Thursday, November 24, 2011

TNO Watch- Altjira

Ahhh, Altjira. This is one of my favorite TNO's.

The Astronomy- Altjira is a binary Cubewano (no name for the partner as of yet). Other than that we really dont know a whole heck of a lot about him.

The Myth- Altjira was a god of the Australian aborigine people, the central god who created the earth and Dream-Time. He created everything humans might need (and a whole lot that we didn't) and then retired to the heavens to leave us to our own devices. Oh and for some reason he had the feet of an emu, not sure what that's about.

The Astrology- The consensus with this one is that Altjira seems to represent a blind spot in the chart, something missing or glossed over. Most astrologers seem to regard this as a point of indifference or ennui, but im not too sure that's the case. I have him conjunct my Moon/Mercury combo, and I have a hard time detaching myself from global issuses and problems.

He is described as otiose, meaning impotent or powerless, which doesn't sit well with me either. Again, remember he did create the world, so he is very powerful, and i assume cares deeply about what happens here.

I have also come across a lot of material linking Altjira to the hermetic idea of "As Above, So Below"; or the idea of the global balance, a natural order to life.

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