Saturday, November 5, 2011

TNO Watch: Deucalion

Land Ho!! Oh wait, thats just a TNO, my bad.

Well, since ive been kinda slacking on these lately, you guys are about to get flooded with TNOs. Speaking of TNOs, haaaaaave you met Deucalion? Hes kind of awesome, and wicked brilliant when it comes to boats. Just try to keep the rum away from him.

The Science: Deucalion is a Cubewano with an orbital period of 293 years and 240 days

The Astro: Alright so this bad boy seems to reflect a bunch of conflicting ideas, we've got supression of what society doesn't deem appropriate, being innundated, trusting in god, depression, and joy in the face of said depression (i.e- 'staying afloat'). Barrel o' laughs.

Deucalion is the Greek version of Noah, who is the Hebrew version of Utnapishtim. He is the son of Prometheus (Briliant Titan, Created humanity, Stole fire from the gods for us and got chained to a rock with an eagle pecking out his liver every day. No good deed goes unpunsihed.) and was married to Pyrrha, daughter of Epimetheus (Prometheus' brother) and Pandora (hell on high heels). Anyways, the legend goes like this: After Prometheus stole Zeus' fire, the King of Olympus was right pissed, and decided that Humans needed to be punished. Well, to extinguish the fire, He had his bro Poseidon (Neptune to the Romans) flood the Earth.

Well, Prometheus was quite possibly the smartest Titan to ever live (Notice I said Titan. Hermes, I swear to you if you try to get me for that, you dont know what you have coming. [Oh shit, we have a a retrograde coming up. Hermes, please disregard the previous statement.]) and warned his family of the consequences of his actions. Epimetheus didnt listen, but Deucalion did. He built an ark and collected animals together to ride out the flood.

After it subsided, they disembarked onto an empty world. Themis, the Titaness of Prophecy and Wisdom appeared to them and told them to 'veil your heads and throw the bones of your Mother behind you', and then disappeared. Well, im assuming they waited around trying to figure out what the hell she meant by that for a couple days, before somehow Pyrrha came up with the idea of putting on a veil and throwing rocks behind their heads. The ones thrown by Pyrrha became women, and the ones thrown by Deucalion became men. And so they repopulated the world, using rock-people.

So, what have we learned from this? Well, besides the fact that the Greek Myths are absolutely bonkers (and thats coming from a Greek), Deucalion is Badass. He survies the destruction of his world, his family ripped to shreds, and is responsible for keeping the Human Race alive. Not bad for a day's work, no?

Head on over to, draw up a chart, and pop in 53311 to check out where you have tough-as-nails, badass father of humanity Deucalion.

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