Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mercury Retrograde in Leo: Shameless

Oh dear, time for Mercury Retrograde again, and this one is in LEO of all signs (of all the planets, in all the signs, in all of the houses, he has to walk into mine...); Get ready for the Astrologically Quasi-Informed to fly around screaming bloody murder about the sky falling, cell phone bills skyrocketing (from telling all their friends about the sky falling, no doubt) and not to buy cars or look at farm animals crossways. Le sigh.

For all the rest of you, just shake your heads and smile; because you guys get to know the real story- This Retrograde is your Golden Ticket. Seriously, I've never seen one so rife with potential. Blessed with help from Uranus, Mars, Venus, Jupiter- hell even Saturn is on your side; and not even too much challenge from Pluto or Neptune, provided you act correctly and take the right precautions.

The challenging part here is really twofold- One: Taking the leap and trusting you will land on your feet (Neptune), not at all guaranteed. But hey, what is these days? Seriously though, weigh out the risks a la Mars in Virgo (what, you didn't think you were done there, did you?) and go with the best bet. Which brings me to Two: Taking a deep breath and nutting up to actually go through with it (Pluto). Whatever you do, do it big; Do it big, do it shamelessly, and make it work. The hardest thing you can do is just to go through with your plan. Yes, seriously. Starting to see the picture?

The good news- EVERYTHING ELSE IS SAYING GO FOR IT!!! The sky is giving you Jetpack Underwear (heh. I see what you did there! [Note- Reread it: Its actually relevant]) powered by a fusion reactor, I suggest that you use it while the using's good. The best action plan is to move around in your daily life as if nothing is changing, while in your off time putting the wheels in motion for success. Then, once all the t's are crossed and I's are dotted (Merc out of Shadow) come out and just leave them slackjawed, no one having any clue what just happened. The crucial bit is keeping it under wraps until its a sure thing, because there are those who will try to keep you down and keep you at their level. Refuse this, and just keep smiling til you're waving out of your rear-view mirror and driving off into the sunset.

Admittedly, this will most likely make you go slightly insane, trying not to spill the beans and trying to make your life work in the here and now while trying to blast into the stratosphere of your life; But hey, just pretend that Mars never left Virgo (while playing by the Libra rulebook) it should make it easier to handle. That grueling trip really was a great primer for what's ahead (as much as I hate to say it) and admit it, you're in a much better place now then you were then. Oh, well at least you know how screwed you are then...

TL;DR version? Grow a pair and make the changes you keep talking about making, but do it on the DL so the haters dont try to trip you up while you keep your 9-5 grind on. Try not to go crazy.
-The AstroGeek


  1. Thanks for the guide for working with mercury. It always seems to cause delays for me but I'm starting to learn how to approach my life during this period!

  2. No problem! Glad that its helped you!