagmired in the equivalent of a holiday hangover. So let’s avoid that at all costs, shall we?
This Lunation is going to echo back to 2008, when all this was just ramping up. Hard to believe how far we've come since then, isn’t it? Still, there was something wild about that time, full of potential and with an edge to it; admittedly that edge was like a sword hanging over your head, but there you have it. Well here’s how this round works- Anywhere that’s stuck, that you are bogged down in, you can tap into how it felt when this all started and you can use that to power through and infuse some new life in those areas or cut the old guano away that is impeding your growth. Do this ASAP.
Also, you will have to contend with major undead angst from your past. There will be flashpoints, triggers, and things you thought you had moved on from, but will show up again to bite you in the ass. And all of this under the shadow of the holidays and all the baggage THAT comes with (overindulging, family drama, overspending, etc.), so you're going to need to do all your processing rapid fire style.
So what to do? On one hand, you really need to relax and unwind, but now is the worst possible time for that, its major growth mode we're headed into. The normal holiday partying isn’t going to suit you, but neither will going into your cave and hibernating til we hit Aries. Basically it’s up to you (as always) but I’d recommend taking time to do some introspection and processing. Also, have you thought about volunteering? Doing something nice for others is supposed to do wonders for your mental state. I wouldn’t know though, I work in Hospitality on the side- It’s all I can do not to strangle half of the people I deal with, much less be nice to them. But I hear it helps, so give it a whirl.
Enough of me blathering. Astro time.
The Sun and Moon- Right, okay. So, starting out we have a conjunction to Pluto from the Sun, so not only is the Moon super charged in its home sign but we have to deal with heightened Pluto contact as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, get your big girl panties on- we're going back to the underworld. Of course you can’t bring Pluto to the party without inviting Uranus too, so we have the whole family together to wreck your whole day. It actually is fab for doing some serious re-launching when you need it most, so do that now, or be launched in a different direction (one not of your choosing). A trine to Saturn shows that whatever you do, it’s going to need to help you advance your life in some positive manner, or risk being crushed by the melancholy. Carpe the fuck out of this diem! Not to be counted out, Jupiter is in quincunx, generally ramping everything up and adding a dramatic edge to the proceedings. Try to keep your ego out of the equation, and if all else fails, screw it and just laugh A sextile to Teharonhiawako tells you that what you do now is going to start up a whole new series of events, so make your choices count. A connection to Kronos helps you to detach emotionally and enables you to start moving forward. A sextile to Hygeia really stresses the importance of taking care of yourself, and if ignored, you'll probably end up getting sick (but hey, that's hardly a measure of Astrology’s merit right there- 'tis the season and all that...). Also tied into that is our good buddy Chiron- Before you can make your play to move forward, you have to deal with old guano that gets thrown up into your face. Whatever you do, do it with finality, and be quick about it.
Mercury- Almost into Capricorn, Merc is still more than capable of causing trouble in Saggo, where he is still ramping up the second of the three mutual receptions we have going on. Adding to this is a conjunction to Quaoar, further emphasizing the fact that your choices now will start up a whole new round of your life/story/path/what have you. Again, it is vital that you make good decisions. Aiding you in this is a square to Pallas Athene, presenting you with this challenge, hoping to spur you on to the greatness that you want to achieve. Patience and persistence are your friends; celebrate the small victories. A quincunx to Sedna is no help here I’m afraid, pointing out all of what is missing in your life. Use it to help define what you want out of 2013. An opposition to Ceres helps to take some of the sting out of this, so surround yourself with the people you love and those who love you. Your support network is critical right now, so don’t be afraid to reach out. An opposition to Thereus indicates that this is going to be a Herculean task (which it is, but ill get more into that in my 2013 breakdown post later [and you guys can totally handle it, trust me])
Venus- Okay, so our girl is not under the most auspicious skies at the moment. An opposition to Vesta has you reaching out for something to stabilize you, but it’s just out of reach. A conjunction to Ixion shows that your romance choices may not be coming from the greatest place right now, so keep your nose clean and worst case scenario, bail. Do not do anything stupid, seriously. Other peoples S.O.'s are strictly off limits. Not even a whiff of impropriety. Besides, with the opposition to Chaos, why waste your time with one prospect when you have so many to choose from? A quincunx to Helio shows that if you want to be the one to shine, you’re going to have to make some adjustments to your strategy. A conjunction to Chariklo tells you that you can’t put it all together right now; it’s only going to come out with time. Be patient. A sextile to Toro doesn't help here, I’m afraid- it has you jumping at the bit to start up, but you need to stay in control and not make any rash decisions. A trine to Pelion definitely indicates that it is worth the wait.
Mars- Our boy is now firmly in Aquarius, rounding out the third mutual reception we have going. He’s greeted by Pandora, so capitalize on the time to do something brand new, or breathe new life into something you thought was done and gone. A conjunction to Eros suggests that this should be something that you are already passionate about. Make the time to let it grow. A sextile to Uranus shows that THIS IS THE TIME to break yourself free of the guano and where you are holding yourself back. Save yourself, you're the only one who can and who cares to. A quincunx to Orcus demands that you move forward, even though you have lost a lot. Take what you have and use it to get moving and build your momentum from there. Inertia is death. A square to Siwa shows that you are struggling with an issue relating to whether or not you should chase down something that might not be in your best interest to go after. I can’t offer much advice, but I can say you must not overstep your boundaries. Go slow.
Jupiter- A quincunx to Saturn dominates for Jupiter, pointing out all the ways in which the current reality strays from the ideal. Identify these areas and take action to close the gap between the two. Another one, to Pluto shows that the drive for this is going to have to come from within, and will be because there is just no other option. A trine to Sappho may cause you to wax poetic about all that is out of your reach, but don’t let that stop you. Build a framework and extend that reach until you have it. A conjunction to Hephaistos shows that the way forward is to focus and channel your time and energy into a specific goal. Perfect for a New Year's resolution, aye? Try to shoot a bit higher than just losing those extra ten pounds, how bout shaking up some real change?
Saturn- Right then. Somehow, Saturn has travelled a third of the way through Scorpio without me noticing. I’m well aware he'll be retrograding, but still, that’s insane and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Anyway, a conjunction to Psyche has you going through the wringer in your relationships, proving just how badly you want it (or not). The sextile to Pluto has only been getting stronger, enabling you to consolidate your resources and strengthen your position. Of course if you’re fighting it, it feels more like you're being assaulted from all sides. A sextile to Cyllarus may have you looking for a way out, not wanting to be corralled into a situation that you didn't get to choose, and that you see no positive outcome to. This is understandable, but avoid doing so unless you legitimately have no other choice. A sextile to Diana confirms this, and adds to you wanting to act out the wild child part of you. Stay in control, and call a taxi.
Uranus- A square to Juno shows that your relationships and place in the world are anything but stable. The challenge is to ride out the bumpy road, and find solace where you can. Another square, to Echeclus, confirms this adding that the devil is in the details- or in this case the day to day guano. A sextile to Altjira shows that detachment is the way to go here, and rising above the petty bullshit. This is also confirmed by a sextile to Icarus, but he warns you against completely detaching from the mundane, as life still needs to move forward- now more than ever! A conjunction to Child tells you that if you want to achieve your goal, then you're going to need to grow the fuck up and work at it- it won’t just fall into your lap, no matter how good the astro is. A square to Hermes does see the value in being just a little childish however- Keep the laughter and make your own fun, avoid the tantrums and obstinacy. That’s how to work it right now.
Neptune- Not much here, but what there is, needs to be noticed. A trine to Hades keeps stirring up those deep emotions, and forces you to take a honest, hardcore look at your life and direction. A square to Pandora urges you to look at recent events with a critical eye. What has happened, and what did you learn about yourself when you slipped up? A sextile to Narcissus confirms this, and directs you to a moment when you stopped caring about others and decided to put yourself first. An opposition to Isis demands that you allow yourself to not be perfect. Perfection is unrealistic and unattainable (and boring!) so make this a key for 2013: Accept yourself, and allow your flaws. Yes, I know this is easier said than done, but doing it instead of saying that will leave you a hell of a lot happier!
Pluto- Ah, Stormageddon, how much I have missed your bullshit.... Nothing really to write home about though- An opposition to Cyllarus tells you to make your decisions carefully, and to not buy into the life-or-death, doom and gloom mood that seems to pervade everything now. You have time- so be patient, but not stagnant. A conjunction to Diana shows that more than anything, you want the freedom to pursue your own goals and choices. So what’s stopping you from doing just that?
If this hasn't satiated your craving for good Astro, go check out the Fantastical Starzina Starfish-Browne and her Time of the Month Horoscope for Cap season!
And after that, go check out great friend of the site Grymnal over at The Blurring Lines. His stuff is pretty awesome, and will definitely get you thinking!
All in all, its going to be a rocket-fueled rapid-fire year that just doesn't stop. Rock it out guys!
-The AstroGeek


Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012: Looking Back and Peeking Ahead

Well Hellraisers, here we are. The End of the Year, End of an Age to some, and End of the World to a few crazy chicken little types. Congratulate yourselves, youre about to make it through another Apocalypse! Seriously, I think there have been more of these Armageddons then the number of years I’ve been alive! 

Yet we’re all still here, more or less. And that’s pretty much the message of the moment. Its been an absolutely insane ride, you’ve gone places you’ve never been and never thought you would be in a million years, fell in love, got your heart broken, let yourself believe again, climbed new mountains, jumped out of planes, gone into the deepest darkest parts of who you are, raised yourselves up and conquered your demons; Ladies and Gentlemen, you have LIVED!

And if not, then what the hell are you waiting for? Get off your ass and get going!
What you need to know about the 2012 thing- No, for the last time its not the end of the world. The stars are actually boring as hell. Nothing new. Sure, we have two separate Mutual Receptions going, an exaltation and two falls in the mix, but there’s a dignity too. So pick which one you want to pay attention to. Then call me on the 22nd to tell me how wrong I was. 

2013 though? Well now, that’s a pickle of a different color (Purple Pizzazz, by the looks of it… Seriouisly, you should probably throw that out)! Its going to be full-on 2/3 of the year, and then you get a 2-week break. Maybe less, ill have to double check. But the main thing is, the groundwork you laid in 2012 will carry over to 2013 to help you start building.
You made your mistakes, celebrated your victories, and learned a lot. Hellraisers, you are ready. 

2013, here we come!
-The AstroGeek

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scorpio Black Ops, Act VII: Venus in Scorpio- Scratching the Itch

(Universe, I swear to whatever God who's listening this week that if I ever find out who is in charge around here, Im kicking them square in the nuts. Expect me.)

Holy hellfire, Hellraisers- This shit is electric!! Or to be more accurate, chthonic, but since very few of you will know what that means (much less know how to pronounce it), electric will do just fine for our purposes here. Right then- Venus. First, read this. Then settle in, because this shit is about to get more fierce than a tiger with a stick of dynamite shoved up its arse.

Guys, its time to get over your shit and get the hell on. Seriously- there really is no other way to pull this off right, but a million ways to do it wrong. First, Chiron Direct made you uncomfortable, because something was wrong but you weren't sure what it was. Then Mars in Capricorn told you to ignore that shit because you've got shit that needs doing. All the while Saturn in Scorpio was patiently waiting for you to to take care of your shit on your own, but since THAT didnt happen, now he's working with Venus and to throw your shit in your face and MAKE you deal with it. If that wasnt enough, Mercury is in on it too, stopping any and all progress until this shit gets dealt with.

This should not be easy. In fact, if you are getting illusion-shattering, Oh-my-god type realizations that just totally crush you and leave you frothing at the mouth, shaking with rage then you are doing this right. I know, I know- Just trust me on this. These rage-inducing realizations will have massive implications on ow you handle your immediate future- Count on it. This should end up leavig you empowered, dont get stuck in the bullshit. Keep going. Writing yourself a brand new set of rules for this is so awesome, its crazy.

What you do not do is start binge drinking and slutting around with any random that shows the slightest interest in you. Right now we're all pretty raw, especially with Neptune mucking about, and that is the last thing you need to be doing. No, we need to go undergound for a while.

Til then, do whatever you need to in order to survive. Stay in motion guys.
-The AstroGeek

Monday, November 19, 2012

TNO Watch- Persephone


Hellraisers, consider this the Prolouge to my Venus in Scorpio post that is forthcoming. 

The Science: Well for some reason I can find almost nothing about the Orbit and Compostion of this asteroid, so im mostly skipping it. She is a Main belt asteroid that comes to perihelion in mid-Gemini and was discovered in 1895.

The Myth: One day, Persephone (The Goddess of Springtime and the daughter of Demeter, Olympian Earth-Mother Goddess) was frolicking in a field, picking flowers with some nymphs (and in the company of Artemis, Aphrodite and Athene) on a beautiful day as she was wont to do, being a young goddess of Springtime (which apparently was everyday back then). Sounds like a lovely time, right? Well, if you said "Oh yes it does, but its a greek story so something particularly nasty is about to happen" you would be correct, and thus earn a gold star for the day.

As it happens, Persephone had someone watching her while she was doing all that frolicking. When she stooped down to pick a particularly nice flower that had caught her eye, the earth itself opened up and Hades (Pluto) dragged her down to the Underworld to be his bride. It gets lonely in Hell, you understand. Whats a god to do?

So when Demeter comes by to pick up her daughter after a long day of arduous flower-picking, she finds out that Persephone is missing from Artemis, Aphrodite and Athene and straight-up loses her shit. She immediately goes up to Zeus on Olympos and demands he find her daughter. He tells her that he doesn't know, she gets fed up and starts off to go find Persephone herself- By walking the length and breadth of the earth. In the meantime, she refuses to let the crops grow and plunges the world into a permanent state of winter (a bit of a shock to those who were used to permanent springtime) and also has lots of adventures.

After about a year (or nine days, depending on which version you're reading) of this, The Goddess meets Hecate, who tells her that she hears Persephone crying in the Underworld, but She could not see her. So they go to the absolutely fantastic Titan of the Sun, Helios (to steal a line from Starzina, "not that [AstroGeek's Skywatch] would ever show any bias [to any god in particular], mind you" but if we ever [hypothetically] did, He would be the one that we would show it to.) who happened to see everything. Why they didnt do this in the first place is beyond me. Anyway, Helios saw it AND knew why it had happened- While Demeter wasnt looking, her daughter had grown up into a woman, and Demeter was trying to keep her as a girl. Zeus allowed and sanctioned Hades to "abduct" her daughter and make her his queen. He also may or may not have suggested that it was a good match, earning him a backhand from the Earth Goddess.

She was morose for a while after that, and when Tantalus made an offering to the gods of a stew made from his son, Pelops, she accidentally ate the poor kids shoulder (dont worry, he got put back together and he got a shiny new shoulder made from Ivory). After that, she was raped by her brother Poseidon while they were both in horse-shape (isnt Greek Mythology fun, kids?) and leaves Olympos for good.

She wanders again, and does more noteworthy things, including helping to raise two boys named Demophon and Triptolemus. She was a nursemaid to them, and attempted to make Demophon immortal by annointing him with ambrosia, that magical food of the gods, and holding him in a fire every night. It almost worked, but Demophon's mother walked in on them before she was done, and he died (maybe. There are so many stories, its hard to keep them all straight)- but Demeter was able to teach his brother, Triptolemus, the secrets of agriculture, bringing humanity to a new understanding of nature. Or so the story goes.

About this time, Zeus decides to do something to make his sister happy again. So he goes to Hades to see how everything is going and see what could be done about the situation.  Hades refuses to give Persephone back, but Zeus keeps on trying to wear him down. Now at this point the story gets a little murky; Well, not what happens, that is set in stone. The issue is the motivation.

What happens is this: Zeus storms off back to Olympos and Hermes comes back in his stead. One thing leads to another, and Hades agrees to let Persephone go back Topworld. Before he does though, he prepares a going away banquet for his wife. Persephone eats nothing, because she knows that if she does, she will be trapped there forever. She does sneak a pomegranate to take it with her, however. On her way out of the underworld, by herself, she eats six pomegranate seeds. 

On Olympos, Persephone and Demeter are reuinted, and the joy is palpable. Its party mode all the way! At least until Hades comes to crash the party. You see, if you, while living, eat in the underworld, you're stuck there for good. But Hades had already agreed to let Persephone go back, and Zeus couldnt renege. Demeter wouldnt allow it anyway. So after what im sure involved much fighting and things being thrown, an agreement was reached. 2/3 of the year, Persephone would be with Demeter. The last 1/3 of the year she would be with Hades. In exchange, Demeter would only allow crop growth during the months when Persephone was Topworld, meaning more souls for Hades.

Why She Matters: So what does this mean for us here? Well for starters, she (the asteroid Persephone) is on her way into Scorpio, so we can take that to mean shes about to go back home to her husband. But to figure her out we need to take a closer look.

So the question is this- Why did Persephone do it? Did she forget the rule? Was she actually in love with Hades? Did she enjoy the power that comes with being the Queen of the Underworld? Or was she just tired of everyone making decisions for her, and wanted to get out? All we can do is guess, im afraid (although my money would be on the latter).

Oh wait, we do have one clue- Persephone was not this Goddess' original name; That has been lost to time, although there are some who call her Kore (useless to us, it just means maiden), but only before she went to the underworld. It is only after she returns that she is called Persephone, a name that struck such great fear into the hearts of the ancient greeks that they refused to speak it. You see, the name Persephone is a title- It means "She who swallows the darkness" or "lightens" instead of swallows depending on your translator, but I prefer the first one.

For a interpretation, look at her as a part where you feel powerless, where you dont have control over what is happening to you. But the thing is you do have power- it may not be choices you like, or that are particularly appealing, but thats life. Also, it may have ties to the "Bad boy" attraction (or playing out that character for us men). Of course, the actual rape element is too prevalent to ignore, and there may be a connection to this in charts of sex abusers and the like.

Working with her? You need to claim your power and make your voice heard. Do whatever it takes to protect your right to choose your own course in life. She will help you, but you need to do it yourself.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mars in Capricorn: Lonely at the Top

Well Hellraisers, its time to get moving again. Im sure you already knew that though. Whenever Mars changes signs, you can feel it in the air. Ive beasted out three posts tonight alone! And this isnt any old sign, no siree- This is Capricorn! And that is important, guys. You see, Mars in Cap is kind of special. Of course, Mars always thinks he's special. Ya see, traditionally, Mars in Cap is referred to as Exalted. And Cap loves tradition oh so much. This also goes into the fact that technically we are in a state of a double mutual reception, as Mars used to (and still technically is) the ruler of Scorpio, making all three of them nothing but stronger. Joy.

Now this has got me thinking (not for the first time) about the very idea of traditional rulership and exaltation, an idea I never could quite wrap my head around, yet I couldnt deny that it worked quite well. So it gnawed away at me, an unanswered challenge. Today, I had an insight- Maybe it only works if we look at it from the signs point of view.

Hear me out- I have two planets in exaltation- Jupiter and the Moon (a potent combo, which just so happen to be exactly sextile as well); Now Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, something I always thought an arbitrary countermeasure to Saturns Dignity in Capricorn (going back to the myth of Zeus and Cronus), but I was thinking- Maybe the planet has something that the sign needs. For instance, Cancer tends to create a safe, sheltered nest/womb for its loved ones. Jupiter doesnt- He is all about broadening horizons, growing, and moving up and out. At first glance these two dont work out so hot, but if you consider that the shadow of Cancer tends to come in smothering and refusing to let your loved ones leave the nest, then it makes more sense. The Moon tells Taurus to go deeper and experience more, Saturn helps Libra maintain the balance and not get stuck in ambivalence, Mercury helps Aquarius make connections that it normally wouldn't see and so on.

Now how does that carry over into Mars in Capricorn? Well, lets talk about Capricorn for a sec. Capricorn has so many schemes and ideas, and knows exactly where they want to go in life (at least after their Saturn Return they do). The hard part for them is putting them into action. This is not to say that Cap is lazy (try it, you're bound to get hit)- quite the opposite actually. The problem is that Cap gets so burnt out, so easily, and they refuse to acknowledge it. Enter Mars, planet of Energy. The two are a match made in hell. Mars kicks the already workaholic Cap into overdrive, and the rest of us just have to get out of the way before we get steamrolled! Adding into that, in the very oldest stories of Mars (we're talking deep deep time here) he was revered as the god of the harvest. This is also true of Saturn, ruler of Cap.

So, how do you rock this out? Cake. Get your goal. Plot your course. Drop your shoulders and just plow through anything in your way. Crush all opposition. Be back in time for tea.

Are you man enough, soldier?
-The AstroGeek 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chiron Direct: Taking Your Medicine

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen (thats right, you get a one time reprieve after that ghastly Eclipse) we made it through that particular batch of Insanity Astro with flying colors! Well, most of us, anyway... (i'm looking at you, Petraeus!) So now its time to move on to the next round.

After that Eclipse, you should be reeling from all the major psych-insights and oh-my-god moments that came up in its wake. Before you have a chance to process them, we have to deal with Chiron again. And this is the best possible scenario we could ask for. Ill tell you why.

Chiron is a very peculiar kind-of planet. Most people have no idea it even exists. Its in a very interesting part of space, between Saturn and Uranus. It gets pulled back and forth between the two all the time, sometimes changing its orbit completely! Astronomers are divided on whether it is a captured comet, a failed protoplanet, or a moon of one of the two planets that got ejected but didnt go very far; So they threw their hands up and called it a fluke (Kind of like what happened to Ceres and Eris). This worked for all of two minutes until they started finding more and more objects similar to it, eventually calling them the "Centuar Planets". Alright cool, that works. Now whats going on with them?

Well ill spare you the grand tour of the Centuar system right now, but we can take a peek at Chiron. I usually avoid doing this because whenever you deal with him, things get a little wonky and a whole lot cosmic. A big part of what he does ties into the idea of wholeness. Take his position in space- Between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron has two mediate between these two Titans, who couldn't be more different. One is all about the time-tested and true, the other is about the revolutionary and new; One strives for personal excellence, the other for equality and social justice. The crucial part here is that these ideas are not necessarily at odds with each other, and do not have to get in each others way- That's where Chiron comes in. He makes them stop, take a step back and breathe, and realize they both want the same thing, more or less.

He does the same thing in your chart. Wherever Chiron is placed, and whatever he touches, he helps bring it together- whether that goes well or poorly depends on the aspects and planets involved. Its a process, and its never quite over. Theres always tweaking, refining, and chucking it all out the window to start from scratch. Its what we call life.

Anyway, coming back to the present, its now up to you to take those realizations and insights you got from this eclipse and actually integrate them into your life. Make them your new mantras. No looking back guys.

And So We Go
-The AstroGeek

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Scorpio Black Ops, Act VI: Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio- On The Other Side

  “We who think we are about to die will laugh at anything.” -Terry Pratchett

Sorry for the delay everyone, this was one I wanted to make sure I got right. Also, Im looking for a new personal assistant (don't ask what happened to the old one. Honestly, never hire anyone just because they look fantastic in swimwear. Odds are they dont have a head for details.), so if you know anyone insane capable enough to work with me, have them email their resume, recent headshot, birth details and full medical records to me. Your lingerie uniform will be provided. Oh, and we offer dental.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, er... sorry, I mean Hellraisers, fuck this shit. For real. From what i've been hearing from you guys, it sounds like I'd be hard pressed to find anyone to argue the point. But don't you worry your black little hearts- Your good buddy Astro is going to explain everything. But its your job to read between the lines and pick up on the subtext...

Anyway, so here's where we stand- Its an eclipse in Scorpio, and its amplified by a ridiculous (even by my standards) chart. So lets roll up our sleeves and get into it, shall we?

You have two choices here. You can either A) Let this eclipse happen to you, in which case you can close this site right now, because we don't want you up in here, or B) You can tap into it and use it. How do you do that, those who chose option B and didn't storm off in a huff will ask; Ill tell you what- Its by just acknowledging you feel like ass, aren't satisfied, and getting your ass into the game. Its understanding that there is more for you to do. Thats when the magic happens; that one moment when you refuse to be done. Its going down to the depths, getting crushed, and right before you surrender for good, you push one last time against the weight that is trying to destroy you once and for all, and with everything you have, you throw it off your back, screaming out in frustration and victory. 

To get there however, you have to do this part first. The crap part where you get crushed, inch by agonizing inch as your strength drains away. Or does it? Ask any gym rat, to build muscle and gain strength, first you must tear it down. Its only by rebuilding the torn tissue that you gain the hypertrophy (i.e.- Big strong muscles). This is working the same way. While you're building yourself up, it hurts. Training sucks at first- but you keep at it. Then one day something curious happens; You start to enjoy it, look forward to it even.
And it pays off; You have visible results that everyone can see.

Of course, that is Scorpio at its best....

So without further exposition, lets roll up our sleeves and get to it, shall we?

The Sun and Moon- Right then, eclipse mode. Well, we start out with a quincunx to Eris, so the challenge is having the courage to honor the part of you that just wants to tear everything down that isnt working, chucking all your junk out of the window and the part that wants to slow down and plan out a viable escape plan that leaves you much more well off then if you just charge in. You will need to make several adjustments in order to keep these two conflicting, yet similar desires in check and in balance. A trine to Pallas Athene fires your brain on all cylinders, which is something you desperately need. Don't just throw away your plans if you hit a snag though- stick with it, and work out a solution. A square to Nessus shows that you are feeling very toxic, as though your very soul were being poisoned and ebbing away, bit by bit. I strongly urge you to identify the cause of this, and resolve it immediately (within the next 6 months). An opposition to Sedna shows that you are holding on desperately to something that you need to release. I know how painful the idea is and that you think if you let it go, you are killing what you feel is your only way out (trust me, I know), but you're blinding yourself to the options that you are being presented with! You have alternatives, and you are so not done yet! Pick yourself up, pull your head out of your ass and quit wallowing in self-pity. Its time to get your game face on. Besides, lingering is sooo not sexy, and sexy is the everything right now. A trine to Helio helps you here- Remember this? Reread it, and then come back here- Go ahead, ill wait. Now you really need to put this in action, and do it NOW. If you are willing to put these lessons into action, and remember who you were right before it all came crashing down, when you were at your greatest, then I promise you, you will find that you will find what you're looking for. Oh and start smiling a lot more- none of those fake, snide smirks either, only the genuine article. A square to Siva indicates that you may have to fake it at first, but do it long enough and it will become real without you even noticing. Just focus on being happy, no matter what. That's what got you to there in the first point, isn't it? An opposition to Sphinx demands that you cool your heels and stop railing at the universe to make thing happen NOWNOWNOW. Your enthusiasm and vigor are acknowledged, but these things take time and you are not helping. What is out of your control is not to be acknowledged. A conjunction to Tantalus is dangling what you want in front of your face, but it is just out of reach and its agonizing. A sextile to Hera tells you to find something to distract you from what has you all wrapped up- put some distance between you and it.

Mercury- I'm not even trying to acknowledge my ruler right now. Shit is ridiculous. Still, its important this go around (rolls eyes) so I will soldier on. A square to Neptune rounds out the T-Square in my chart making me want to go into a feral rage, but for the rest of you lot, watch out for little omens and messages coming from seemingly all directions. Carry around a little notebook, and take note of stray thoughts that turn out to be genius insights. Oh, and if you're not doing it already, journal your dreams. A sextile to Makemake shows that you will need to fight for what it is you want and prove that you should have it, even though you feel as though you barely have any fight left in you. A trine to Vulkan helps with that, but you need to put all of your focus into that pursuit, and stop wasting time and energy on everything else. Develop tunnel vision. A conjunction to Astraea tells us that something important that left you could make a surprise reappearance, and when it does that means that a new chapter is underway for you. Go with it. A square to Isis warns that this may not be the easiest transition however- Much will be asked of you, more than has been asked before if you can believe it. Still, the rewards are most definitely worth it.

Venus- Our girl starts out with an opposition to Eris, indicating that there is something terribly wrong, but you cant quite put your finger on it, because you're trying to avoid dealing with it. I understand- who wouldn't? But you are going to have to take a deep breath and look it square in the eye so that you can make it right. It wont be easy, but you need to do it. A conjunction to Haumea tells you that doing so will lead you to the birth of something brand new and amazing. But you have to get off your ass and put in the work to do it. A quincunx to Pallas Athene shows that you are going to have to make some adjustments to your strategy and your approach if you want to achieve this. Honor both diplomacy and tactics, intelligence and desire and you will win. A sextile to Cupido tells you to set your sights high. Helping others right now helps your aims in unexpected ways, so reach out. A square to Helio has your hope very low, and you need to remind yourself why you set out this way in the first place. Remember what you have tried to forget. A sextile to Ixion and Hylonome warn you against making a rash decision that will hurt you more than help. Keep your desire (and your pain) in check. A trine to Vesta and a sextile to Juno help you stay on target, but it still has to come from you.      

Mars- Our boy is wrapping up his stay in Saggo, and after he moves into Capricorn I will be very relieved, let me just tell you. Him being in my Solar 7th house is just plain exhausting! Anyway, We start out with a quincunx to Admetos and Vulkanus, indicating that you are investing too much energy into a wasted effort. An opposition to Thereus confirms this, telling you to surrender. You know its not going anywhere, so why do you keep trying so hard? What do you have to prove, and who are you proving it to? Move on. A sextile to Apollon and Psyche tells us that your mind is on your several romantic prospects, but has one broken away from the pack? Is it one you already know so well? Time will tell. A trine to 1992 QB1 suggests that maybe its time to put your energy into a new endeavor, something you've never tried before. Break out of the cycle you're trapped in. A square to Logos and Urania tells you to avoid looking at the big picture, focus on the small details. Also, if you want to make big picture changes, you have to start with the small stuff. A trine to Hekate helps you understand that if you want to make those changes, now would most definitely be the the time, but you are the one who is going to have to make the moves. Show that you want it. A sextile to Lilith confirms this, indicating that you are going to have to get your hands dirty to get anywhere.

Jupiter- Papa bear is still Retrograde. Enjoy it while it lasts, guys. A square to Borasisi tells you that right now everything is very nebulous for you, and a lot is unclear. If you move forward one step at a time, without having the whole pattern spread out in front of you however, you will amaze yourself at how far you can go. Try believing for once. An opposition to Hidalgo indicates that your most strongly held beliefs will be challenged and tested now. What you have been waiting for is coming to fruition NOW. Like it or not, this is your harvest. A trine to Amor shows that right now, romance is all that is occupying your mind, or it sure feels that way. Don't lose sight of whats important while chasing skirts. A sextile to Askalaphus says that if you are stuck, try some honest candor. It might just be the catalyst that sparks a serious change. 

Saturn- The old soldier is just all systems go in Scorpio! A quincunx to Uranus tells you that you are having some difficultly reconciling your past dreams with the present reality. Maybe its time to let go and come up with a new dream, yeah? One that fits you better? A trine to Chiron shows that either way you go comes with a hefty side of pain and angst. Try to keep this to a minimum if possible. A sextile to Eros and Pluto tells you that when in doubt, follow your passion, whatever stirs your soul (and listen when that long dead hope comes back for that fleeting moment!). A trine to Ceres, Hades and Kronos tells you that if you do not honor yourself by taking the time to maintain your life (i.e.- eating right, working out, sleeping, taking breaks) it will cost you dearly. Don't push yourself too far. A quincunx to Lilith tells you to grow some stones, step up and do what you need to do. Work with what you have around you and get dangerous. A sextile to Orcus demands that you focus on how far you have come and not on what you have left behind. You cant forget where you have been, however- otherwise you'll end up right back where you started.

Uranus- A square to Eros gives you a much needed jolt back to reality. Use it to get back on track. A quincunx to Orcus helps you do this, and allows you to do it on your terms. Its time to purge what is no longer worth keeping around. you guys know the drill here, swift and no angst. An opposition to Sisyphus confirms this- Drag it out at your own peril. A sextile to Lilith and Atropos declares that the situation is now intolerable, and drastic change is necessary if you plan on seeing this through. A square to Ceres, Hades and Kronos warns against not doing this correctly- If its not authentic, down to your core, it will fail. So make sure that you know that what you're doing is right. 
Neptune- Finally direct, we can start making some progress again. Or we can just stay in our Opium den and see where that gets us, either way. Lets see, what haven't we covered yet? Well, a trine to Ceres, Hades and Kronos has you questioning the once-firm ground you have built your new foundation on. Is it structurally sound or will the building start sinking like that tower over in Pisa? Would it be better to just demolish it and start again? These are questions you need to answer. A square to Astraea warns that these answers may not come just yet, and when they do it may not be an easy road forward. A trine to Apophis confirms this, stirring up trouble in the interim. 

Pluto- And we come to the Ruler of this Eclipse, last but not least. The problem with Pluto is that by the time we get to him, we've already covered everything. Luckily the dread god always has a trick or two up his sleeve... Starting with a conjunction to Eros, deep passions are stirring in you- Power is Sexy. Make sure to channel these urges correctly. An opposition to Ceres, Hades and Kronos tells you that you are going to be asked to choose between two conflicting desires of yours- try to work them both, or at least one at a time. Rule nothing out just yet. A sextile to Chiron confirms this, telling you that avoiding this is the surest way to cut yourself off at the knees. A quincunx to Lilith and Atropos and a square to Bacchus indicates that you are going to need to decidedly choose not to give in to some of your baser urges in lieu of progress toward your goals. Make your rewards for little victories count. A trine to Eurydike and Achilles confirms this, and tells you that you must not hesitate, and you must do whatever is necessary to accomplish your aims. A trine to Phaethon indicates you are on the main stage right now, with everything you do clearly visible. Watch yourself. Finally, a sextile to Orpheus helps you smooth over some of those ruffled feathers that you have shaken up lately if you only reach out to try to mend those burnt bridges. Make the effort.

Hellraisers, this is a big one. Do it right, and you'll be in a better position to take control of your life and achieve your goals than ever before. Do it wrong however, and you will find yourself being scraped over hot coals in your own personal hell. It seriously all depends on your choices right here in this moment. 

But then again, when doesn't it?

A Posse Ad Esse
-The AstroGeek

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