Friday, July 20, 2012

New Moon in Cancer- Letting Go

Ladies and Gentlemen, screw this New Moon; It has me far too weepy for my liking! On the plus side though, it has made me much nicer and slightly more understanding, but still. Emotions = Not my forte.

Anywho, lets get it going, shall we?

The key to this round is letting go. Ive said this before, but this time around its Do-Or-Die. When some old pain comes up, let it go. When that voice in your head tells you that you should have done this instead of what you actually did, you let that go too, because we cannot take quick jaunts back through time and make a different choice. And when you go for a quick drink to take your mind off of the issues and see your ex there, doing the same, you civilly acknowledge them (if you make eye contact- If not, just run!) and let them go. No repeats allowed this time around- Its only forward motion.

Of course, this is easier said than done, isnt it? Your not-so-humble Astrologer has a very difficult time with this as well, and rarely finds ways to cope, but the gym has been my personal sanctuary to get over this, and has the added benefit of helping me stay as healthy as possible. So find your coping mechanism, and focus on that instead of allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by all the negatives that your mind throws up. And just warning you now, there will be a lot of them, and this will not be easy.

But when is it ever, eh?

The Sun and Moon- We set the stage with a sextile to Makemake, which shows that your focus needs to be on survival. You are in competion for what you want, and you need to win. Give this everything that you have. A square to Bienor may leave you more willing to help others on the way up, however. Maybe you don't need to finish first this time? A square to Apollon tells you to channel this creatively, and try to be as magnanimous as possble. A sextile to Admetos makes this difficult however, as it is much easier to express the more unsavory aspects of your character. Try to avoid this. A conjunction to Vulkanus shows that you can handle this challenge, and have a lot of strength to do it, but you may need to dig deep. Set boundaries, and make sure to take time for yourself. Another conjunction, to Hekate, confirms this, but adds that you need to be sure of what you want. Whatever that is, you can have it now, but you have to want it. A trine to Salacia confirms this, adding that if its right for you, it will happen, but not without hard work. Get away from what you dont want in your life at Mach speed. A square to Lachesis indicates that something in your life is over. You will know what it is, and the realization will hit you like a ton of bricks. Do not let this be dramatic, just acknowledge it and move on swiftly. Just let it go. A sextile to Sedna confirms this, adding in a lot of regret with a side of melancholy. A trine to Juno shows that relationships are not going to be light and easy, but there is a chance to make a deeper connection and build something that lasts. A square to Saturn and to Eris shows that you are caught between two desires- on the one hand, you want to be totally self-sufficient and untouchable, and on the other you want to be respected and admired among your peers and on the cover of magazines. Its hard, but aim for the middle ground; try to do both.

Mercury- Yes yes yes, he's finally gone Retrograde. Enjoy the chaos. Other than that, he's quite tame, with a traine to Pallas Athene, so hang back and watch the fireworks (but strike at the right time if the opportunity presents itself!). A sextile to Venus helps you stay sane, and helps you keep your mood up. Smile as much as possible, fake it if you have to. Genuinely finding reasons to smile though goes a long way for you mental health. A conjunction to Achilles helps you get through the day and not break down sobbing in the copy room. Make it through and win the day. An opposition to Amor has you struggling to justify keeping things how they are in regards to your relationships; Its time for a change. A conjunction to Sisyphus doesn't help any, leaving you feeling like the present moment is a Herculean task. Keep pushing that boulder up the hill.

Venus- Ah, Miss Sexy herself, that classy bitch. Another quiet one this go-around. A sextile to Child demands that you act maturely and responsibly, yet to stay sane, act like a little kid and have fun when no one is looking. A square to Apollo also highlights this, and tells us that not allowing yourself to be... well, yourself will have serious reprecussions. Don't stifle yourself unnecessarily. An opposition to Amycus stresses the need to treat those you meet with compassion and hospitality, but not at the expense of your own needs. Be careful to avoid any petty squabbles, because they could easily get blown out of proportion. A square to Borasisi shows that not all is as it seems- You are being lied to. Find out what it is, and determine whether it has any bearing on your life. If not? Ignore it, but don't trust the offender again.

Mars- Well, Our Boy is not quiet by any stretch of the imagination! A trine to Jupiter says to GO GO GO!! and make big, sweeping changes to everything. This time around though, we dont have Pluto's help to keep these two in check. No, this time he's in square. Tread carefully, and make sure you aren't about to run off of a cliff. An opposition to Uranus tells us that there is potential for a lot to go wrong, if you are not careful, but if you work it right, there is a lot of possibility for growth and chucking out what you no longer want/need. A trine to Ceres tells you to be all about YOU, and make an investment in yourself for once. A sextile to Chariklo says that if you are looking to get ahead, you cant be afraid of looking a little weird. A conjunction to Astraea and  confirms this, and adds to stay somewhat removed from what happens now, especially with regards to political situations. A square to Cyllarus warns against taking uneccesary risks, however. A sextile to Sappho encourages love for your fellow man, but make sure you keep your hands above the table. A sextile to Hidalgo has you fired up to launch your latest crusade, and a sextile to Nemesis helps you win the day, as long as you watch what you say and position yourself perfectly.
A trine to Siva helps this, getting you to the right place, at the right time.

Jupiter- A sextile to Uranus tells you to watch out for some unexpected opportunity, and if you dont act on it, you will regret it. An opposition to Chariklo has you focusing on the here and now instead of the big picture. Dont lose your perspective. A square to Elatus puts a strain on your positive outlook, and tells you to face reality. An opposition to Okyrhoe is warning of possible criticism from doing this, and things might get hard. Do not engage, and get out where possible. A square to Teharonhiawako may leave you saying "Well, now what?" regarding your direction. Once you figure out that answer get your ass in gear and dont look back for anything. A trine to Astraea says to back out of all the drama, and clear your head. Above all, set proper boundaries and know when to say no. A sextile to Sappho could have pining away over something that may never be, and that you have built up in your head. See what is in front of you. Finally, a conjunction to Siva shows that there is a lot that you are putting up with that you need to disassociate yourself from. Do that.

Saturn- Not a whole lot to talk about here; A square to Varuna tells you to be suspicious of any change to the game at this stage. More than likely, its a trap. A sextile to Quaoar has you resigned to finishing out your duty and seeing it through to the end. The goal is in sight. The question is, what happens then? I suppose its all about those last few seconds... A quincunx to Sedna warns of making sure you don't get pulled in by the hype, something is not as it seems, and now might be the best time to launch a graceful exit, providing you have your escape plan in place. A sextile to Narcissus gives the O.K. on this, as long as it is really what is best for you. A square to Askalaphus tells us that no matter what you do, you will piss someone off for doing it. My advice? Dont choose the path that ends with you kicking yourself for not doing what you wanted. Fuck everybody else.

Uranus- Yes, the Mad Scientist is retrograde now, and let me just tell you, he is loving it. A sextile to Ceres demands your full attention, and tries to get you to eat all of your vittles so you dont collapse while working your ass off. A trine to Chariklo (oh here we go again...) gives you fresh insight into what is happening in your life, if you take a second to look up from your keyboard. A square to Cyllarus gives you the urge to put yourself out there and take on added responsibility, but are you sure you can handle it? Or is there something else out there for you? An opposition to Astraea shows that right now, you want to be with those who speak your language; your people. Seek them out and invest some time into them. A trine to Sappho may have you eager to experiment with new ideas and open you up to brand new experiences. I say go for it, but be sure to bring lots of lube. A trine to Hera shows that you may need to get creative in your power play if you want to acheive your goals anytime soon. A trine to Hidalgo tells you to stand up for what you believe in, and not back down for anything. Out-crazy your opposition.

Neptune- A square to the Nodes has everybody's favorite dealer struck with a case of ennui the likes of which would fell a mortal man, a herd of bison, and three gaggles of geese in one fell swoop. A square to Vesta has you running a self-check on your motivations and ideals- Are they still in step with who you are now? What needs to be adjusted? A sextile to Kassandra reminds you that there are still many chapters left to write in your story, so keep going. A sextile to Ophelia will drain the life right out of you if you let her, so avoid that. Do whatever you need to in order to keep yourself on point. A trine to Aphrodite should help with this, and even help you stay elated and positive. Watch out for a square to Phaethon though, and try to avoid being in the public eye if at all possible.

Pluto- A trine to Elatus has you feeling rather optimistic about all the changes taking place in your life, but that might just be the Prozac. Or maybe not, with a sextile to Teharonhiawako boosting your morale too... An opposition to Kronos warns to to account for reality in your situation, and not just bury your head in the sand so that you dont have to deal with it. Stay calm and keep a level head and you can conquer anything. A square to Astraea helps you face the day til then, helping you build up and repairing the cracks in your armor as it breaks down. Keep going.

This one is rough guys. Dont let it beat you. Stay alive, and let go in order to swim to the other side.

Much Love
-The AstroGeek

As always, go check out the always fabulous Starzina Starfish-Browne, who is le awesome.

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