Friday, February 10, 2012

Venus in Aries- Into the Ring

Ladies and Gentlemen, praises be to the Most High; Venus has donned her fatigues, loaded up on ammo, and offically moved into Aries!! And its about damn time too, because if she spent about 32 more seconds in Pisces, I might have just lost it.

Sorry if im a little biased, but this is my Venus Return. And I have already waxed poetic about how seriously awesome Aries (and Mars) is, several times, so ill spare you guys.

Venus in Aries is like a gigantic breath of fresh air, which is much needed after the trip to wonderland that is Venus in Pisces (ugh). This is the time when you put on your combat boots, grab your uzi, and Heaven help whoever is in your way, because She is Hell in High Heels.
Our girl is typically reffered to be in Detriment, or poorly placed, in Aries, but personally I believe its just because she goes from lounging around eating bonbons, getting her minions to do everything for her in Pisces, to suddenly having to Lace The F&*! Up (Astrogeek's Skylab is a proud CLEVELAND supporter of MGK [we raged first!]) and get what She wants for Herself (an alien concept to Our Girl).

Now the bad news: For the rest of us who have to deal with her, we find ourselves looking at a goddess that is extremely volatile, ready to unleash Hell at the slightest provocation. And you know I have paralells in myths for you guys (im all about the myths!). This time, we have quite possibly the oldest story of the Goddess, the Story of Innana. The myth comes to us in fragmentary form, from the Epic of Gilgamesh.

In the myth, Inanna is not portrayed in the best light. Our girl goes into the Underworld (collective groan as we hear this same story again) to attend a funeral for her twin sister's (read: shadow-self) husband. She comes very richly dressed, and her sister, Ereshkigal is suspicious of her intentions. So she (Ereshkigal) demands at every gate of Hell, that Inanna remove one layer of her clothing, because "That is the way of the Underworld". After passing through all 7 gates of Kur (the Underworld), our girl arrives at the funeral, quite naked.

After being right pissed, and behaving quite badly (or a dastardly plot, we're not 100% sure what went down here), our girl becomes trapped in the Underworld. A deal is worked out, and she is released, however someone else must take her place. She pleads with all the gods, but cannot get any of them to take her place. At the end of her rope, she finds her lover, Tammuz on her throne, looking resplendent.

Our girl loses it.

She unleashes a horde of Demons on the guy, and he books it out of there. His sister tries to hide him, but she is no match for the demons, and they rip Tammuz to shreds. So she finds someone to take her place after all (in a fashion). His sister, Belilu, cries out to heaven about the injustice of it all and is just a general wreck. So yet another deal is worked out (I quite like these Sumerian gods, with their negotiable mortality and all) where Tammuz gets to come back to the Land of the Living for 6 months out of the year (*cough cough* The original Persephone/Adonis story *cough*). And in the end, Tammuz spends those 6 months with Inanna anyways. Everybody wins! (I think...) 

So what is the moral of the story here? Hell if I know... Oh wait, its my job to know these things? Ok well, we have a trip through the Underworld that strips you bare and leaves you raw, getting stuck there due to your own negative reaction to the process and trying to fight your way out, which is a bad move and leaves you stuck with trying to make an impossible decision to save your own skin. Not the greatest scenario.

The key here is to incorporate the qualities of Libra, Aries' opposite sign (and one of the signs that Venus rules). The ones we're looking for are grace under pressure, charm, and being able to use diplomacy instead of bashing your way through problems; Not indolence, petty manipulation, and passive-agressive behavior.

Now dont go overboard with trying to incorporate these, because you dont want to miss out on the passion that Aries offers! That is one of the greatest gifts of this sign, it energizes whatever it touches; Venus just tends to be a little sensitive to Martian influence.

Most of all, grab life by the balls and do whatever your black little heart desires

[Legal disclaimer: Astrogeek's Skylab does not endorse the previous statement, and as such cannot be held responsible for the consequences of whatever dumbass stunt you try to pull. So there]

Image courtesy of, my new favorite site (besides, of course, this one). Enjoy.

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