Friday, July 22, 2011

Jupiter conjunct Eros

Ok, here at the Skywatch, we have a lot of fun defaming er, libeling... joking around with Jupiter, who has been hanging around with Eros in Taurus. Now, while my interpretation of this transit in the AstroScene is admittedly hilarious, this transit is actually an awesome opportunity that i would be remiss to let go.

First, an intro:  Big Daddy Jupiter is the head honcho on Olympus. Therefore, he gets top billing at the best gigs. Jupiter is like the ultimate sugar daddy. if you're looking for a lucky break, or you just need to coast a little bit after a particularly rough Saturn transit, this is the planet you need to watch.  That being said, his Achilles heel is that sometimes luck backfires, or instead of coasting you really need to buckle down harder and implement everything Saturn taught you. With Jupiter though, it can be hard to see reality, kind of like Neptune, but nowhere near as bad. Jupiter is just a minor attitude adjustment. He is the awesome professor that inspires you, or the guru who helps you see a way to live your life with a deeper spiritual connection. Jupiter excels at shifting your perception to encourage your growth and overcome the challenges in your life.

Eros however, represents your passion, and your personal drama. And yes, he also has a huge say in your love life, specifically the initial moment of attraction. For example, your humble astrologer has his Eros in Aries, part of a huge Stellium (group of planets) including heavy hitters like the Moon, Venus, Eris and Vesta. Now, this tends to manifest itself in me being a total tool when im interested in you; basically being loud, really energetic, and with a smile on my face bigger than a peeled banana trying to convince you of my awesomeness (along with the occasional boast). And if you challenge me? Forgeddaboutit. But i am also extremely passionate about fitness; if I miss a workout, I have more pent up energy than I know what to do with, which never ends well. Any cause devoted to the military and our soldiers, i am probably a supporter. Same story with kids charities. All classic Aries, and i am not ashamed to admit it.

So, now that I've succesfully tweeted my own horn, lets get to...

What it Means: With these two sharing the same bit of sky, the focus is on following your passion, consequences be damned. Its the ultimate fool's journey, with Jupiter's naive optimism, and Eros' wild passion, the potential is HUGE to chase after your dreams with reckless abandon, so that you can create the life you want. However the potential is also there to crash and burn in a blaze of glory (but more on Phaeton later). Your creative juices are flowing at full blast, and its up to you to channel them in the best possible way.

Now this is all taking place in Taurus, the sign of self-gratification. Ruled by Venus; Fashion Art, Pleasure, Hedonism and Indulgence are all trademarked by Taurus. Its all about the senses when you're dealing with the bull. Taurus loves the best in absolutely everything, and will not settle for less. The awesome thing about Taurus is that the gourmet desire is also coupled with an amazing financial know-how to make sure there's always enough in the bank account.

Also in the mix is Pluto, who is busy doing some serious demolition in Capricorn. He is in a Trine to these two, giving their conjunction an even bigger potential for change and achievement. 

So you have Jupiter (growth) conjunct Eros (passion) in Taurus (material, excellence, beauty), trine Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (the world, achievement). Depending on where this transit is happening in your chart, you are being inspired to create a path that reflects your passion and calling in life. Follow it, but stay grounded.

So go out, take a painting/writing class, spend some time with your family, start up a new workout regimen, get back out there and search for romance; or whatever else your heart leads you to do. But above all, this transit is one that says, "Get out and enjoy yourself!!". All too often, we so get wrapped up in our personal dramas that we forget that we are not put on this planet to be miserable. Go have some fun, i promise its not going to kill you.

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  1. I have natal Eros / Psyche / Jupiter conjunct within a 2 degree orb in Gemini 7th house...all trining Aphrodite in Aquarius and Aphrodite is conjunct my BML. Sun, moon and Mars conjunct within the first 4 minutes of Taurus in 4th house. Venus in Pisces 3rd house. Rising sign is chart ruler is Jupiter. I have learned many being that I definitely need both intense passion and unconditional love with commitment...not one without the other.