Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mercury Direct (kind of) - Stuck in Neutral

Sorry about the lack of content as of late guys- Its nothing serious, just Mercury Retrograde at its finest! My computer was suffering from a bit of a lag, and so I had my Tech Support Team look at it, and wouldnt you know they just fixed it right up, gave me a huge new hard drive and all. Problem solved, right? Oh no, maybe during Mercury Direct.

No, as it turns out, due to some highly technical kerfuffle in putting the new hard drive in, it shifted a picometer, rendering the whole device absolutely useless. Le sigh. Whereas I can live without the thing, it slows me down considerably when it comes to the writing of new posts and suchlike. So unfortunately, it only hurts my readers and for that I apologize, especially since there is so much to talk about!! We have Venus into Gemini, Pluto Retrograde and Mars Direct! 

These new posts (plus a bunch of TNOs) are going to be up very very soon, I promise. Right now the estimate on when I get my computer back is Friday, so we'lll see how it goes. Now, if you'll excuse me, im off to go terrorize my Tech Support Team.

-The Astrogeek

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