Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mercury (And Pallas Athene!) in Pisces- Sweet Nothings


Well, ladies and gentlemen, everyone's favorite messenger is officially in Pisces. So without further ado, lets all do some shots! No, i joke. But seriously, after Merc gets clear of Neptune, im giving you guys a little bit of a break to cut a little loose. Or if you're a fearless bastard, do it while they're all still conjunct.

Why am i giving you guys a pass after being so vehemently anti-booze? Well, its a cheap and dirty way to tap into Mercury. If you're more spiritually inclined, id recommend staying clean, eating vegan, and keeping up with your meditation (Or you could just take some Ayahuasca, like your old pal Astro). However, if you're not, its doubtful you follow my advice anyway, so I'm covered.

(Note from the AG Skywatch legal team: Astrogeek's Skywatch ONLY endorses responsible drinking, and under no circumstances is this to be taken as an encouragement to imbibe, nor is it an endorsement of the any particular alcoholic beverage [However, if you would be interested in sponsoring us, please feel free to contact us so we can get fat checks to pay for our coke habit {Astrogeek's Skywatch does not endorse recreational drug use. Stay in School, kids; or you'll wind up as an Astrologer}] nor is Astrogeek's Skywatch to be held responsible for whatever dumb shit you do while under the influence, or ever. So there.)

Now that we've covered all the bases: imbibing now is a great way to do Shamanic work, and help your resolve long-standing issues. If you do it right, you may even get a life-altering revelation or something! Or maybe you'll just wind up hungover the next morning. Its funny how these things work out.

This placement is also famous for deception and illusion. Its very easy to get caught up in the rush of a new love or adventure, only to wind up in Boston a week later, naked and missing a kidney. Stick to a healthy dose of Saturn for best results.

On that tack, lets look to our girl Pallas Athene, who is also entering Pisces. Im pretty sure we haven't really gone over Pallas all that well (some Minor Planet Astrologer I turned out to be!), so quick study- She rules Politics, diplomacy, tactics, the military as a whole, statistics, and fair play (unless it suits her to cheat. She can be a bitch like that.)

So with a global war in Iran and Syria looming (or so the media is telling us) it becomes critically important to look at Pallas. Now this feels just like the build up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, doesn't it? And we have a media (Pisces) who is pushing this down our throats, and we have to wonder: "Why?" I understand that there are atrocities being committed in the region, as people fight to win their freedom, however we are just getting out of a war, and we certainly do not need to rush into another crusade.

And since we are dealing with Pisces, everything is hidden and must be figured out by careful scrutiny.

And so I pull up the Iraq war chart (3/20/2003 at 05:33 local time, if you're interested), which is a fascinating chart that I really need to take a day and just analyze the crap out of; and what do we find? Pallas and Mercury, both linked up in Pisces (and Lilith in Taurus as well, same as right now). History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes.

Are we headed into another drawn out, messy war over resources? Im not sure. But with the ratcheting tensions here at home (in the U.S. at least [and pretty much everywhere else- the people even turned on Putin! {Bitches love Putin}]) and the deep fight we find ourselves embroiled in over who we are as Human beings, there is no one that is not touched by the rapid change that is enveloping our world. Astrologically, this was initiated by the Cardinal Crisis, and continued by Uranus square Pluto.

On quaking skies
-The AstroGeek

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