Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Moon in Aries- Challenge Accepted!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is officially Aries!! Happy (Astrological) New Year!! That's what, the third time this year ive said that? (im going for a record). I hope you're all enjoying it, because we're only going up from here, and is going to be one hell of a ride!

With the New Moon in Aries, you have to go outside your comfort zone and just blast out on a brand new adventure (even if its just a day trip to a neighboring city). Its time to shake off the blegch of winter and get out and into the sunshine! Speaking of, it is nothing short of criminal to keep me cooped up in here while it is 82 and sunny on the first day of Spring (and in a polyester sweater vest no less!!) but i digress. You guys came here for Astro!

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus- Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Universe has smiled on my Laziness and is allowing me to knock out all four of these in one go. So we have a powderkeg of mental and emotional energy sitting there, waiting to be set off with a slight challenge or slight to the ego. Tread carefully, but use the opportunity to propel yourself into the next chapter of your life. An opposition to Minerva tells you to be mindful, and not to act rashly (not an easy task when you're talking about Aries!). A square to Hera puts the strain back on your relationships, both of you are fighting to acheive your own goals, and are in hyper-focus mode. Don't allow that to spill out into the home front, because first and foremost, you are aliies. A conjunction to Atropos highlights that this is a time to bring certain things to their proper end, but an opposition to Klotho shows that this is just to make a place for something new, so for the love of all that is holy just let it go already. A square to Dionysius shows that this is not a great time to drown your sorrows in the substance of your choice, but instead its a great time to carve out some time to devote to getting your six pack back. Exercise is a great way to release endorphins, and its a lot better for you than any of those body-wrecking nasty drinks or drugs (and with Jupiter and Mars in Earth signs, it is all about your bod. Be good to it). A sextile to Karma shows that you have worked really hard lately, and now its time to reap the benefits from all that work. Of course, If you've been slacking, well... A square to Cyllarus tells you to avoid rushing headfirst into anything, take your time, dont let anyone pressure you into anything and heed wise counsel. A sextile to Altjira shows that you might have to risk offending people or being a little rough in order to break away and do your own thing. An opposition to Pandora shows that this could be a knee-jerk reaction, but go with your gut if it feels like the right thing to do. A conjunction to Tantalus gives you hope of something brand new and awesome just on the horizon, but its just a bit out of reach. A little bit of Courage is necessary to win the day. Finally, a conjunction to Hermes arms you with that little bit of charm and wit that you will need to cinch those amazing opportunities.

Venus- Our girl is very quiet, with a conjunction to Hephaistos indicating dissatisfaction with your current love situation, but remember that you will pay the price if you run off with that dangerous, sexy badass that you see across the bar. A trine to Ascelpius indicates that you really, really need to watch your health, especially when it comes to what you eat. No cheating on your diet!!

Mars- Where Venus is quiet, Mars is bellowing out to the sky. Okay, so we're still a ways out from Mars Direct, but the Sun going into exaltation in Aries is still a pretty big release from all the crap that Mars in Virgo brings up, as well as helping you put out the fires from a small, seemingly insignificant little detail that goes horribly awry. A square to the Nodes challenges you to put the past behind you and strike out boldy onto a new course. An opposition to Chiron demands that you put your ego behind you if you want to get anywhere; be careful of those acting out old wounds and dramas. A conjunction to Elatus brings high energy and high spirits, capitalize on it to win the day. An opposition to Teharonhiawako wants you to put some of that towards creative pursuits, and whatever you do is welll starred. A square to Juno highlights the same relationship issues talked about earlier, but with the added twist of power struggles and powerful egos. A square to Diana shows that you may feel as though your freedom is being threatened in some way. A square to Terpsichore shows that its hard for you to just sit back and relax, but your efforts are well placed in going after your bliss. Finally, an opposition to Itokawa shows that there is a sleeping giant being awakened within you, use the new strength that you are finding.

Jupiter- An opposition to Deucalion shows that you are taking on a lot of responsibility, and you will be noticed for it. Another opposition, to Ceto, shows that there is some danger lurking in the shadows, but its nothing that you can't handle. Another opposition, to Poseidon, tells you that there is some discord between what you know you should be doing and what you're actually doing. Quit making excuses and just DO IT!! Yet another opposition (jeez, what is going on here?) to Aphrodite echoes this, adding in the added fun of heightened emotional drama. A sextile to Magdalena forces you to question whether you are going down the right path. Trust that what you are doing is right.

Saturn- Well, what about Saturn? There is an opposition to 1992 QB1, so you may be feeling like you are stuck in a remake of Groundhog Day, just doing the same thing, over and over. Keep in mind that even though it doesn't feel like it, you are making progress. A trine to Eurydike highlights the drama that you are in, possibly with a distant partner, whether that is emotionally or physically. A square to Persephone also plays on this, adding in a bit of the old victim mentality. Stand up for yourself and break free

Neptune- Not a whole lot happening here. There's an opposition to Orcus, so make sure to take things at your own pace, and don't rush into anything. Above all else, don't make any promises that you can't keep. A square to Karma highlights this as well, and warns you of the consequences of breaking your word.

Pluto- A sextile to Poseidon has you lusting after some bold new venture that will launch you out into a brand new world of success, but don't do anything until Mercury goes direct if you can help it. A trine to Psyche shows that there may be something that your partner isnt telling you. Be patient and dont go into stalker mode. A conjunction to Ophelia heightens the drama and plays off any ego battles that you find yourself in. Avoid them at all costs. A trine to Arachne shows that you need to be mindful of your words right now, make sure that you aren't being to proud or someone will definitely come in to knock you off your throne, trust me! A trine to Eros tells you that right now you need to be doing what you love, and don't worry about the haters or anyone that tries to stop you.

All in all, great astro this time, but not so well starred for bold new actions, save that for April. Use this time to psych yourself up, and get stoqued for what's coming up.

And go check out the Fabulous Starzina Starfish-Brown (who is, of course, an Aries![Not that AstroGeek's Skywatch would ever show any bias, mind you!])  in Starzina Starfish-Brown's Time of the Month Horoscope for Aries!

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