Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Moon in Pisces- Under the Influence

Piscean checklist:

Great new Music? Check
Junk food? Check
Cautious optimism regarding events to come? Check
Enough caffeine to bring down a musk ox? Check to the power of Check

Lets do this

Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are now officially in Piscean waters. The rising tide and all that. And this New Moon? Well, it puts the last one to shame. Right now you're probably feeling like you are trying to stand on a cresting wave, like everything is shifting below your feet. Well, suck it up, because its not going to get any easier. This is the part where you find out whether or not you can swim. 

Take a deep breath. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Sun/Moon/Neptune/Chiron/Pallas Athene- Well, I did warn you guys. This Lunation features a cacophony (or a cesspool) of the celestial choir: a Super Stellium right at the start of Pisces, with a couple other heavy hitters not far behind. Also in the mix is an opposition of all this to Orcus, so right off the bat you better believe this is going to test your faith in what you are doing, and will try to scare you off your path; However, anything unsustainable that you have been clinging to will just fall away easily, if you let it. This will test your resolve, so be ready. There is a square to Diana, leaving you feeling restless and sick of how long the process is taking. Breathe, relax and enjoy it, its not going to happen again and you will miss it once its gone. An opposition to Industria has you putting in the work to achieve your goals, and its leaving you a little burned out. Keep your eyes on the prize. Also notable is a trine to Askalaphus, so speak your peace, don't censor yourself if something's on your mind. Watch the sextile to Ophelia, steer clear of the Drama and be mindful of how you come across to others. A conjunction to Magdalena stresses the need for you to operate at your highest levels, so that the shit you're walking through wont stick. Others will notice, and will follow your lead, for better or for worse. A sextile to Toro challenges you to channel your frustration into something productive. Great time to get back to the gym and put some serious effort into your fitness, or try a new sport. A sextile to Aesculpius shows that there is major healing going on, but its behind the scenes. Think back to 2008. How have you grown since then? A square to Altjira demands that you pull your head out of the sand, and start getting more involved in your own life. Ultimately YOU are the one who is in charge of your own destiny, not the fate, the universe, God, chance, etc. Another square, to Terpsichore, shows that spirits are low, and the last thing you want to do is celebrate the awesomeness of life, yet that is exactly what you MUST do. Smile, dance, paint; just do something that makes you happy. A sextile to Jupiter shows that right now, its very easy to slip back into old patterns, and a lot of people will with this transit. Be aware of your issues, and refuse to allow them any ground. A trine to Cyllarus shows that you are putting tremendous pressure on yourself to be the best in every arena. Recognize your strengths, and allow others to shine as well. Together we are stronger. A trine to Kronos reinforces this. Be mindful not to step on anyone on your rise to the top. A square to Juno brings up those relationship demons and wounds, take a deep breath and allow yourself to move past the old that is long gone to fully experience what is standing right in front of you. A conjunction to Tantalus warns you not to strech yourself, reaching for the good of tomorrow while you are surrounded by the good of today. A sextile to Phaethon tells us that if we try to push ourselves too fast, there could be drastic consequences for us and the ones we love. Take your time. A sextile to Sauer confirms this, but tells us not to be afraid to take the chance presented to us; its all about striking the right balance.

Mercury- About halfway through Pisces, and well clear of the drama happening in the early degrees, Merc is still swimming along, ready to get the hell into Aries (oh wait, thats me). With a square to Thereus, your strength and your resolve will be tested. Another square, to Okyrhoe, tells you to pay attention to Omens that show up. Any dream messages you get now are particularly important. An opposition to Psyche may leave you scratching your head as you partner puts their fut in their mouth time and time again. While that may be what is actually on their mind, just let it slide as they probably dont mean to stir up contention. Yet another square, to Nemesis, shows that there are those who are dogging your steps, just waiting for you to slip up so they can rip you to shreds. Make sure to give them a good show, and that's it. An opposition to Arachne tells you to be mindful of your pride, regardless of your skills. Stay humble, and you'll be fine. A sextile to Hephaistos says that, while not the most glamorous idea, sticking to your work will keep you out of a lot of trouble, not to mention is much more productive then wallowing in self-pity. Finally, a trine to Hopi reminds us that we are but a part of a very big world that is a very small part of a very big universe. Keep that in mind.

Venus- Our girl is very quiet this lunation, which usually means that she's plotting something. Let's see; a trine to Nemesis, showing that she's defintiely plotting. Don't engage in anything that is unscrupulous. When they come for you, deny everything. Another trine, to Amor, shows that you are allowing yourself to fall in love again, even if its just self-love. Yes, it is very scary, but go with it- its worth it.

Mars- Our boy is also very quiet, raising the question if they are shacking up again (most likely). A square to Amycus show that you must treat those you encounter with proper respect and human decency, or you will most certainly face the consequences. You cannot afford to miss this one, trust me. An opposition to Atropos shows that something is coming to a swift end right now, do not fight it, but allow the space for something brand new. A square to Hidalgo shows that you will be called to fight for what you believe in, so get your game face on. A trine to Apophis shows that you feel as though you are fighting everything that you can, and that you are surrounded on all sides. Acknowledge that there are forces beyond your control, and that there is nothing you can do about them, so dont allow worry or fear to stop you.

Jupiter- There's a lot to go over this round. A sextile to Cyllarus shows that you need to be mindful of your actions, as they affect more than just yourself. Another sextile, to Teharonhiawako, highlights the need for you to take time out to do something for yourself, especially if you use the time for creative endeavors. A sextile to Kronos shows that you are pushing yourself to achieve greatness, but mind that others are pushing for the same thing, and it is very lonely at the top. A trine to Photographica shows that your actions are under scrutiny, so keep your nose clean. A sextile to Siva is forcing you to go through the crap to bring you to a point where you are more in control of your life. A lot of the crap will be brought to you, and you are going to need to choose to destroy it once and for all. A sextile to Tantalus shows that you are going to be tempted to throw away all your hard work for something that you had written off before, but is now an option. What you do is your choice, but remember it was written off for a reason. A square to Heracles tells you that your challenges are just beginning, so dig in and show the universe who's boss. A square to Burney shows there is more to what's happening right now then is being brought to light, making it hard to get the perspective to make the right decisions. Do the best you can with what you have, and trust yourself. A trine to Sauer is telling you to push on, with gusto, regardless of all that stands in your path. 

Saturn- Settle in folks, this is set to be one long retrograde. He is in square to Persephone, showing that you are sick and tired of people making decisions for you, and are ready to make up your own mind. A trine to Dionysius tells us that you need to dig deep and forgive those who have come against you, and hurt you; so that you can free yourself from the toxic situation. Be conscious and work with the pain rather than try to dull it and shut it out. A trine to Child warns of getting too jaded, allow yourself to enjoy life. A sextile to Ascelpius shows that the new paradigms you are setting in your life are here to stay, so make sure they are aligned to what you really want. A sextile to Narcissus reminds you to watch your pride, and warns you not to rest on your laurels. Keep pushing.

Uranus- Ok, this is just ridiculous. A trine to Diana demands that you act as insane as possible, reminding you that life is only as serious as you make it. And a square to Askalaphus will make sure this is very much an unpopular choice, and you will draw some ire from those around you. Have fun.

Neptune- See above.

Pluto- A trine to Elatus... well, this contradicts everything I just wrote, but apparently beneath all this crap you are actually in high spirits, and are more than ready to take this on to win the day. Gotta love astrology, the only way you know that you're doing it right is when it doesn't make any sense. A square to Klotho shows that now is not the time to start anything new, but focus on what you are already working on. Be careful not to kill your own efforts by subjecting them to too much scrutiny, have faith. A conjunction to Bacchus shows that at the end of this tunnel, there is a light. Chase it.

That does it for me folks, but for your personal scopes, look no further than the fabulous Starzina!

And of course, thank you to the amazing Tracy over at Serennu, without whom these posts really would not be possible!

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