Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Moon in Sagittarius/ Solar Eclipse- A Brave New World

Alright guys, welcome back to Eclipse season. Its all right, we’ve been here before, and we know what to expect. Oh wait, scratch that, this is brand new territory! No map, no clue where we’re going, but we have the stars. Are you ready? You better be, because this is going to be an awesome new adventure. Trust me, this is going to make one hell of a story to tell your kids!

You know how I tend to go on and on about how if you define what you want out of life, and then choose to take it, then you will get it? Well, now its time to put that into action. What happens next is completely up to you, and the potential to make it absolutely brilliant could not be higher. You have an Eclipse, and a Grand Trine to work with here, with the Ruler of the Eclipse (Papa Jupiter) calling the shots as we move into his sign.

We are now officially done rehashing and reliving the old crap, and hopefully you’ve decided to leave it in the past where it belongs, because we are moving full steam ahead into the future. Pack light, you don’t need all that baggage. If you are still trapped in some negative pattern, get out of it ASAP, because this is about to go off.

We’re moving from inner to outer growth now, and you are now armed with all that you learned in the last epic season. At this point, you should be largely impervious to bullshit, and coated with Teflon, so it just slides right off. That’s going to be a major help now, as we move into uncharted territory.

Without further ado, on to the Astro!

The Sun/Moon- Aaah, Eclipses. I live for these things. The pair are conjunct to Okyrhoe, which indicates that the moves you make here and now to shape your life in your own fashion are going to be largely unpopular with those around you. Let them hate, just keep doing you; Stand up for your right to live how you want. A sextile to Atropos shows that it is definitely time to put an end to the toxic crap in your life, and you have reached the end of this set of trials. This is a new beginning. A sextile to Magdalena reaffirms the unpopularity of what you do to those around you, but don’t listen to them. Keep the faith, and keep moving. A square to Industria highlights all the hard work that you have put in, and signals that although you just want to stop, there is still a lot of work to be done. A sextile to Hybris shows that you are definitely feeling your accomplishments over the course of the last 8 months, as well you should. Take care not to let your pride turn to boasting, or Mercury Retrograde will cut you down faster than you can say Niobe. Finally, a conjunction to Sauer shows that you are going to have to make sweeping changes, rapid fire, and with no emo drama. Piece of cake right? Oh, you just shot a hole through the cake. Great aim, Rambina! You got this! What you don’t have, however, is cake.

Mercury- Speaking of Mercury, the Trickster is freshly Retrograde. Click here for a look at this transit. A sextile to Nessus shows that the face you put out to the world, your identity, has become stuck to your skin and is threatening to trap you. The choice is up to you whether to rip it off and step into who you really are, or to let the flames engulf you. Its all or nothing here. A conjunction to Cupido shows that there are those of like mind coming together, a great transit as we begin the Holidays in the Northern Hemisphere. A sextile to Vesta shows that you are focused on pet projects, things close to your heart. This is a great time to volunteer, and help those who are less fortunate. A sextile to Aphrodite further reinforces this, challenging you to blend the desires of your Heart and the desires of your Mind. Finally, a conjunction to Narcissus indicates that this is a great time for self-reflection, but during your reverie, make sure not to fall back into the same old merde.

Venus- Our girl is in full on Wonderland mode, wide eyed and innocent in Sagittarius. New relationships started right now can definitely carry this trend, allowing you to reconnect with your inner child. A sextile to Neptune has you feeling very inspired, and ready to live your vision. You are only limited by your imagination right now. A square to Makemake shows that you are going to have to fight for every inch of progress that you want to make. Keep it classy, stay a cut above the rest, and do not get involved in petty dramas. A sextile to Apollon indicates that there is someone who is trying to catch your attention, but you may be preoccupied with other endeavors. Try not to overlook something wonderful; and if you are that person, maybe try being a little bolder in your pursuit. A sextile to Diana indicates that your really just want to run and be wild. Indulge, but try not to go overboard or it could cost you. This is further indicated by a conjunction to Lilith. Guys, beware the maneaters and Cougars. Finally, a square to Klotho shows difficulty in any new relationships started now, but if you put in the work they will be very rewarding and fulfilling.

Mars- Seriously, how awesome is Mars in Virgo? Its got to be in my top 5 favorite transits. Our boy is trine Pluto and encouraging wicked fast growth. Stay grounded, and you’ll make it through with minimal casualties. A square to Chariklo calls for you to move past your pain and break free of anything that tries to box you in. A sextile to Cyllarus shows the potential to get caught up in pride-related emo drama. Avoid the conflict, but if that fails, do not make the first strike; it will come back to haunt you. A sextile to Kronos wants you to use your phenomenal energy to rise above the mundane crap and chart a course of awesome. Avoid getting caught in the melancholy this transit can induce. A sextile to Eurydike highlights the need to be honest in your relationships, and to have faith in your partner. Giving in to doubt would be catastrophic right now. A trine to Panacea indicates a tendency to just gloss over the problems at hand, rather than deal with the underlying issue. Remember all you learned to get here; go deep. Finally, the one I am excited about: Mars trine Heracles. This aspect is so off the charts perfect for this lunation. This aspect is going to impel you to make the changes necessary to complete the Herculanean task at hand, making your life in your image. The hardest part will be actualizing it. Choose to be awesome, make the first steps outside of your little sphere of experience, and watch the magic happen.

Jupiter- A sextile to Hades challenges our Papa, asking us to go deep and face our issues rather than sit on the couch eating bonbons. A square to Atropos indicates that you are ready to move on with your life, and face new challenges. Don’t let uncertainty stop you. A square to Magdalena will try your faith and your patience, but dont buy into the doubt. A trine to Industria is wicked for helping you stay on your feet, and to keep going when you want to collapse. Watch your gloating with a square to Hybris. A tendency to feel superior is also highlighted. Stay humble. A square to Sisyphus leaves you feeling like this is setting you up for an uphill battle, and it is. It will build your strength even further.

Saturn- Saturn is surprisingly quiet at the moment. He is making a square to Varuna, calling your reputation into question. If you have kept your nose clean, you’ll be fine. A conjunction to Hopi indicates that this is a time to stand up for your rights and fight oppression where you find it.

Uranus- Uranus is less than 3 weeks away from turning direct, and you can feel it in the air. Events are progressing much more quickly (I know, I know- How can you tell?) and the promise of a new life is a tantalizing carrot in your face. Go for it. A square to Hades indicates there is something taking place behind the scenes however. Trust your instincts. An opposition to Pandora shows that what seems like a random, tragic event can actually become an opportunity to become a more authentic version of yourself, and can help you shape your destiny. A square to Niobe indicates you may not notice when you are crossing boundaries, and you may come across as obnoxious and proud to others. Tread lightly. A square to Hekate reaffirms the potential for awesome growth, just make sure you come from a place that is authentic. A trine to Ophelia indicates the potential to get trapped in the old drama games, and if you do it could end up costing you everything. A sextile to Sisyphus rehashes all the old drama, but dont let it trap you. A square to Orpheus tells you how awesome of a time it is for creative pursuits. Anything made now will be well received by the critics.

Neptune- We still have three more months of Neptune in Aquarius. Strive for clarity, and try to move beyond your preconceptions. Neptune is in trine to Apollon, so use the time to pursue creative endeavors. Neptune is also square Hygeia, so focus on taking care of yourself, try not to eat junk or lay around too much. A trine to Diana shows that you really want to escape any attempt to cage you in, so follow your bliss. This is further reinforced with a sextile to Lilith. Try to avoid giving in to your lower impulses, and instead defend your right to choose your own way in life.   

Pluto- A conjunction to Crantor shows that you may still be playing out those old Victim/ Savior or blame games. Stop, because its not going to work in the new game. Take responsibility for your situation, and take the necessary action to change what you want. Pluto is still square Typhon, bringing up all those old demons. Avoid your exes like the plauge, no good can come from them. Easier said than done during Mercury Retrograde, I know. An opposition to Kronos tells you that your path to the top first takes you to the depths of your subconscious. Go deep and find your answers. Another opposition, to Eurydike, further complicates matters by bringing up the damsel in distress game again. It wont get you anywhere, trust me. A conjunction to Panacea indicates that by getting to the root of your problem, you find healing, and every aspect of your life improves. A trine to Karma has you trying to blame Fate for your current situation, but instead try to find the lesson in the struggle. A sextile to Itokawa shows that you are avoiding an issue, and if you don’t face it soon, it might prove to be your undoing.   

Last round, these Eclipses shocked you to the core, and exposed the toxic situations you had been living with for far too long. You climbed up on Pluto’s Rack, and he exposed your weaknesses and showed you your true strength. Uranus stripped away everything you no longer needed; all the crap that you tried to hang onto, and helped you learn how to stand on your own two feet. Saturn ended your tendency to sacrifice for others, and helped you define what you want out of life. This has been one of the most grueling, intense, and groundbreaking transits I’ve ever seen, and you have made it through, and you are absolutely amazing. Seriously, what you guys have shared with me...; your stories have impressed the hell out of me every time. Own it, own how awesome you are. Build yourself up, because now, we’re playing a brand new game.

                                                                                           Hobey-Ho, lets go!
                                                                                           -The AstroGeek

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