Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Juno in Sagittarius- To Infinity; and Beyond!!

Ok, so I totally missed this one guys, my bad (and I call myself a Minor Planet Astrologer! For shame). 

Speaking of shame (Insert clever Lasso of Truth joke here), apologies for the trauma that the above photo has caused, but I couldn't resist. Enjoy your burned retinas.

At some point while I was focused on my Venus Return, Juno slipped out of Scorpio (my natal position) and bolted into Saggo (knocking over two umbrella stands, six ottomans and faceplanting into a piano in the process). 

Have we talked about Juno on here? No? Well, that's because Juno rules relationships, and we all now how I feel about that subject. Juno is a very important point when you deal with Synastry, as it deals with your idea of the perfect partner, and how you tend to deal with the idea of being in a relationship. She also rules over power struggles, manipulation, sacrifice for the partner, and commitment. 

In Saggo, She becomes a Warrior Queen (albeit a slightly clumsy one), ready to tear off in an instant to get what she wants. She is in love with the idea of love, yet cant wrap her head around the idea that commitment doesn't necessarily have to mean relinquishing ones independence. Although that's not much of an issue, as She is hardly ever around to actually worry about relationships here.

Of course, its Saggo, so expect high drama; loud, boisterous fights; wild, grand adventures; and rampant hyperbole. Also, we have to acknowledge the idea of Long-Distance relationships due to this placement. Juno teaches us that if there's love, then adjustments can be made (and pride swallowed) and it really can work, no matter what.

So, what do we do with this? Well, seeing as how Venus is still at the start of Aries with Uranus (who has finally moved off the Aries Point, so maybe we can all shut up about it now),  we have very auspicious skies when it comes to new love relationships, as they both fall in fire signs (all about the new and shiny). Now this is also great for lighting up a spark in that already established relationship, so don’t think I forgot about you guys.

Now we have Eros (naked and flying around playing target practice with the hearts of mortals, of course) Retrograde, running away from the twin terrors of Mars and Psyche, in hot pursuit of our cherubic God of Passion.  So expect a fair bit of the chase.

We also have Jupiter in a tight sextile to Chiron, so expect all those old emotional issues coming back up, as we are staring down the barrel of another Valentine's Day (I know, I know; I promised they were done with. They mostly are, just yet another round to conquer. I know you guys have this in the bag) 

Other than that, you guys should be good. Of course, there's always something new on the horizon here at the Skywatch...

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    This is Mary smith. At first I would like to say thanks to this blog owner for posting this type of most informative article. I got so many things from this article and I hope you will also get.

  2. I enjoy your blog :) it's really great and very useful to someone like me, who is only an astrology student :) as a "proud" owner of Saggitarian Juno (retrograde plus conjunction to Saturn) I have to tell you I was amazed when you mentioned long distance relationships...Almost every relationship I had so far was long distance (9th house Venus works here too, I think...) so I'll keep reading you regulary...and thank you sooooo much for putting a link to my blog...means really a lot...Namaste!