Saturday, November 5, 2011

TNO Watch: Borasisi

The Science: 66652 is a Binary TNO with an orbital period of 291 years, and 309 days. Its companion, Pabu does not orbit the TNO, but instead they both orbit a fixed point between the two objects.
The Astro: Ok, this TNO is really interesting: Its the only one named after a fictional character. Well, I suppose the case could be made that they are ALL named after fictional characters, but lets not go into that. Actually, lets go into it, because thats exactly what this TNO is all about.

Borasisi is the name of the central figure of Bokononism, a fictional religion from the Kurt Vonnegut novel Cat's Cradle. In Bokononism, Borasisi is the name of the Sun, and Pabu the Moon. The main tenet of the religion is that everything is a lie, and if it doesnt hurt anyone, then what's the harm? The religion is actually forbidden on the sole island that it is practiced, under penalty of impalement on a really big hook (seriously).

This TNO calls into question: What is true? What is real? What isnt? Is there a place for a "fictional" god in the established order? When we hold a mirror up to reality, what will we see? And are we willing to risk our lives to go against the established order and follow what we believe?

To find Borasisi in your chart, go to, put in your info and draw up a chart, and enter 66652 in the Extended Chart Selection.

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