Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Full Moon in Leo- Luck be a Lady

Ladies and Gentlemen, do I have a Moon for you!

The theme this week comes to us courtesy of The Little Sister, who is currently traipsing through Fabulous Las Vegas. I may or may not have put Mercury on tracker detail, making sure she doesn't get into too much trouble (Like even HE could stop that from happening).  

Jumping right in...

Sun/Mercury/Moon- (Oh, check that out! That's all different from usual!) This time around, the Sun is conjunct Mercury, and both are opposing the Moon, so for the sake of brevity (and because Aquarius just loves to break the rules) It becomes one category. Which complicates matters, so im going to wing this one. Stick with me, even if it makes absolutely no sense. Besides, everything's fluid now that Neptune is in Pisces. So, we have a trine/sextile to Haumea, telling us that this cycle is all about creating new patterns. A sextile/trine to Ixion demands that you go after what you want with reckless abandon, consequences be damned. This is further developed in a sextile/trine to Hidalgo, who demands that you hold your ground, stick to your guns, and fight for what you believe in, because trust me, you will be coming under fire. Keep your cool, and do not give in for anything. A trine/sextile to Hekate reminds you that at this moment, you are 100% in control of your life, and the choices that you make will define how it plays out. No one else can be blamed for what you decide to do (and stop looking for someone to blame if it all goes wrong before you actually take any action). There is a square to Requiem; This is going to be a very active period, so take your rest when and where you can. Finally, there is a conjunction/opposition of Orpheus, so right now its time (while all the rest is going on) to put on your most charming, calm, cool and collected self and subtly take over the universe. You'll kill at parties.

(See, that wasnt so bad, now was it?)

Mercury- Okay overenthusiastic Gemini, go back and read the first part again.

Venus- We catch our girl at a bad time, she's being evicted from the Pisces House because she hasn't paid her rent. More important things to do, you understand. As she runs headlong towards the Aries House to shack up with Uranus, she makes a square to Photographica, which calls to mind a Paris Hilton/Paparazzi moment (or M.I.A. at the Super Bowl...) so be careful of being caught in compromising moments. Maybe triggered by the twin squares to Bacchus and Dionysius... You guys (hopefully, by this point) know what im going to say next: LAY OFF THE BOOZE!! Oh and she also makes a square to Hades (on the Anaretic of Pisces, no less) so watch out for all those old romantic dramas to rear their ugly heads one last time.

Mars- Mars is... You know what, screw it! Until further notice, Mars is ignored. He's in Virgo, and will be till (what feels like) the end of time. Ive had Pluto Transits that were shorter than this... *peeks at aspects* Oh good lord. Ok, there's too much here to just write off (as if you could ever just write off Mars). First up, trine to Asbolus: Razor sharp insight re: what is going on with your life, and your life path. Clouded by alcohol, so dont indulge. A square to Echeclus gives you tremendous reasoning power to draw up battle plans, but also makes the slightest mess intolerable. Dont lose focus. A trine to Sedna demands that you dont skip your workouts, or try to shut out your inner warrior. The consequences are not pretty. A square to Cupido has your libido firing on all cylinders, so find an appropriate channel for it. This is also suggested by an opposition to Vesta. Try Tantric sex, or Kundalini yoga. A sextile to Achilles (really? Mars wasn't enough on his own, we had to throw Achilles in the mix?) reminds you that you are not invincible, so don't go overboard. A sextile to Osiris tells you that that thing you really loved to do and quit doing, say circa 2006? Might be time to revisit that. A square to Ascelpius demands that you take care of yourself first and foremost, so that you can devote your efforts to taking over the world (or whatever it is you guys do in your spare time; i dont judge, i just inform). Last but not least, we have... (no, no thats not right; It cant be. Theres no way. Its not like hes Damocles or something, making random jumps around the sky...) Mars trine Heracles. Screw what I said about Achilles, you're freaking invincible right now (my lawyers have informed me that i need to make it expressly clear that Astrogeek's Skywatch does not actually think that you are invincible, makes no claims regarding that as such, and therefore cannot be held responsible for whatever stupid stunts you pull because you took one sentence out of context from a gigantic post. So there.)

Jupiter- Well well well, look who's making progress and is finally past 1 Taurus! Of course, As above so Below, so your life is also progressing. Build upon the success and refuse to get logged down by the setbacks. A trine to Chiron tells you to screw the conventional, and go your own way. It might just pay off in spades, so why not take a chance? A trine to Orcus reminds you to keep up with your obligations, however. A sextile to Sphinx highlights that there is a degree of mystery regarding the best path to take yourself down, so hold off on making any big decisions for the time being. A sextile to Askalaphus shows that you might be called to speak up and point out something that others have missed, even if it is unpopular and you may be running a risk.

Saturn- Freshly retrograde, Saturn is wrapping up all the old business that he has been ignoring lately. There will be a reckoning... The trine between him and Neptune is still strong, so the focus is still on making the tough choices and taking real, concrete action to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. He's still conjunct Apollon too, so watch out for scattering your energies and trying to take on too much at once. There is a trine to Hades in effect as well, so it will not be easy work, but keep at it and it WILL pay off. A trine to Pallas Athene helps you keep your head, and able to respond when the little things come up; respond swiftly, or be derailed. A trine to Siva will be a boon to you, helping you bust out of the rut that you may have found yourself in as of late, so work with it.

Uranus- Oh cripes, is it time for Venus-Uranus again? Oh well, back to the disaster bunker... There's a pretty nice trine between the cosmic jokester and Terpsichore, attributing to the infectious good mood. He is also trine Juno, so watch out for relationship weirdness. Speak slowly and calmly so you dont get misunderstood. Adding to that is a trine to Persephone, so you may find yourself coming across a little cold (read: acrtic) and it may surprise you that while you may be focusing on those grand Neptunian /Saturnine goals, you need to keep your head here in the now, or else those dreams are never going to come to fruition.

Neptune- Since Neptune is now firmly ensconced in Pisces (or as firmly ensconced as you can get Neptune in Pisces...) all I have to say is: Let the games begin! Neptune is very well placed right now, what with the trine to Saturn, and the sextile to Jupiter. There is also a trine to Hades, so watch your pride and feelings of entitlement, especially when it comes to not getting what you want. Let it go. A square to Amor shows that all might not be what it seems with that new person who just showed up out of nowhere to sweep you off your feet. Neptune is also trine Dionysius and sextile Bacchus, so the temptation to go trip off of your favorite Neptunian high is going to be very strong, but work Mars in Virgo to temper it.

Pluto- Pluto's relatively quiet this time, which always means he's plotting. A square to Minerva confirms this, so plan out your strategy, and execute it flawlessly. There's nothing better than a plan that gets carried out perfectly. The sextile to Hermes agrees, so again, plan THEN act, dont just go from your gut, no matter how insistent Venus in Aries gets. A sextile to Kassandra indicates that although you can see the end goal, and how it will all play out, you cannot play the result. Keep moving forward, and do your duty to the best of your ability.

                                                                              Here's to Dame Fortune!
                                                                             -The AstroGeek

Now go watch Starzina's Time of the Month so we can get our money from the really generous Nigerian Prince, or something...

No songs of the zeitgeist this time, as I have to go bail my sister out of jail. Something about assaulting Thunder from Down Under, thats all I could get out of Mercury (Next time, im calling Venus)

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