Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Moon in Taurus: Mess with the Bull...

You know what? I'm just going to let this one speak for itself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Taurus.

Now Taurus gets an understated reputation. Everyone thinks its so easy for Taurus (and to be fair, it is. Things are simple for Taurus, or they get ignored) but this leads to Taurus becoming one of the more underestimated signs. Their opposite sign is Scorpio for god's sake! The great thing about this sign is its unbeliveable focus- Taurus can ignore all else to build up momentum and become an unstoppable freight train. It would not be wise to ever tread lightly in Taurus; Still waters most definitely run deep. And you certainly mustn't forget about the horns!!

This Taurus season shows us moving from that oh-so-awesome (read: stagnating and dull) Grand Trine in Earth into Uranus square Pluto (Cardinal Crisis, The Caldera, Zap Zone; what have you). Mars and Mercury are making progress again, and Pluto's sword hanging over our head is a little more secured. So we can breathe easier and relax, right?

Wrong. This is where you take the progress you have scraped by to make, and bet it all on your future. Its time to start thinking BIGGER.

But im getting ahead of myself. Without further delirious rambling nonsense ado, lets get into the Astro!

The Sun/Moon- Well right out of the gate, we have a square to Toro, so air is electric, and you feel as though all your goals are within reach. Capitalize on this new-found strength, but be careful not to overexert yourself. There is a trine to Orcus, so expect major changes here. You might find yourself in the limelight, but for all the wrong reasons. And with Mars right next to him, be very careful how you react to the situation. The best solution to a Gordian Knot isn't always a Gladius (frequent readers will realize this contradicts past statements I may or may not have made. This is true, because Astrology). Taking ten seconds before rushing into anything to stop and think may just save your life. A sextile to Neptune also stresses this, adding in a measure of illusion and mystery. Patience and mindfulnes will win the day. Whatever you do, a connection to The Vertex guarantees that it will have a lasting impact and far-reaching implications. A conjunction to Ceres shows that no matter what else you do, you cannot forget to take care of yourself first. Nutrition is especially highlighted. A sextile to Neptune tells us that it is all to easy to chase after dreams that can never happen while ignoring our situation right here and now, but with a little detachment and a lot of hard work, anything is possible. A square to Persephone can leave you feeling a little cut off from those around you, however. Beware of poisonous thoughts about the past, it wasn't as rosy as you remember; Focus on where you are now, and how to get where you want to be tomorrow.

Mercury- The Trickster is out in force right now, posted up with Uranus and chumming around with his BFF Mars. So try to stay sane, as there's really no telling what can happen with those three. (Oh its my job to tell them what it means? Says you, sonny Jim!!) Take the leap into the unknown, you might just land on a pile of fluffy pillows (or a pile of money... just Sayian! [Corporate sponsors, I am SO ready for that gigantic royalty check to arrive!]). A trine to the North Node suggests that no matter what (or who) you land on, you will land with your feet on the ground. Which is good, because you're probably going to need to hit the ground running. A strong trine to Juno is also there, so make an effort to be more open with your partner and try not to let petty BS get in the way of what really matters. A square to Cyllarus indicates that now is not the time to make any grand gestures or play the Hero, though; It will probably blow up in your face. Hold off on that, and let the situation resolve itself. An opposition to Typhon shows that there is a lot that you have to do in order to achieve your goals, and there are those trying everything they can to stop you. Now is most definitely the time to face the situation head-on and bring it to a conclusion. A sextile to Altjira tells you to remain calm and detached, however. Living well is the best revenge, after all. A trine to Diana calls you to take some time for yourself, preferably in order to get outside and get some fresh air! A trine to Terpischore reinforces this, and reminds you to go out and have some fun! Whatever puts a smile on your face and keeps you sane, because trust me you'll need it. A conjunction to Kassandra allows you to see the big picture clearly, so help those who dont share your perspective and come to you for advice. A conjunction to Lachesis tells you to take stock of your current situation; something major is coming to a swift end. This isnt news though, its something you've known for a while. Remember- no drama! Just let go and get ready for the next step.

Venus- Our girl has some very interesting things going on at the moment. With a sextile to Pelion, nothing but the absolute best will do. Ask and you shall receive. This is exacerbated by a trine to Zeus, showing that what you want, you want NOW. With a conjunction to Chaos, however, you may feel as though everything is up in the air, and nothing is bankable. Recognize the potential to shape your own future, and make life work for you.  An opposition to Ixion shows that your choices might not be the greatest right now, so ask for advice when in doubt. Another opposition, to Pholus, indicates that small issues can easily spiral out of control and become huge problems if you let them. Stay alert and ready for anything. A square to Borasisi makes it hard for you to see the reality of your situation, some aspect is unclear or misconstrued. Be careful before proceeding.

Mars- A trine to Ceres has you raising hell to get your way and fuel your progress in order to go supernova. Pay attention to what is going on with those you love, or you might just miss something important. A square to Altjira also brings this into play, helping you structure your efforts in order to more effectively take over the world. Be careful not to allow your efforts to dissipate by losing focus. A square to Diana is great to help you with this. An opposition to Niobe stresses the need to remain humble, and keep your ego out of the equation. Finally, a square to Terpsichore shows that this is mostly a time for wrok, and fun is going to be hard to come by. Make the time for it yourself or risk your sanity.

Jupiter- Well, not a whole lot is going on here. Only aspect to really write home about is a square to Icarus. The collor of responsibility is going to feel mighty tight right now, but rebelling against it a la sophomore year is not going to help you in the slightest. Bite the bullet and rise to the challenge.

Saturn- Still Retrograde (insert string of expeletives), Saturn just cannot be buggered at all. A trine to Nessus shows that you are getting a taste of some pretty foul medicine at the moment, but it will help you get better. A sextile to Echeclus has you taking on a lot of responsibility, but its nothing that you can't handle. Be caerful not to bottle up your frustration; dont be afraid to vent if you need to. A square to Vulkanus has your efforts put in the best possible light, and you are filling a crucial role, but you wonder if it is enough to satisfy you; You crave more. Make a concious effort to live bigger. An opposition to Vesta can leave you feeling as though you are in a rut, just keeping up with the mindless drudgery. Do whatever you need to keep your sanity and make it out the other side, because I promise you, what is coming is so much win its unbeliveable. As i realize I keep saying the same thing over and over, this is also indicated by Idustria, Sisyphus and Achilles. Finally, an opposition to Hermes helps you manage this with a ton of style,  charm and panache.

Uranus- Things are heating up for everyone's favorite Mad Scientist. As we get ready to go back into the insanity that is Uranus square Pluto, we have a couple aspects to go over. An awesome trine to the North Node is helping you actualize your future; all you have to do is go for it. A square to Cyllarus would have you believe that self-sacrifice is the noble and right thing to do, but you need to quash that impulse immediately and work for yourself. A square to Kronos allows you to do this and promises you the world, if you only have the  courage to live on your own terms. A trine to Juno can put heavy stress on your relationships, but there is potential for some really exciting experiences, if you are open to it. There are a few hurdles to watch out for, however; There is a heightened potential for Drama, with a conjunction to Orpheus, square to Eurydike, conjunction to Hybris, square to Kassandra, and a square to Askalaphus. Be on guard for those who are not open to new ideas/ hiding who you really are and what you really want/ being egocentric and proud/ doubting that you are on the right track.

Neptune- An opposition to Orcus is the main stressor this time around. We have Illusion abounding, but there is more to the situation than we can see. Keep your wits about you, and remain impeccable, now more than ever. Roll with the punches. A sextile to Tantalus doesnt help much, dangling everything you've ever wanted right in front of your eyes, and snatching it away at the last second. Try not to fall flat on your face.

Pluto- A sextile to Posiedon has you feeling rather stormy and tumultuous. Dont get sucked into a fight that you cant win. A square to Siva demands that you take a step back and look at the big picture before you can proceed, or risk facing the consequences. Finally, we have the sextile to Heracles, giving you that push you need to get that victory. Keep going, don't stop for anything, and I promise that you will succeed.  

That does it for me, guys!
-The AstroGeek

Picture Starzina Starfish-Browne's Starzina's Time of the Month Horoscope here. Til then, I give you the update from Aries:

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey Vegeta, whats my hitcount?

Actually, its 10,000 exactly. And that's freaking awesome. Thank you everyone!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pluto Retrograde- The Only Thing We Have to Fear

Time to deal with Pluto again guys. The Good news? You dont have to put up with the bullshit anymore (and I dont have to censor myself as much!!). What's more, you dont have to answer to anyone for doing what you want to do either. All's fair in Love, War, Life and Banking (Also, Vegas). Not to mention, significantly less external stress.

The Bad news? Well, there's a reason I said external stress. Emotionaly, you're going to want to give up on just about everything. And that's not such a bad thing, because if you're like me, then you've been holding on to what you need to drop in order to progress. Expect that everything that is unsustainable will be culled. There's just no room for it anymore. 

The Awesome news? Going into Pluto's dungeon ALWAYS leaves us better off and so much stronger than we ever were before. He will break you, destroy your illusions and push you until you FINALLY start taking control of your life and stand on your own two feet. This is your life, isnt it?

Face your fears now. Live with reckless abandon. Let your old self die so that you can be reborn. 

And for the love of god, don't EVER let them see you sweat

Hobey-Ho, lets go

-The AstroGeek   

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mutable T-Square- Kansas City Shuffle

Ok guys, here's what we have going on. Remember the Cardinal Crisis we had in 2010? Well this is the Mutable Meltdown (copyright AstroGeek's Skywatch, LLC) of 2012. We have Neptune in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo (still Retrograde.....) and both of them are in Square to Venus in Gemini. Considering the fact that we also have Pluto in Capricorn going Retrograde, not to mention Mercury and Mars going Direct, this could easily become a gigantic cluster.

You see, this is a massive confidence game (in keeping with the Neptunian vibe, who is clearly running the show here). Neptune is the Con, and Mars is a shill (accomplice) while Venus is the mark (victim). Unfortunately for our girl, this is a very special type of con that can have disastorous consequences. You see, this is what you call a Kansas City Shuffle.

What is a Kansas City Shuffle, you ask? For that, we turn to Steampunk Opera for a explanation

"So what is a Kansas City Shuffle? Well, it’s basically a con which revolves around someone being tricked by thinking that they’re being tricked. Get it?

See, that’s why it’s so brilliant. It’s a con which requires the mark knowing that he’s being conned. All con-games rely on misdirection to some degree, but normally the conman doesn’t want the mark to know there’s a con going on. In a Kansas City Shuffle, 3 requirements must be met:
  1. The victim must suspect that it’s a con-game
  2. The victim must think that they’ve figured out how to beat the con
  3. The victim must be wrong about what the con is.
All three elements must be present. If the victim doesn’t suspect that they’re being conned, it’s not a Kansas City Shuffle. If the victim doesn’t set themselves up for the real con by doing something to beat the con they think they’ve spotted, it’s not a Kansas City Shuffle. If the victim is right about what the real con is, it’s not a Kansas City Shuffle"

See, what happens is, while you are watching the performance, you catch a slight detail [Mars in Virgo], a tell, that leads you to believe you know whats happening and how it will all play out. The trouble is, that was just a Red Herring, left to throw you off the scent (kind of like How I Met Your Mother). So while all the hullaballo is going on Center Stage, there's a whole other drama playing out Stage Right, taking your eyes off the main event, as it were (not sure where im getting all these theater metaphors from, but im going to go with it). But while you're trying to see everything that's happening over there, you're missing the REAL show, as the actors make their entrances at the back of the house [presumably to pick your pockets].

To combat this, you need a helluva lot of Pluto in Capricorn's street smarts. Like it or not, we are all enrolled in the Master's class in Sniffing out B.S. right now, and this is the Midterm. You need to stay alert, be patient, and above all you cannot give into your arrogance. You need tempered confidence, not cocky bravado. Its not easy, but absolutely do-able.

With this situation, the ante is upped even further by the fact that everybody is conning everybody! The mark is running her own game here, as is the shill. Who comes out on top? Whoever wants it most. Though it dosent hurt to have Lady Luck on your side, and fast feet!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go stack the deck.

Audentes fortuna iuvat sed timidos relinquit
-The AstroGeek

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mercury Direct (kind of) - Stuck in Neutral

Sorry about the lack of content as of late guys- Its nothing serious, just Mercury Retrograde at its finest! My computer was suffering from a bit of a lag, and so I had my Tech Support Team look at it, and wouldnt you know they just fixed it right up, gave me a huge new hard drive and all. Problem solved, right? Oh no, maybe during Mercury Direct.

No, as it turns out, due to some highly technical kerfuffle in putting the new hard drive in, it shifted a picometer, rendering the whole device absolutely useless. Le sigh. Whereas I can live without the thing, it slows me down considerably when it comes to the writing of new posts and suchlike. So unfortunately, it only hurts my readers and for that I apologize, especially since there is so much to talk about!! We have Venus into Gemini, Pluto Retrograde and Mars Direct! 

These new posts (plus a bunch of TNOs) are going to be up very very soon, I promise. Right now the estimate on when I get my computer back is Friday, so we'lll see how it goes. Now, if you'll excuse me, im off to go terrorize my Tech Support Team.

-The Astrogeek