Friday, December 23, 2011

Venus in Aquarius- A Fresh Start

Wait, didnt I just do one of these?? Jeez that girl moves fast!

Ok guys, we're about a week into Venus in Aqua, and at this point you should be feeling it. I want to spend some time on this one because after the insane ride we just took through Capricorn, rehashing old patterns and finding the balls to set new paradigms and put the old ones to bed for good its time to bust out and smash onto the love scene in a blaze of glory!

The key to success for this one is two pronged, but the first thing i want to go over is FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST DUMP THAT #$%@#%ING BAGGAGE ALREADY!!! Since spring of this year, we have been going deep to get rid of every single freaking bit of old drama/crap/baggage while fighting tooth and nail to create a life more in tune with what we really want. Now, one week away from a brand spanking new year, it is time to take everything you learned and rock it out, setting the tone for the best year you will ever have (or the worst one; With Neptune in Pisces its all depending on what you want to create for yourself).

The other part of this is that you cannot doubt yourself in any way, shape or form, not in the slightest, not for one second if you want to capitalize on the gold mine of awesome that this transit can bring. Set your course and stick to it, no matter what. The vibe at the moment is to be simple (as in no issues with past relationships. The expiration date is way past on that crap), conifdent (not smug, just assured), hopeful about what is on the horizon, and oozing awesome.

Aquarius is all about your hopes and dreams, the best possible future; and with Venus rolling through, well the air is downright electric. Its a fun juxtaposition to the grounded, cautious Capricorn vibe that the Sun is in at the moment, having just entered the sign. This is actually really beneficial to the whole scene, as Venus in Aqua does tend to go a bit overboard if left unchecked, so while in Public you are the life of the party, rolling out with bright, shiny sense of hope after the brutal beating we just took, at home your bills are all paid, everything is working, and problems get handled quickly and efficiently. Really, you couldnt ask for better.

Make an investment in your friends and far-flung connections, people that you have lost touch with (especially after New Year's) and re-connect. Right now the focus is on mastering the lessons you learned this year, sharing your experiences with those close to you, and making gains toward your future goals.

A special note to those starting new relationships- Yes, its terrifying and you dont want to mess it up. RELAX and get over yourself; Take a deep breath and go for it! Oh and if you keep overthinking and second-guessing everything you WILL ruin it before it starts.

In short- Relax, dream big and take action for the future while staying grounded in today.

                                                                                       Happy Holidays!
                                                                                       -The AstroGeek

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