Friday, December 28, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer/ New Year 2013- With A BANG!

 Well Hellraisers, 2012 has one last show for us- and it saved the best for last, let me tell you. We have a hyper-charged Full Moon sneaking in right at the end of the year and if you're not prepared and stuck in holiday party mode, it’s going to trip you up and instead of capitalizing on the awesome opportunity this presents you’ll be quagmired in the equivalent of a holiday hangover. So let’s avoid that at all costs, shall we?
This Lunation is going to echo back to 2008, when all this was just ramping up. Hard to believe how far we've come since then, isn’t it? Still, there was something wild about that time, full of potential and with an edge to it; admittedly that edge was like a sword hanging over your head, but there you have it. Well here’s how this round works- Anywhere that’s stuck, that you are bogged down in, you can tap into how it felt when this all started and you can use that to power through and infuse some new life in those areas or cut the old guano away that is impeding your growth. Do this ASAP.
Also, you will have to contend with major undead angst from your past. There will be flashpoints, triggers, and things you thought you had moved on from, but will show up again to bite you in the ass. And all of this under the shadow of the holidays and all the baggage THAT comes with (overindulging, family drama, overspending, etc.), so you're going to need to do all your processing rapid fire style.
So what to do? On one hand, you really need to relax and unwind, but now is the worst possible time for that, its major growth mode we're headed into. The normal holiday partying isn’t going to suit you, but neither will going into your cave and hibernating til we hit Aries. Basically it’s up to you (as always) but I’d recommend taking time to do some introspection and processing. Also, have you thought about volunteering? Doing something nice for others is supposed to do wonders for your mental state. I wouldn’t know though, I work in Hospitality on the side- It’s all I can do not to strangle half of the people I deal with, much less be nice to them. But I hear it helps, so give it a whirl.
Enough of me blathering. Astro time.
The Sun and Moon- Right, okay. So, starting out we have a conjunction to Pluto from the Sun, so not only is the Moon super charged in its home sign but we have to deal with heightened Pluto contact as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, get your big girl panties on- we're going back to the underworld. Of course you can’t bring Pluto to the party without inviting Uranus too, so we have the whole family together to wreck your whole day. It actually is fab for doing some serious re-launching when you need it most, so do that now, or be launched in a different direction (one not of your choosing). A trine to Saturn shows that whatever you do, it’s going to need to help you advance your life in some positive manner, or risk being crushed by the melancholy. Carpe the fuck out of this diem! Not to be counted out, Jupiter is in quincunx, generally ramping everything up and adding a dramatic edge to the proceedings. Try to keep your ego out of the equation, and if all else fails, screw it and just laugh A sextile to Teharonhiawako tells you that what you do now is going to start up a whole new series of events, so make your choices count. A connection to Kronos helps you to detach emotionally and enables you to start moving forward. A sextile to Hygeia really stresses the importance of taking care of yourself, and if ignored, you'll probably end up getting sick (but hey, that's hardly a measure of Astrology’s merit right there- 'tis the season and all that...). Also tied into that is our good buddy Chiron- Before you can make your play to move forward, you have to deal with old guano that gets thrown up into your face. Whatever you do, do it with finality, and be quick about it.
Mercury- Almost into Capricorn, Merc is still more than capable of causing trouble in Saggo, where he is still ramping up the second of the three mutual receptions we have going on. Adding to this is a conjunction to Quaoar, further emphasizing the fact that your choices now will start up a whole new round of your life/story/path/what have you. Again, it is vital that you make good decisions. Aiding you in this is a square to Pallas Athene, presenting you with this challenge, hoping to spur you on to the greatness that you want to achieve. Patience and persistence are your friends; celebrate the small victories. A quincunx to Sedna is no help here I’m afraid, pointing out all of what is missing in your life. Use it to help define what you want out of 2013. An opposition to Ceres helps to take some of the sting out of this, so surround yourself with the people you love and those who love you. Your support network is critical right now, so don’t be afraid to reach out. An opposition to Thereus indicates that this is going to be a Herculean task (which it is, but ill get more into that in my 2013 breakdown post later [and you guys can totally handle it, trust me])
Venus- Okay, so our girl is not under the most auspicious skies at the moment. An opposition to Vesta has you reaching out for something to stabilize you, but it’s just out of reach. A conjunction to Ixion shows that your romance choices may not be coming from the greatest place right now, so keep your nose clean and worst case scenario, bail. Do not do anything stupid, seriously. Other peoples S.O.'s are strictly off limits. Not even a whiff of impropriety. Besides, with the opposition to Chaos, why waste your time with one prospect when you have so many to choose from? A quincunx to Helio shows that if you want to be the one to shine, you’re going to have to make some adjustments to your strategy. A conjunction to Chariklo tells you that you can’t put it all together right now; it’s only going to come out with time. Be patient. A sextile to Toro doesn't help here, I’m afraid- it has you jumping at the bit to start up, but you need to stay in control and not make any rash decisions. A trine to Pelion definitely indicates that it is worth the wait.
Mars- Our boy is now firmly in Aquarius, rounding out the third mutual reception we have going. He’s greeted by Pandora, so capitalize on the time to do something brand new, or breathe new life into something you thought was done and gone. A conjunction to Eros suggests that this should be something that you are already passionate about. Make the time to let it grow. A sextile to Uranus shows that THIS IS THE TIME to break yourself free of the guano and where you are holding yourself back. Save yourself, you're the only one who can and who cares to. A quincunx to Orcus demands that you move forward, even though you have lost a lot. Take what you have and use it to get moving and build your momentum from there. Inertia is death. A square to Siwa shows that you are struggling with an issue relating to whether or not you should chase down something that might not be in your best interest to go after. I can’t offer much advice, but I can say you must not overstep your boundaries. Go slow.
Jupiter- A quincunx to Saturn dominates for Jupiter, pointing out all the ways in which the current reality strays from the ideal. Identify these areas and take action to close the gap between the two. Another one, to Pluto shows that the drive for this is going to have to come from within, and will be because there is just no other option. A trine to Sappho may cause you to wax poetic about all that is out of your reach, but don’t let that stop you. Build a framework and extend that reach until you have it. A conjunction to Hephaistos shows that the way forward is to focus and channel your time and energy into a specific goal. Perfect for a New Year's resolution, aye? Try to shoot a bit higher than just losing those extra ten pounds, how bout shaking up some real change?
Saturn- Right then. Somehow, Saturn has travelled a third of the way through Scorpio without me noticing. I’m well aware he'll be retrograding, but still, that’s insane and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Anyway, a conjunction to Psyche has you going through the wringer in your relationships, proving just how badly you want it (or not). The sextile to Pluto has only been getting stronger, enabling you to consolidate your resources and strengthen your position. Of course if you’re fighting it, it feels more like you're being assaulted from all sides. A sextile to Cyllarus may have you looking for a way out, not wanting to be corralled into a situation that you didn't get to choose, and that you see no positive outcome to. This is understandable, but avoid doing so unless you legitimately have no other choice. A sextile to Diana confirms this, and adds to you wanting to act out the wild child part of you. Stay in control, and call a taxi.
Uranus- A square to Juno shows that your relationships and place in the world are anything but stable. The challenge is to ride out the bumpy road, and find solace where you can. Another square, to Echeclus, confirms this adding that the devil is in the details- or in this case the day to day guano. A sextile to Altjira shows that detachment is the way to go here, and rising above the petty bullshit. This is also confirmed by a sextile to Icarus, but he warns you against completely detaching from the mundane, as life still needs to move forward- now more than ever! A conjunction to Child tells you that if you want to achieve your goal, then you're going to need to grow the fuck up and work at it- it won’t just fall into your lap, no matter how good the astro is. A square to Hermes does see the value in being just a little childish however- Keep the laughter and make your own fun, avoid the tantrums and obstinacy. That’s how to work it right now.
Neptune- Not much here, but what there is, needs to be noticed. A trine to Hades keeps stirring up those deep emotions, and forces you to take a honest, hardcore look at your life and direction. A square to Pandora urges you to look at recent events with a critical eye. What has happened, and what did you learn about yourself when you slipped up? A sextile to Narcissus confirms this, and directs you to a moment when you stopped caring about others and decided to put yourself first. An opposition to Isis demands that you allow yourself to not be perfect. Perfection is unrealistic and unattainable (and boring!) so make this a key for 2013: Accept yourself, and allow your flaws. Yes, I know this is easier said than done, but doing it instead of saying that will leave you a hell of a lot happier!
Pluto- Ah, Stormageddon, how much I have missed your bullshit.... Nothing really to write home about though- An opposition to Cyllarus tells you to make your decisions carefully, and to not buy into the life-or-death, doom and gloom mood that seems to pervade everything now. You have time- so be patient, but not stagnant. A conjunction to Diana shows that more than anything, you want the freedom to pursue your own goals and choices. So what’s stopping you from doing just that?
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All in all, its going to be a rocket-fueled rapid-fire year that just doesn't stop. Rock it out guys!
-The AstroGeek


Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012: Looking Back and Peeking Ahead

Well Hellraisers, here we are. The End of the Year, End of an Age to some, and End of the World to a few crazy chicken little types. Congratulate yourselves, youre about to make it through another Apocalypse! Seriously, I think there have been more of these Armageddons then the number of years I’ve been alive! 

Yet we’re all still here, more or less. And that’s pretty much the message of the moment. Its been an absolutely insane ride, you’ve gone places you’ve never been and never thought you would be in a million years, fell in love, got your heart broken, let yourself believe again, climbed new mountains, jumped out of planes, gone into the deepest darkest parts of who you are, raised yourselves up and conquered your demons; Ladies and Gentlemen, you have LIVED!

And if not, then what the hell are you waiting for? Get off your ass and get going!
What you need to know about the 2012 thing- No, for the last time its not the end of the world. The stars are actually boring as hell. Nothing new. Sure, we have two separate Mutual Receptions going, an exaltation and two falls in the mix, but there’s a dignity too. So pick which one you want to pay attention to. Then call me on the 22nd to tell me how wrong I was. 

2013 though? Well now, that’s a pickle of a different color (Purple Pizzazz, by the looks of it… Seriouisly, you should probably throw that out)! Its going to be full-on 2/3 of the year, and then you get a 2-week break. Maybe less, ill have to double check. But the main thing is, the groundwork you laid in 2012 will carry over to 2013 to help you start building.
You made your mistakes, celebrated your victories, and learned a lot. Hellraisers, you are ready. 

2013, here we come!
-The AstroGeek