Thursday, December 8, 2011

Uranus Direct- The Storm Shepards

Well guys, its that time again; time for everything to get charged up and time to break out and live the awesome. That's right, Uranus is about to go Direct. Are you ready?

I chose the image above because its so perfect for the moment. As everything above you is going absolutely insane and totally chaotic, thats the time when you go into zen mode, totally aware of the chaos' presence in your life, but not allowing it to crack your cool. Reading by Lightning... How Uranian is that?

Speaking of Uranian, we have suspected UFO sightings by Mercury that people are losing their shit over, we have possible interment camps being scheduled to go online the day before Uranus Direct/Lunar Eclipse in the U.S., and a bunch of other craziness that almost makes you go into disaster mode.

The astro is phenomenal at the moment btw, Uranus is still stationing at The Infamous Aries Point, The Eclipse is happening over a point that is going to be very important next year (but we'll get to that in another post), and Jupiter is going to be going direct very very soon (Christmas, actually)

Anyway, as these events progress, we are going to re-engage the Cardinal Cross, with the main event being Uranus square Pluto, exact in June. That is when this really takes off. Saturn is at the end of Libra, not relevant by Aspect, but still an influence by sign, so expect resistance to whatever brand-new schemes you try to put into place, just push through the opposition.

So til we're through, keep calm and crank the dubstep. More details as they arise.

                                                                                -The AstroGeek

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