Monday, December 19, 2011

Neptune in Pisces- Betwixt and Between

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Okay guys, serious Astro time. Neptune is Direct now, at the end of Aquarius, and he is bearing down on his Home sign of Pisces. This is huge, because Neptune has been in Aquarius, behind the scenes since 1998. Til we get Neptune in Pisces (February) we will be going over and rehashing absolutely everything that has transpired since Neptune moved into Aqua. The thing is, right now we are going to be very sensitive to any kind of programming, so be very careful what you watch/listen to.

Another thing you will notice is the Parade of Undead Issues that you have yet to wrap up. This may take the form of lessons in love, where you find your exs' swarming you and crawling out of the woodwork; substance abuse issues that are not fully conquered (note: With ANYTHING Neptunian, avoid substance abuse like the plague!! So much potential for pain there!) or anything that is still an issue, really.

Lending a helping hand in this is Jupiter, turning Direct on Christmas, and Sitting in sextile to Neptune, helping make sure we get this right. Jupiter will make sure we keep everything moving at its highest and most excellent. One side effect of this however, is the fact that Jupiter MAGNIFIES everything it touches, so the issues that Neptune is going to bring up are going to get blown out of proportion and over-hyped thanks to Jupiter's influence.

The key here? Uranus/Mars/Pluto. Uranus' honesty, directness, zest and passion for life, and plans for the future are going to see you through, Mars is making you cut the crap with a machete, and simplifying everything in your life whether you are ready or not. While these two are an excellent combination on their own, we have Pluto obliterating anything that stands in your way, and forcing you to overcome these challenges that are arising, no excuses. With this combination we can make the hard choices and bite the bullet to get what we want, but only if we are 100% honest with ourselves and face the issues head-on.

After Neptune goes into Pisces-That's it! Thats the last major shift we have, and the Outer Planets are going to be in their respective places for a while. Yes, we have Saturn going into Scorp (Cannot Wait!! I loathe Libran fake-ness.) and Jupiter going into Gemini, but that's nothing new. No, after Neptune moves into Pisces, Uranus and Pluto will be in Square and the game REALLY takes off!! But the playing field will be more or less set.

That last bit raises an interesting point: At the moment we have an unparalleled opportunity to shape our personal reality in the fashion that we choose. Everything is up for grabs and within reach, and that is the main theme of 2012. We are really in control of our own lives, and it is up to us to shape them how we choose, not fate. Seriously, do WHATEVER YOU WANT TO!! Nothing can stop you now!

Your song of the Zeitgeist- So freaking perfect, and shamelessly ludicrous 


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