Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012: The Road Ahead

Meh. This Astro though, for realz...

Seriously, how intense was that Eclipse? I dont know about you guys, but it was like running straight into a brick wall over here at the Skywatch.

Glossing over the missteps completely, we look to the current challenge.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about halfway through the year. No breaks are given between eclipses this time, as we have Venus Retrograde demanding our full attention while (F@$%^!) Mars in Virgo is squaring pretty much everything. I would say that you need to act totally serene and in control as everything explodes in your face, but that would be lying. Keep your head up, breathe and move forward as best you can. This is your show, nobody else's.

Next up: Another Eclipse- only this time, it kicks you straight in the emotions.

Then: Uranus Square Pluto, the famous fuquery that is the main event of 2012, and it will redefine how we look at EVERYTHING. But more in detail as it comes. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to thank you for coming on this epic Rollercoaster ride with me through this Funhouse and straight into the loony bin. It is, as always, a pleasure to help guide you in the tunnel, over the river, and through the woods.

And so we go.

Until the next round
-The AstroGeek

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Venus Retrograde: Penny in the Air...

Ah, Venus. Its been a while since we did a focus on our girl. She's been trekking through Gemini, and is poised to go Retrograde today, culminating in the coolio transit of Venus across the face of the Sun, something which has made quite a splash on the Astrology boards (and I thought we had seen the worst of it with the Cardinal Crisis...)

Anyway, this Retrograde is awesome and I am both stoqued and dreading it. Why you ask? Well, because my Disaster Bunker is currently being fumigated due to an unfortunate incident involving a colony of lobsters, a small amount of peas, and my nemesis- the dreaded Sue from Accounting (Don't ask. You REALLY don't want to know). So there goes my refuge. And this is happening in my home sign of Gemini (Represent! #TeamGemini baby!), so this time, its personal. 

Getting right into it, this Retrograde is about choices. Make no mistake, for the first time in a LONG time, you have options available to you- Options that just a short while ago you thought were completely out of reach. This is good, no? Well... that's where things get tricky. 

Here's the deal: You have done the work. You have walked the line, and while you may have slipped once or twice, you never wavered from your end goal, even when all you wanted to do was collapse and wallow in self-pity. But you did not allow that to happen. You kept going. You dug in, and this is your reward- a brand new life, on your terms. Exactly what was promised. The only thing is, this reward is also another test.

With all these wonderful choices, you are now faced with the single greatest fear of Gemini, the one that I am probably going to get kicked out of the club for talking about: The fear of Missing Out/ Making the Wrong Choice. You cant possibly have this shiny new romance while booking your emigration to Australia, or build up your savings by working 16 jobs AND trying to become a bodybuilder at the same time. Something has to give. Which can most certainly be paralyzing, and stop you from making any choice at all (which is in itself a choice). But there are other players in this drama...

Enter (hell, we cant seem to get rid of him!) Mars Ultor in Virgo! Finally, it starts to fall into place. When you have this exact situation, what do you need more than anything? Quick action, accompanied by a clear head. And to make it even more appealing, this quick action is guided by a laser focus. All the numbers have been crunched, and the most viable solution to the issue has been ascertained. Trust whatever you do, just do something! 

If only that were enough for you. No, you want to know with 100% certainty that whatever you choose is in fact the correct way to go. Enter Saturn. In a very tight trine to Venus as she stations, know that he will back your play, no matter what it is. You must make the call however. The path you choose will take you to new heights, and it will stick. 

"But Astro, it cant just be that easy" you say. And you're right! Neptune/Chiron are ganged up on you, chipping away at your confidence and reminding you of all your mistakes while showing you countless other ways that will lead you nowhere. These paths will be extremely tempting and you will want to settle for the easier way. Keep your focus.

With Uranus in a challenging position, the main thing to remember is that courage is required here. To live a life on your own terms, you have to be willing to piss off everyone who tries to get you to follow their path and sell yours. Pluto conjures up your demons to torment you as well. There are those around you at all times that want you to give up. I wont lie, it is the easier option. Jupiter promises protection however, albeit from behind the scenes. You must walk, blindly, off the edge of the cliff and take him at his word that there is a net to catch you.

"Ok, but if only there was some giant sign in the sky to tell me to do this RIGHT NOW. So I can be SURE" you say.

Oh wait, up next is a SOLAR FREAKING ECLIPSE! 

And if you still cant be bothered, go find a new astrologer to tell you that everything is going to be rosy as long as you keep funneling them money. Maybe even one who does Relationship Astrology! How lucky!!

The rest of you, get your game face on. There aint no rest for the wicked.

P.S- A couple parting thoughts. 

1. If you take a chance, then you may lose. But if you never play the game, how are you going to win?

2. The hard way is damn hard. But is nowhere near as hard as the easy way. 

3. Dont settle for anything, and you'll never have a reason to be jealous of anyone.

4. In the end, this is all up to you. You are the one who has to live with your choices. Make them count. 

5. Laugh at your fear and you can walk through fire.

6. Be shameless. Make no apologies.

7. You do not have to do this alone. You can make the choice to do so, however.

8. No, I dont do Relationship Astrology. But your ex is most likely still a shithead.

A Posse Ad Esse
-The Astrogeek

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Full Moon in Scorpio: The Truth About St. Petersburg? Well, I Was Never There Myself

The Force is Strong with this one...

Alright, so where are we? Oh right, the Full Moon. Ok, lets see what we've got here... Well its a Scorpio Moon. So there's that. Oh, its a Supermoon too, huh? Bitch please; We call that a perigree Moon around here. But yes, this Moon is juiced up to the max. And we're just getting started, Ladies and Gents

Diving right in...

The Sun/Moon- So lets start out with a conjunction/opposition to Lilith, so expect this Moon to bring out and stoke the fires of your rage; Be careful of when and how you express it. A trine to Astraea lends a cool, detached air to the moment however, so there may be a tendency to avoid owning your own passion to keep the peace, or avoid confrontation. An opposition to Requiem further enhances this, indicating that it would behoove you to keep calm and keep your wits about you. A sextile to Heracles allows you to use all this passion to do some really awesome things. If you know exactly what you want (which should be pretty well defined by now) then this allows you to hone in on that like a freakin' smartbomb. A conjunction to Tantalus accentuates this, helping to put it (finally) within reach. A sextile to Borasisi indicates that there is an element of illusion, but the overall vibe far outweighs it and should allow you to sniff it out almost immediately.

Mercury- Dominating the Trickster is an opposition to Saturn. The good thing here is you get fantastically clear thinking. Take the extra time to make sure you get your point across. Watch out for a poison tounge, with a sextile to Nessus in play. A trine to Echeclus allows you to have perspective on the events that are taking shape in your life, allowing you to see what brought you here, and what steps you should be taking next. A trine to Quaoar is very helpful here, as it demands a break with the past and allows you to move on. A square to Achilles challenges you to go the extra mile, and pushes you on in order to attain what you want. Finally, ending on a good note, a sextile to Venus does a lot to counter the somewhat heavy air, and helps lift your spirits. Use it to keep yourself from going insane.

Venus- A sextile to Eris pushes our girl to try new things, be a little more bold and brash, and have a great story to tell afterward. A trine to Saturn shows that this is put to good use, and helps avoid the pitfalls that Eris is infamous for. Watch out for an opposition to Nemesis, however. If you are slighted, do not go into revenge mode, put your plotting skills to more productive use (read: Karma is one crazy bitch, let her handle it). This is also kind of hinted at by a conjunction to Karma. A sextile to Bienor has the mood taking a more exuberant and uplifted mood, with issues of empowerment takingcenter stage. Watch out for a tendency to become spiteful and vindictive when slighted. A sextile to Atropos tells us that a certain cycle of your life is coming to a rapid end, and a new one is slotted to begin. A square to Eros brings about a very titillating and dynamic spirit to the moment, and is great for anythig needing an extra spark of passion. A trine to Damocles reminds us to move forward, confidently yet cautiously, as you only get one shot at getting this right.

Mars- Mars, Mars, Mars... what are we going to do with you? I would say that I'm so ready for him to get the hell out of Virgo, but then we have to deal with him in Libra (which brings in a whole 'nother round of the Cardinal Crisis). So I can live with Virgo for a while longer, but it just might make me rip my hair out in frustration. Anyway, we have a square to the Nodes, leaving you questioning if you have made the right choices and wondering where you go from here. Dont get paralyzed by the fear that things might not be perfect- Just start somewhere and build up momentum. A quincunx to Uranus help you bust out of old and dead patterns, but you need to be bold enough to take the leap into a life where you write your own rules. An opposition to Chiron helps with this, pushing you to be a maverick. Last but not least, a trine to Pluto brings out the monsters and parades them right on by, for you to smite them verily. A conjunction to Elatus helps you to not get stuck in the guano of past regrets, but instead look back and snicker. A sextile to Cyllarus stresses the need for you to play your own hero instead of waiting for some poofy white knight type to come in and "rescue" you. A sextile to Kronos keeps your goals in sight, and helps you continually make progress on them. Remember- If it can be charted, it can be conquered. Excel is your verybestfriend. A conjunction to Arachne can have you lost in the minor details. Remember that they come together to make one cohesive picture (presumably of Dogs Playing Poker).

Jupiter- Well some good news in this corner. Although we start out with a dolorous conjunction to Sedna, forcing you to step back from the center stage and do some more inner work (cue collective groans from the audience); and a somewhat painful quincunx to Saturn, challenging you to take your destiny into your own hands, we have a very positive feel here. A sextile to Varuna helps you have faith that you are on the right path, and if you take a step back, everything tends to fall into place for you. The square to Icarus is still in effect, so you may have to force yourself to take care of daily responsibilities. A square to Apollo doesn't help this much, you would much rather sit back and relax than put in the work that you need to, but the work is not without its own rewards: namely results.

Saturn- A sextile to Quaoar is effective for making lasting change in your life, starting right now. A square to Achilles is pushing you to bust ass and get to where you want to be. A very annoyed astrologer is 300% ready for Saturn in Scorpio already.

Uranus- Well, there's a trine to the North Node, lending a huge focus to what is just on the horizon for your future. And thats it.

Neptune- An opposition to Orcus has yet to dissipate, and will be a focus for some time to come, as these planets move agonizingly slowly. A square to Juno leaves you and your partner at some sort of crossroads, with nothing being really clear. It can be hard for you to understand each other, being easier to escape into your private realities rather than deal with your issues. A sextile to Vesta doesn't make this any easier, much preffering to be left alone. A trine to Hekate demands that you make your own choices now, and to take responsibility for your actions. Be aware of what you do.

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All- Our favorite Galactic Dictator (For So Long May He Reign, Praise Him) is quite active this go-around. A sextile to Chiron hits you where it hurts, in the Ego, and forces you to face some unpleasant facts about yourself. A sextile to Niobe strengthens your self-righteousness and heightens your need to boast or revel in your utter brilliance. An opposition to Eurydike allows you to be taken in by your own hype, and enables you to be self-deluded, leading to dire consequnces. A square to Lachesis asks you to take stock of everything in your life, and to mark what is no longer needed to be cut away. This is a great time to self-prune, but make sure that you dont throw the baby out with the bathwater. Unless, you know, throwing out babies is your thing. Then by all means, turn yourself in to the nearest authorities. Finally, a trine to Hermes helps you rise above all this crap and pull this off with panache. Or is it chutney? I always get those two confused.

All in all, these are favorable stars. Not especially easy ones, but rife with potential. After this, say good-bye to Normal, as we head into Eclipse Season, and then right back into the Cardinal Crisis: Redux. Now if you'll excuse me, Im going to head to my Disaster Bunker as this Moon is taking place right over my Pluto. And you dont want to see me go full Pluto. It gets messy.

Audentes fortuna iuvat sed timidos relinquit
-The Astrogeek

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