Friday, September 28, 2012

Full Moon in Aries: Dramatis Personae

Most holy Huitzilopochtli (Praise Him), we come to you on this day to ask for your protection from shitheads, haters, asshats and douchenozzles, and we pray for the strength not to backhand a bitch. Ohhhhooohhhwooaaaahhhh, IiiiiWiiissshhhAaaMothaFuckaWould... Amen.

You guys, this one is for real. Even though its not til Saturday, Im writing this up early because for some reason, Its already ramping up in effect and is only getting stronger (and because Im not trying to be beasting it out on Saturday in the wee hours of the morning. Screw that). That and I have an irresponsible amount of caffeine running through my veins.

Still though... This is an Aries Moon.

Oh Aries... I love a good Aries. Aries moon should be renamed the Man The Fuck Up moon (And while we're at it, lets make Scorp the Psychopaths United moon, and Pisces the Holy Hell- Where Am I, What All Did I Do Last Night And Why Are We In Tennessee All Of A Sudden? moon) because no matter what your situation, there's something you're trying not to face right now- You know exactly what Im talking about. You need to just sack up and get it over with, because its not going to take care of itself magically.

Speaking of getting it over with...

The Sun and Moon- Well, starting out we have the Moon hooked up to Uranus and Pallas Athene, so expect absolute insanity right out of the gate, and everything will be highly charged. If you keep a cool head, and dont get caught up in your issues then you can rock out some serious awesomeness. Hell, it could be that spark that you've been waiting for. On the Sun-Side, he is slumming with Typhon, which does nothing to help us stay in control; You feel more akin to some avenging angel ready to smite all who stand in your way. Try to avoid this, for obvious reasons (unless you are in good with people who can, you know, help you to "clean up your messes" and wont ask too many questions.) Now, since the universe has a really twisted sense of humor, this is all happening in square to Pluto, so this is all going to have a "Do or Die" feel to it. You will feel like you have no options that work. A trine to Altjira tells you to take a step back and breathe. Get some perspective and see what your situation really is, no bullshit. A sextile to Askalaphus is telling you that you need to speak up against things that you do not agree with, even if it means speaking alone. Stand up for yourself! A trine to Eros kicks you into a frenzy for what you are passionate about, so live it! Its not enough to just feel it! A square to Kronos tells you to watch how you are spending your time. Remember, if it can be tracked, it can be conquered.

Mercury- Holy bajaysus, Merc has shot through Libra (he's almost to Saturn's spot). That can only mean one thing: (that Astro is really not paying attention to his Sun's Ruler?) Mercury is gearing up for another Retrograde (Oh. Or that works too, i suppose). Now its not happening yet, but be ready: Its coming. More on that further out. Today, however, the main aspect is an opposition to Eris. Its going to be really tough to get along just to get along right now, and you may have to swallow a hefty dose of your pride. A conjunction to Rhadamnthus asks you to take a good hard look at where you are and decide once and for all if its really worth it. If it is, quit bitching; If not, well, get out and quit bitching. A quincunx to Sedna tells you to go with whatever fulfills you, and not tolerate anything thats lacking. Make sure your needs are being met first and foremost. A square to Varuna shows that a lot of what you are stressing about is out of your hands. Focus on what you can control. If you can't, its not worth wasting any time on right now. A sextile to Quaoar is supercharging this whole mess, and telling you that even though things may not look so good right now, this wont last forever. Keep dancing.

Venus- The big news here is the square between Mars and Venus. Ohyes, that sexy, magical, intense (and did I mention veryvery sexy?) square which causes all sorts of sexy, sexy issues. Oh wait, there's nothing sexy about issues, thats right! Remember that. Tune into the tension, but dont over-think it. Just move with the tide and check your baggage at the door for the weekend. Also, this is an High-Octane Undead Ex alert, so be prepared. If you do become affected by this, There's a reason they're showing up again. Try to decode out the message that the universe (or god, fate, what have you) saw fit (in all of its insane and highly suspect faux wisdom) to entrust them to delier unto you without getting caught up in their drama and bullshit. Other than that, not much to talk about here until our girl moves into Virgo and moves to oppose Neptune.

Mars- A bit more to go over here, however. Our boy is almost through with his sojourn in Scorpio and is gearing up for Saggo. God help us. Til then, we have a conjunction to the North Node, trying to get you to make moves toward what YOU want to do with your life, but you just wont listen, will you? Oh well, cant be helped I suppose... You could chalk it up to his opposition to Sedna, which is a little stronger than the conjunction, but not much. A quincunx to Vesta makes it very hard to stay dedicated and on track, but with a few adjustments of your expectations, you should do just fine. A trine to Salacia tells you that if there is something that you really, really, really want then you should go for it. You might find that its more easily attained than you think! You're going to need to give it all you've got though, because with him squaring Heracles, there is no going halfway this time.

Jupiter- Good god, just get it over with and go Retrograde already!! Le sigh. An opposition to Ixion is really stressing your patience and goodwill. Only do as much is necessary, sit back and let the asshat dig his own grave. A conjunction to Chaos tells you that there is a lot that is out of your hands, and if it is, then dont focus on it, it wont help you to. Just focus on what you can control. A square to Sisyphus doesnt help anything here- just leaving you more stressed and burnt out, but its not time to bow out just yet. A sextile to Pelion helps you keep your eye on the goal.

Saturn- I am not dealing with Saturn until he hits Scorpio (October 5th). Finish Strong.

Uranus- Not a lot to go over here.... Square to Pluto, google it. A trine to Eros shakes things up, and reignites your passion for something you had thought was lost. My advice would be to follow it and see where you end up. A sextile to Altjira tells you that if you want to go anywhere with it or get something done, its up to you to do.

Neptune- A trine to Ceres warns of the dangers of overlooking your needs, especially when it comes to your nutrition. Feed yourself, but only the good stuff. A square to Juno tells you that when it comes to relationships, nothing is clear. Dont hold out false hope, and keep moving forward the best you can with what you know right now. A square to Asbolus warns against letting yourself give up. Keep yourself as lighthearted as possible. Things are tough right now, you dont need to make it any tougher on yourself.

Pluto- Nothing really new here, other than the fact that hes freaking squaring the whole Lunation, a la 2010. But we've already talked about that, so go back and read it if you missed it. A trine to Orcus also comes into play, giving us double the trouble and double the intensity. A sextile to Chiron cuts deep, right where we're vulnerable. Take note of where the blow strikes and protect yourself next time. A trine to Hera warns against getting caught up in political drama, let others who are much smarter or braver (read:dumber) than you take on that challenge. Sit back and strike after everyone has counted you out. Finally, a sextile to Apollo indicates that this is a great time for the authentic you to shine, so put yourself out there and make the world take notice of you!

Well guys, thats all I have for you right now, but stay tuned, because things are going to start moving very quickly now.

And for more astro, with a much lighter tone, go check out the Fabulous Starzina Starfish-Browne for her Time of the Month Horoscope! The Libra edition.

(No Lemurs were harmed during the making of this Video.)
(Except that one, and that was an accident)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scorpio Black Ops, Act III: Pluto Direct- Armed And Dangerous

Sweet Kubera, was this the longest Pluto Retrograde or was it just me? He's been tracing his steps since April, and has finally found that little black book he was looking for (it was in a secret safe under his bed. Of course!) and we can all move on with our lives. Now if he could just remember how to get back to where he was....

And yes, I am in fact aware that Pluto is actually in Capricorn, not Scorpio. So why is it in the Scorpio Black Ops section, you might ask? Well, the thing is, Pluto rules Scorpio, so he's like the Godfather when it comes to anything that happens there: It all has to go through him. Ignore or undercut him at your own peril. Also, its my site, I do what I want.

So here's the deal: Pluto has been fucking up your shit since April. Now hes going to go rake over it with hot coals as he catches back up to where he was. You are going to have to walk through fire again guys.

But do you know what? This is going to be fantastic for you. Do you know how I know that? Because you are going to MAKE it fantastic. You're going to take all that pain that you are lugging around still (even after I keep telling you to chuck it in the nearest bin) and you are going to use it. You're going to use it as fuel to blast yourself into a totally new paradigm. Everyone will need to do this very shortly, but you guys are going to get a jump on it. Use this time to plan out your trajectory, because its so much easier to lay the groundwork now, instead of when Saturn hits into Scorpio.

Here is what you do: First, define what you want. You should be a master at this by now. Think back to April, and the plans that you were making then that have since gotten derailed (most likely because you were trying to have your cake and eat it too.) Dont forget what you learned when you went off course. Its important, and will end up being the key to your success. Go for authentic, and ditch anything that isnt what you want out of your life.

Second, figure out what is standing in your way to get there. Know your enemy. Find out as much as you can about your challenges. Use the Mars in Virgo/ Venus in Gemini skills you picked up during those insane transits. Remember- If it can be tracked, it can be conquered; your salvation, not the devil, is in the details. Move gracefully through the bullshit, nothing can touch you if you dont let it. Do not allow yourself to stay stuck.

Third- Go after it! In order to get what you want, you need to take it. Nothing will be handed to you. This is the struggle, the grind. You can win big, but you have to show up and make big moves to do it. DO NOT ALLOW ANYTHING TO STAND IN YOUR WAY.

Fourth: Stick with it. To get results, you need to stay determined and focused. Dont allow yourself to get distracted. You've already compromised and its cost you. If the situation changes however, do not hesitate to pull a course correction. It could very well save your life.

Fifth, if you see others trying to do to this, and aren't exactly getting it, do what you can to help them. Remember that was you at one point, and could easily be you again. We help who we can, remember that.

Sixth- Minimalize. If there is something you dont need, chuck it. This goes from everything from old emotional baggage, clothes/shoes, obligations, porn collections, what have you. Get. Rid. Of. It. Start living like you might be called out of the country for a year at a moments notice. Seriously, what all do you really need?

Seventh- Dont allow yourself to be tripped up and stuck in what has happened before. Its over and done, there's no changing the past, and you are stuck with it. The good news is you still have the present and the future to work with. Dont forget that.

Wow. That turned into a manifesto rather quickly....

Ladies and gentlemen, we still have a very long road ahead of us. Its going to be hell at times. Not everyone will make it. Its still worth going, because we couldn't go back if we tried.

Besides, you're really going to want to see where we end up; Trust me.

Hobey-Ho, lets go!
-The Astrogeek

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Moon in Virgo- Priorities

Oh Lawdy...

What a build-up, no? Im almost grateful its finally here! *cue horrible fake French Accent* The Virgo, she can be a dramatic bitch, no? What a week! Well, we survived it, at the least, and now its comes time to press on.

We're almost done with Virgo season, and you can feel it in the air (no, really- Its starting to get freaking COLD. No me gusta, Its enough to make a guy run to Arizona or something.) and you guys know whats coming next: Libra. Ohyes!

But lets not get ahead of ourselves: Virrrrrrrrrrrgo is the topic du jour, and you are not going to want to miss this one, Ladies and Gentlemen. This time around, the key is Surrender. Thats right, you heard me- Give it up. To pull this off (and to figure out what the hell Im yammering on about) we turn to Virgo's opposite sign, the mysterious and misunderstood Pisces.

Ya see, Pisces is magic. Seriously. But the thing is, the magic doesn't work if you push it or try. This time, you have to trust that not everything is under your control right now, and allow for the universe to take over. Quit pouring your time and effort into what isnt working anymore, and where you are making no gains. Focus on something else, and let it go in the background. And thats about all I can say without going into woo-woo territory.   

Now without further ado...

The Sun and Moon- Well, no chance for a uneventful Moon here! Starting out, we have heavy hitters like Sedna, Eris, Varuna, Salacia and Quaoar all in play. Something is off or missing, you're not sure what it is because you're not meant to yet and don't have all the information, but you need to keep moving and working on your personal awesome, because the path that you are on will take you further than you ever imagined. You just have to go one step at a time. A conjunction to Siwa and Persephone indicates that you are going to need to dig deep and clear out your personal crap if you want to make any progress here. Ignore distractions. A square to Vesta tells you that if you give up now, you will regret it. Stick with it and dont focus on the results (or lack thereof).

Mercury- Almost done in Virgo, and ready to head into Libra, communication becomes key in partnerships. Where things felt stale and dead before, new life gets breathed into the romantic scene. A sextile to Juno confirms this, cue the cavalcade of Zombie Exes from Beyond the Grave. If things are left unsaid or unfinished, this will make it a little easier to wrap them up.  A square to Ceres shows that you are focused more on your own needs than the needs of those around you, make sure to take others into consideration. A square to Varuna warns you that those you are pulling for might have hidden motivations of their own, however... A conjunction to Makemake instills a fierce drive to win, and this may blind you to potential traps, but can easily propel you towards achieving your goals. A trine to Admetos helps you here as well, helping you seemingly make magic with what you can accomplish. A square to Thereus can trip you up, however. Control yourself, and keep your wild side in check.

Venus- Our girl is still in Leo, and looking fabulous. A trine to Uranus tells you that anything can happen, and at anytime, so always look the part. Seriously, dressing to impress will not steer you wrong right now. A square to Deucalion can indicate some false starts, however. Dont let them get you down or slow your momentum. A sextile to Psyche shows that in Relationships, its very easy to express how you really feel right now, and it wont fall on deaf ears. What you put out, you will recieve back in kind. A square to Ceto tells you that when you see something you really want, dont be afraid to get it. Just be sure that its really something you want and not just a whim. A sextile to Atropos tells you that something is over. Seriously, finally over. Grieve and move forward.

Mars- About halfway through Scorpio, our boy is still tearing it up. Dont get in his way. A quincunx to Jupiter and Pelion tells us that there is still a long way to go on the path, and a fair amount of courage is going to be needed. Adjust your expectations, and cut away attachments. A conjunction to Huya tells you that it is most definitely worth it to keep going, no matter how hard it gets. Like you guys would even be tempted, pffft! A trine to Borasisi tells you that it helps your case to be a little inaccessible, and a small amount of misdirection for the sake of those around you may be key to your success.

Jupiter- Almost retrograde (but not stationary yet, I dont think...), Jupiter is about to make a big entrance. Places, everyone! An opposition to Pholus could show a small issue spiraling out of control with disastrous consequences. A conjunction to Chaos... aw hell, thats not going to go well! Focus on the best possible outcome, but know it can go to shit at any time. A trine to Arachne demands that you keep things simple and easy, or else. Do not weave a web right now, or you WILL get tangled up in it.

Saturn- Its so close that you can taste it guys. A little more than two weeks, and Saturn is in Scorpio! Are you ready? A conjunction to Apollon has a last-minute flurry of activity, trying to get all the I's dotted and gimps fed. A trine to Ceres and Heracles helps you stay on task and keep the goal in mind at all times. That square to Varuna keeps grating on your subconcious however, a little voice warning you that something is off, something you cant quite put your finger on...

Uranus- Well, we're ramping up for another hit of the exact square between Uranus and Pluto, and boy it is not even close to being hidden. Turn on the news and see for yourself. Just wait until it actually hits, what you see now is just prelude. An opposition to Typhon doesn't help either of them, but kicks up sand in everyone's faces so no one can see who's doing the hitting (Hint- Its Typhon) A sextile to Altjira shows that you are over the entire situation and just want to stay home and live your safe, sane life. Tough. This isnt over, not by a long shot. This is the new normal. Start getting involved or stay out of the way of those who are. And covering all my TNO bases, a sextile to Phaethon tells us this pass is going to be BIG.

Neptune- A square to Asbolus and to Eros indicates your judgement is clouded where romantic interest is concerned. Take an extra minute to think before acting and make sure your choices will take you where you want to go. An opposition to Hera and Orpheus tell you to guard your loved ones carefully, because they may have motives that are less than helpful to your aims. A sextile to Ophelia confirms this, and warns against your own dramatic and martyristic tendencies, or what could be construed as such.

Pluto- Well, Stormy's getting ready to turn direct and upstage Jupiter and Saturn. Cue catfight of epic proportions. Trust me, he has not yet begun to fight. Til then, he's getting ready with Chiron, who will train you to overcome your own self-doubts by facing up to what it is that scares you. Its probably something you want really badly, but have convinced yourself that you dont deserve (Hint- You do deserve it, actually). A sextile to Teharonhiawako is teasing you with tiny little tastes of what you could have, if you only dare to take it. Show that smug bastard that you aren't afraid to do what it takes.

All in all, get ready for some rough seas. They're not here yet, but definitely on the horizon. Use this time to prepare. Do the tough work now, so that you have a base to build on when the penny drops.

And as always, Stay Awesome. You're stone-cold brilliant, you are. I swear, you really are, but you could be so much more. Trust the process, trust yourself.

-The AstroGeek

My good friend Starzina over at Eric's Daily Horoscope has a lovely video to share with you all, go check it out.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturn in Libra- A Review

Libras, have you got that yet?

Allright, so I knew that while Saturn was wrapping up his extended stay in Libra, the one thing we could count on is a whole lot of testing of the strength of relationships, but I was not prepared for the insane amount of relationships which seem to have failed the test! Something about Venus squaring off against Saturn set a lot of people off, and just wrecked the relationship scene. Now obviously, this is not ALL relationships, and a great many of the ones that did pass the test seem to be all the stronger at the mo'.

Seriously though, what the hell guys? Venus aspects Saturn fairly regularly, but something about this one... More Cardinal Crisis, Disaster Astro I suppose. At any rate, there is some good news- Venus is in LEO (rawr) now and it is time to step back into the world in force!

Before you do that however, I STRONGLY urge you to take some time away, and seriously reflect on what the relationship meant to you, what you learned, and what you know never to do again. Especially while the Moon is in Cancer (9/9-9/11 [yeah, expect a LOT of emotional raking and release on the last day of the transit, especially in America {America is a Cancer as well. Definitely one to watch}]), its brilliant for doing any internal work (Moon = reflective) especially when its about emotions, specifically the ones you try to avoid and hide from. They will need to be faced and moved on from.

Actually, it would be good to take at least two days and try to process everything that you have learned and how much you've grown since 2009, when Saturn first entered Libra (and especially how far you've come since February, when Saturn when Retrograde and Neptune entered Pisces) . Think back, I guarantee that you have come ridiculously far since then. But keep one day specifically for your relationship work. Journal, record yourself, meditate on it, whatever you need to do to process. I would reccomend something where you can express your feelings in words, because Libra is an Air sign and communication is all-important to us Airs (but oddly, not to Aries...).

While Saturn may be the main attraction, he certainly is not the only one to watch. Pluto is sextiling Chiron, making it a little easier to face all that old pain and just LET IT GO and move past it. It needs to be faced, and reflected on first however, and trust me, that will not be easy. You don't need to face it alone, remember that.

Also in the mix is a interesting lineup of the North Node, and the asteroids Juno and Eros. Now, Juno deals with relationships and commitment, as well as power struggles; Eros represents passion and romantic love. When you put those with the North Node, indicating Karma, Life Lessons and Choices, a picture starts to emerge. You may presented with a deluge of either new prospects or reminders of love past, depending on how much you move on and how much you cling to what was. If things are still up in the air I urge you to resolve them one way or another in order to allow both parties to move forward instead of being stuck in neutral.

Regarding moving on, you need to do so in a forward motion. This means no backsliding into old patterns that you've outgrown. And trust me, if you do try to slip, you will notice that you dont have any enthusiasm for those activites and they will feel draining and irritating. Don't waste your time, focus on doing productive things that you actually get excited about instead.

After the 11th, the Moon joins up with Venus and this gets LOADS easier, but to get there you need to go down to the Cancer's dark depths and air out the old crap.

Hang in there guys, the end of a Saturn transit always feels like exam week, but you have to do it or you dont graduate, capicé? And besides, after Saturn hits Scorpio is when the fun REALLY begins.

Stay tough as nails
-The AstroGeek

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Venus in Leo- In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

Thats right people, that right there is a woman driving in what appears to be some sort of circus deathmatch with a Lion in her sidecar, like its no big deal. Somehow, that seems just about right, no?

Well, we're moving from Cancer to Leo for our girl Venus. Ladies and gentlemen, we are heading back into the jungle. And take it from me, our girl is the Queen, and you will be too. Either that or you'll be eaten alive, take your pick.

And I feel the need to stress again that we are going back into LEO, people. So grab your hairspray, bedazzle the shit out of something, and make sure to be within 10 feet of a mirror at all times, because its time to get fabulous.

No more sitting at home, flaking on friends and sitting in front of a computer screen. No, its time to get out there and flaunt whatever you got. Screw the haters (and ohyes, there will be haters- make no mistake), go out and dance like Rome is burning and its your last day on earth.

Its not all fun and games though. You need to keep your eyes open and ears pricked, because the more open and positive you are right now, the more you will be noticed for it. And that can lead to a great many things- A raise, new relationship, new opportunity, anything really. Be on the lookout and then GO OUT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. Great things can happen when you are open and honest about what you really want.

Others will also be feeling this, however the default mode of expression is to go into Prima Donna mode. Avoid doing this yourself and steer clear of anyone who slips into that mode. Extra patience is required with these people, and more than likely you will need to smooth over some bruised egos before its all said and done. Saturn is still in Libra, so swallow your pride and make it work before you let it become a confrontation.

Basically, go out and be awesome and you'll do just fine.

Suit up
-The Astrogeek