Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Moon in Capricorn- The Longest Night

New day, New beginnings.

The Sun/Moon- Freshly into Capricorn, and hot off the Solstice, the focus is on what is REAL; nothing less will do. A sextile to Chiron has your wounds exposed. While this is painful at first, it is what is needed to heal them once and for all. A sextile to Vesta has you wanting to take time out of the spotlight and focus on inner work. An opposition to Hera puts the srtain on your relationships, and if a new flame isnt really as awesome as you thought at first, it might be best to cut your losses and try somewhere else rather than sit and hope naively. A sextile to Apophis indicates that there is a lot that is in flux at the moment, and you may feel as though you dont have solid ground below you. Tap into that, and direct the change towards what is dated and old.

Mercury- Mercury is still in shadow, so watch yourself til New Year's. If there is anything that has been skimmed over or not integrated yet, you will be forced to deal with that. A trine to Persephone further indicates this, and has you searching for the buried treasure among the muck. A square to Elatus your spirits less than high, but realistic and focused on matters at hand. A trine to Pelion has you wanting to remove yourself from mundane drudgery and wanting to go above and beyond your normal patterns, so break out of the everyday and do something awesome! This is further expressed in a sextile to Magdalena. A conjunction to Ophelia highlights the enhanced proprensity for drama. Get over yourself, and stay low key. A sextile to Amor shows that you are feeling very lovey-dovey, and this would be an excellent time to express your desires. Finally, a sexxtile to Memoria has you rehashing your old mistakes and trying to find the reasons why things went the way they did. Do not get caught up in the same trap, and DO NOT bring your baggage back to the table this time, leave it in the dust behind you.

Venus- Venus is in Aqua, looking awesome. A trine to Altjira shows that the best way to play the romance situation is to stay very cool, and when in doubt, remove yourself from the situation. A conjunction to Siva is fantastic for the destruction of old crap and moving on to the awesome. A square to Requiem tells you to keep pushing on, regardless of if something doesn't work out. Dont linger around in self-pity, brush it off and find something new. A square to Karma highlights the need to take a new path when it comes to your relationships; you may find yourself attracted to those who are completely different from your usual type! Finally, a conjunction to Child shows a certain naivete and optimism in matters of the heart. Remember to keep your head and stay just a little skeptical.

Mars- Mars is in square to Pholus, so taking small steps towards your goals will lead to big results sooner than you think; harness your momentum. With this however, small problems can easily become major issues if not dealt with quickly and effectively. A square to Hylonome could indicate your partner feeling as though you are stepping on their toes, or vice versa. A square to Ixion asks you to examine your actions and how they have brought you to this point. In doing so, your next steps should become clear. A conjunction to Psyche highlights an almost desperate desire to love and be loved. Another conjunction, to Arachne, shows that you must be very clear about your intentions and desires, or risk losing something great in a web of fear and half-truths told because of pride. Yet another conjunction, to Apollo, shows that right now is an excellent time for shameless self-promotion, so put yourself out there! You'll be amazed at the results!

Jupiter- Freshly direct, as of this morning, papa Jupiter brings a much-needed last minute boost in just about everything. An opposition to Aphrodite has you focused (yet again) on love and positivity. A sextile to Hades has you going deep to expose the root of the situation you find yourself in, and taking drastic action to change it to your liking. A sextile to Eurydike further expresses this. If you find yourself in Hell, keep going and dont look back.

Saturn- The ruler of Capricorn is sitting pretty at the end of Libra, and is very active this lunation. Right off the bat we have a close trine to Neptune, helping to make your dreams a reality. A square to Vulkanus shows us that this is not going to be accomplished without some serious blood, sweat and tears though. A conjunction to Apollon is seriously auspicious for any kind of creative work you decide to do. A sextile to Siwa helps you break down all the old patterns that you have outgrown and create something new. A square to Achilles shows that this is the moment where it all becomes worthwhile, and your hard work finally pays off. A sextile to Icarus further expresses this, and helps you bust free of anything that tries to keep you bound and restricted.

Uranus- A square to Hades helps you shock yourself awake, and provides the necessary impetus for your continued growth. Another square, to Eurydike, helps you emancipate yourself from any lingering drama. Remember, when the tears start, you should already be gone. A trine to Atlantis helps you visualize the absolute best possible outcome in your situation, and aids you in making that a reality.

Neptune- Neptune is bearing down on Pisces in force, and is so done with Aqua at this point its not even funny. Now here's the deal- til February, all things Neptunian are going off, as Neptune rehashes and reintegrates everything that we have learned and done since 1998. A trine to Apollon has your muse working overtime, inspiring you to create in was you never dreamed. A sextile to Icarus lets you soar, if only in your mind. Finally, the danger here is highlighted by a square to Bacchus- Have fun during the holiday season, but stay in control.

Pluto- Last, but only least once- Pluto is relatively quiet as we wait for the contact with the Sun later this week. An opposition to Cyllarus has you making stipid decisions in love. Get a sounding board to help you avoid problems. A square to Typhon will bring up anything that you have not dealt with and force the issue. Make it the last time it rears its head. A conjunction to Crantor shows that you are still in the crosshairs because of your choices. Invest in Kevlar. An opposition to Kronos shows that you will need to make some hard choices and take bold action if you want to see results. Finally, A square to Pandora tells us that your life is about to be shaken up, so keep your head.

That does it for me folks! Til next time, stay cool and keep your head, even in the midst of chaos!

                                                                                             Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
                                                                                             -The AstroGeek

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Venus in Aquarius- A Fresh Start

Wait, didnt I just do one of these?? Jeez that girl moves fast!

Ok guys, we're about a week into Venus in Aqua, and at this point you should be feeling it. I want to spend some time on this one because after the insane ride we just took through Capricorn, rehashing old patterns and finding the balls to set new paradigms and put the old ones to bed for good its time to bust out and smash onto the love scene in a blaze of glory!

The key to success for this one is two pronged, but the first thing i want to go over is FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST DUMP THAT #$%@#%ING BAGGAGE ALREADY!!! Since spring of this year, we have been going deep to get rid of every single freaking bit of old drama/crap/baggage while fighting tooth and nail to create a life more in tune with what we really want. Now, one week away from a brand spanking new year, it is time to take everything you learned and rock it out, setting the tone for the best year you will ever have (or the worst one; With Neptune in Pisces its all depending on what you want to create for yourself).

The other part of this is that you cannot doubt yourself in any way, shape or form, not in the slightest, not for one second if you want to capitalize on the gold mine of awesome that this transit can bring. Set your course and stick to it, no matter what. The vibe at the moment is to be simple (as in no issues with past relationships. The expiration date is way past on that crap), conifdent (not smug, just assured), hopeful about what is on the horizon, and oozing awesome.

Aquarius is all about your hopes and dreams, the best possible future; and with Venus rolling through, well the air is downright electric. Its a fun juxtaposition to the grounded, cautious Capricorn vibe that the Sun is in at the moment, having just entered the sign. This is actually really beneficial to the whole scene, as Venus in Aqua does tend to go a bit overboard if left unchecked, so while in Public you are the life of the party, rolling out with bright, shiny sense of hope after the brutal beating we just took, at home your bills are all paid, everything is working, and problems get handled quickly and efficiently. Really, you couldnt ask for better.

Make an investment in your friends and far-flung connections, people that you have lost touch with (especially after New Year's) and re-connect. Right now the focus is on mastering the lessons you learned this year, sharing your experiences with those close to you, and making gains toward your future goals.

A special note to those starting new relationships- Yes, its terrifying and you dont want to mess it up. RELAX and get over yourself; Take a deep breath and go for it! Oh and if you keep overthinking and second-guessing everything you WILL ruin it before it starts.

In short- Relax, dream big and take action for the future while staying grounded in today.

                                                                                       Happy Holidays!
                                                                                       -The AstroGeek

And go check out the fabulous Starzina Starfish-Browne and her always hilarious Time of the Month Horoscope!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Neptune in Pisces- Betwixt and Between

Today's image comes to us courtesy of the awesome Thaneeya- Go check her out, she's wicked talented (and super nice for letting me use her art)
Mwah ha ha I finally got a chance to use that title! #pumped

Okay guys, serious Astro time. Neptune is Direct now, at the end of Aquarius, and he is bearing down on his Home sign of Pisces. This is huge, because Neptune has been in Aquarius, behind the scenes since 1998. Til we get Neptune in Pisces (February) we will be going over and rehashing absolutely everything that has transpired since Neptune moved into Aqua. The thing is, right now we are going to be very sensitive to any kind of programming, so be very careful what you watch/listen to.

Another thing you will notice is the Parade of Undead Issues that you have yet to wrap up. This may take the form of lessons in love, where you find your exs' swarming you and crawling out of the woodwork; substance abuse issues that are not fully conquered (note: With ANYTHING Neptunian, avoid substance abuse like the plague!! So much potential for pain there!) or anything that is still an issue, really.

Lending a helping hand in this is Jupiter, turning Direct on Christmas, and Sitting in sextile to Neptune, helping make sure we get this right. Jupiter will make sure we keep everything moving at its highest and most excellent. One side effect of this however, is the fact that Jupiter MAGNIFIES everything it touches, so the issues that Neptune is going to bring up are going to get blown out of proportion and over-hyped thanks to Jupiter's influence.

The key here? Uranus/Mars/Pluto. Uranus' honesty, directness, zest and passion for life, and plans for the future are going to see you through, Mars is making you cut the crap with a machete, and simplifying everything in your life whether you are ready or not. While these two are an excellent combination on their own, we have Pluto obliterating anything that stands in your way, and forcing you to overcome these challenges that are arising, no excuses. With this combination we can make the hard choices and bite the bullet to get what we want, but only if we are 100% honest with ourselves and face the issues head-on.

After Neptune goes into Pisces-That's it! Thats the last major shift we have, and the Outer Planets are going to be in their respective places for a while. Yes, we have Saturn going into Scorp (Cannot Wait!! I loathe Libran fake-ness.) and Jupiter going into Gemini, but that's nothing new. No, after Neptune moves into Pisces, Uranus and Pluto will be in Square and the game REALLY takes off!! But the playing field will be more or less set.

That last bit raises an interesting point: At the moment we have an unparalleled opportunity to shape our personal reality in the fashion that we choose. Everything is up for grabs and within reach, and that is the main theme of 2012. We are really in control of our own lives, and it is up to us to shape them how we choose, not fate. Seriously, do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO!! Nothing can stop you now!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Venus in Capricorn- The Opportune Moment

Alright, so here's the deal- Mistress Venus is in Cap right now, lighting up just about every planet. And with the Eclipse we just had, It seems Love is on everyone's mind. There are a couple ways you can see this take effect (just in General, not using transits to a specific house or planet):

Profound Love- This is the kind of love where you meet someone, and its just like Boom! A punch in the face, you know that this person is seriously special, and you go head over heels, totally sprung. Welcome to the Romance novel, try not to make it a tragedy.

Challenging Love- Mostly for those who are already established in relationships, you may find that the strain of your current relationship is more than you can bear. When you feel this coming on, Stop, take a breath and ask yourself where these feelings are coming from. If there really are deep issues that are in play, consider ending the relationship, but do it in a way that is drama free and do not attack the other person for their flaws. Just move on.

Mature Love- Not in the Hugh Heffner/ (Insert Bunny/Girlfriend name here) kind of Mature, in fact its exactly the opposite. This is a highly personal time, and you are being challenged to be more Realistic and Mature in your attitudes on Love. This is basically Venus saying "Grow Up!". Relationships started now are highly favored for Growth and you will be amazed at how different things will be if you just move past the pain you have from old relationships, and just try to live in the moment and let things be easy (Yes, a Cap transit can be easy! If that wasnt enough, Scorpios can be friendly, and Leos can be shy. These things do happen). Now I know, that is much easier said than done. Currently I am with you guys in this, and I am not ashamed to admit that it could very well be the most challenging thing I've ever tried to do, not to mention one of the scariest.

If that wasnt enough, we have Mars in Virgo cutting through the old crap with a machete, simplifying what he can and tossing out the rest; and Jupiter is in Taurus, about to go Direct. Also not to be outdone, Pluto is in Cap as well, so you can count on whatever goes down, it will change you for the better.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uranus Direct- The Storm Shepards

Well guys, its that time again; time for everything to get charged up and time to break out and live the awesome. That's right, Uranus is about to go Direct. Are you ready?

I chose the image above because its so perfect for the moment. As everything above you is going absolutely insane and totally chaotic, thats the time when you go into zen mode, totally aware of the chaos' presence in your life, but not allowing it to crack your cool. Reading by Lightning... How Uranian is that?

Speaking of Uranian, we have suspected UFO sightings by Mercury that people are losing their shit over, we have possible interment camps being scheduled to go online the day before Uranus Direct/Lunar Eclipse in the U.S., and a bunch of other craziness that almost makes you go into disaster mode.

The astro is phenomenal at the moment btw, Uranus is still stationing at The Infamous Aries Point, The Eclipse is happening over a point that is going to be very important next year (but we'll get to that in another post), and Jupiter is going to be going direct very very soon (Christmas, actually)

Anyway, as these events progress, we are going to re-engage the Cardinal Cross, with the main event being Uranus square Pluto, exact in June. That is when this really takes off. Saturn is at the end of Libra, not relevant by Aspect, but still an influence by sign, so expect resistance to whatever brand-new schemes you try to put into place, just push through the opposition.

So til we're through, keep calm and crank the dubstep. More details as they arise.

                                                                                -The AstroGeek

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TNO Watch- Chaos

So... I hear we're getting Visitors from Mercury, eh? You know, this is the type of thing you would think the God of communication would give us a heads up on, but hey, its the Retrograde- I get it; you're a very busy god. You also have rubbish timing Merc, going on holiday now of all times.

Nevertheless, life goes on, and while my minions prepare my underground luxury disaster bunker, I find myself talking about TNOs. Interesting times, no?

The Science: 19521 Chaos is a Cubewano that is not locked into an orbital resonance with any other planet. Its speculated to be about 460 km in diameter. And... yeah thats about all we know about it at the moment.

The Myth: Back to the Greeks for this one: For them, Chaos was the formless void that all life sprang from. Notably, in the Orphic tradition, the first intelligence from Chaos was Eros, shining and powerful. In this myth, Eros infuses passion into all of creation, starting with Uranus and Gaia. And we all know where that brought us, now don't we?

The Astro: Chaos can be interpreted as a smoldering, electrically charged point of infinite potential. Wherever you have Chaos in your chart, absolutely anything can happen. When Chaos get activated by transit, things may seem rather insane, but its actually an opportunity to create something brand new for yourself; You are only limited by your imagination and your passion.

Currently, Chaos is sitting at 14 Gemini, right around where the Lunar Eclipse is happening on the same day that Uranus goes direct, and where Venus bounces back and forth for about 4 months right before Jupiter enters the sign. Surely its all a coincidence though, and its way too small and far away to matter. Surely!

Well, you keep telling yourself that, ill be here in my bunker waiting for the Doctor to show up, sipping mojitos.

Oh, and don't call me Shirley
-The AstroGeek

TNO Watch- Salacia

Well well well, look who has some free time and a whole troupe of TNOs left to talk about (Jeez, they never end, do they? I still have hundreds left, thank the gods they're not named for that they're not named yet).

Jumping right into it, lets talk about one that not many astrologers seem to even be aware of (which is relative, considering that im talking about fringe Astro here) let alone know what she represents- Salacia.

The Astronomy- Salacia is a Cubewano that orbits at a slightly farther distance than Pluto, and has one satellite, named Actaea. Salacia has a very eccentric elliptical orbit, at 0.1097. She has an orbital inclination of 24 degrees.

The Myth- For this one, we turn to Rome. Neptune was courting Salacia, who was quite impressed by her suitor, but for varying reasons rejected his advances. Playing hard-to-get, she ran (read: swam) to the bottom of the Atlantic to avoid him. So the completely-not-crazy god of the Sea sent out some dolphins, and had the dolphin persuade Salacia to marry him. Salacia agreed (some say at the point of a trident) to marry Neptune, and the Sea god was so happy, he placed the dolphin in the heavens as the constellation Delphinus. And they lived happily ever after...kind of

The Astrology- Ok, what do we have to work with here? Well, for starters we have someone who is being chased by something she wants no part of, something way bigger than her, and she runs as far away as she can to avoid it (The Ocean was not part of Neptune's domain traditionally, he was the god of the SEA. The Ocean belonged to the Titan Okeanos. Therefore, he had no power to compel Salacia while she was there). Then a third party (at the behest of the pursuer) intercedes and helps her see reason, and she relents. The problem here is, Astrologically, Neptune rules deceit, illusion, and trickery so this is not exactly a good thing. Finally, after she is married, we find Neptune in his most terrible role: Imprisonment. Salacia is a prisoner to Neptune, always at his side and barely granted any power.

So thats the bad. Originally, Salacia followed her gut, and ran the hell away from the Sea god, to a place he couldnt touch her. She's very smart, and should have stayed there. The thing is, she was a prisoner from the outside influence of Neptune while in Okeanos' realm, trapping her there. The second she had left, she would have been snatched up by him. So she would have been a prisoner either way. She made her choice and chose the lesser of two evils. Better the devil you know, right? She knows her fate, and has a choice, but it is a catch-22 either way. 

Look to these factors when interpreting Salacia's position. Go to, plug in your birth details and throw caution to the wind by plugging in 120347 Salacia. Currently she is at 26 Pisces.

Full Moon in Gemini/ Lunar Eclipse- Full Disclosure

Ok guys, I am literally writing this right before the eclipse is exact. This is what I get for procrastinating when there is an eclipse in my sign. Syncing to cosmic rhythms, check. Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey, Spacey-Wacey universal conciousness mode engaged. Ridiculousness factor? Absolutely.

With absolutely no time for further ado, The Astro!

The Sun/Moon- There is a conjunction/opposition to Hylonome, so right out of the gate you feel as though you cant go on, and you just want your suffering to end. Identify the area of your life where you are suffering, and bring it to a resolution, RIGHT NOW. There is no time to waste. Right now, things seem pretty freaking bleak, but there is so much awesome in the air at the moment, all you have to do is tap into it. An opposition/conjunction to Thereus has you charged up with primal rage, wanting to unleash it on the first person who does you wrong. Remember to keep your true enemies in mind. A conjunction/opposition to Ixion has you brooding on your past mistakes instead of manifesting your future, which sets you up to lose everything that you gained. A square to Astraea has you running from your problems instead of facing them, head on. Another square, to Psyche, strains your intimate relationships and asks you to re-evaluate your commitments. Anything that is past its time, get rid of it. You don't have any room for it anymore. A sextile to Kassandra warns that you could find yourself in a position where pointing out the dangers in someone else's life and situation will do you no good, because it will fall on deaf ears. Trust me, walk away and don't go down with them. A sextile/trine to Lachesis indicates that your time to make changes and set your course is almost up, if you don't move quickly, your choices will be made for you. A trine/sextile to Burney lends itself to your intuition, it is a great time to go deep inside yourself and ask "What do I really want at this stage in my life? What is my next move?" A sextile/trine to Damocles works in your favor for once, allowing you to wield the sword and cut away from toxic situations once and for all. Don't hesitate.

Mercury- A conjunction to Okyrhoe has you watching your tounge, as well you should, because the Retrograde is still in high gear. One wrong word, and you could lose everything. Stay in control. A square to Teharonhiawako could have you questioning whether or not to pursue the path that you set during the last eclipse. Stay focused, and hold off on taking major action until the retrograde is over. Til then, watch, wait and listen. A square to Orcus holds you fast to your word, so make sure you can deliver on it. An opposition to Altjira has you struggling to extricate yourself from a situation you caused, but if you keep your cool and draw your boundaries, you will escape intact. A sextile to Pandora will shake things up with a secret revealed, but for the better. A conjunction to Ophelia (jeez, what is with this literary characters? Oh wait, its Gemini, that's right.) could have you rehashing your disapointments in love, but remember- you took those chances for a reason. Dont let your past mistakes hold you back today, move forward with chutzpah and without fear, while remembering the lessons and hurts.

Venus- Our girl is rocking it right now. A square to Bienor indicates that anything you start now is likely to only be a fleeting dream, but if you hold on and plan for the long term, then you are in a much better position. A trine to Astraea has you at your best, and you are more than willing to wait for life to deliver the best to you. A trine to Psyche helps you overcome the greatest challenges in your situation; no matter what, do not give in- And dont be afraid to ask for help. A trine to Arachne highlights a tendency to be a bit too smug, watch what you say, and if you wind up with egg on your face and you have a way to bow out and save face, take it! A trine to Apollo is brilliant for any type of artistic expression you engage in, dont waste the opportunity! A sextile to Bacchus shows that all you want to do right now is party, remember to get the bills paid on time. A trine to Hephaistos shows that wherever you put your time and effort into right now is where you will see results.

Mars- Our boy has a lot on his plate. First up: A square to Amycus may lead you to forget the way people should be treated, and make no mistake, if your anger gets the best of you, it will not go unnoticed. A square to Chaos shows that you are in control of this situation, and how it unfolds is up to you and the choices that you make. Make them count. A square to Memoria reminds you of how far you've come, taking you back to some places that may be less than pleasant. It's a test, dont forget all your lessons. A trine to Tantalus shows that you may be trying to grab something that will always be out of reach, a fools quest. A trine to Panacea lends some much-needed relief to the situation at hand. Remember that it isnt over yet, however. A sextile to Dionysius helps you rise like a phoenix out of the fire, if you keep your eyes fixed straight on your goals.

Jupiter- Papa Jupiter is back in force, and is not in any mood to be messed with. A sextile to Chiron is so brill for cutting through the crap and getting to the root of the issue. You have to accept it before you can change it. A sextile to Hades also highlights this, as does an opposition to Osiris. An opposition to Requiem tells you that you are a long way from finished, but the end goal is in sight. Finally, an opposition to Hopi has you looking to more holistic and simple ways of living. Decluttering and sustainability are key.

Saturn- An opposition to 1992 QB1 has you pondering your mortality and your mark on the world. Dont worry about your history, just focus on your future. A square to Vulkanus saps your energy away from anything that feels like work. A trine to Vesta keeps you on point though. A trine to Hekate reminds you that this is your path alone, and you are in control of where you go. A sextile to Siwa is great for clearing away the crap of anything outdated or past its prime. Finally, a conjunction to Aphrodite has you chasing what is beautiful, fun and brings you happiness. Dont hesitate.

Uranus- Well look who just went direct! Its time to start moving forward again. This is big guys, as it happened literally hours before the eclipse. He's squaring Hades, challenging you to dig deep and make serious changes, NOW. There's no time for drama or emo attachment, Let it go or it will drag you down. An opposition to Minerva can lead you to make some passionate choices. Make sure you keep your greater strategy in mind. A trine to Photographica lends some much needed instant clarity to the situation at hand. Trust your judgement.

Neptune- A trine to Apollon has you inspired, put some time into exploring your artistic side. A trine to Hekate helps you realize that you do not walk your path alone, you have those who will help you if you only ask. An opposition to Siwa brings you back to reality, and helps you stay on target to deal with your problems.

Pluto- Last but not least, the Lord of Hell is definitely putting us through the wringer guys. That's actually a good thing, because they are in a position where they need to pull out all of the stops to win; and that means we win, we just have to outlast them. An opposition to Cyllarus has you downplaying an issue that might just prove to be your undoing. Tread lightly. A conjunction to Crantor shows that you are still in the crosshairs because of your choices. Invest in Kevlar. A square to Typhon will bring up anything that you have not dealt with and force the issue. Make it the last time it rears its head. An opposition to Kronos shows that the way out is to go deep and Know Thyself. A conjunction to Niobe challenges you to stay humble. Rise above the urge to gloat. A sextile to Diana reminds you that the path to glory is not for those that seek it, but rather those that perform their duty to the best of their ability. A trine to Industria confirms this as well. An opposition to Hera brings up old patterns of jealousy and Power games, stay in Zen mode, and do not fall into the low expression. Finally, a sextile to Ascelpius helps you to diagnose the cause of the dis-ease that you are facing. Heed your own intuition and do what is necessary to cure yourself.

Alright guys, that does it for me, Stay awesome and wear lots of red.

                                                                                 -The AstroGeek

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