Saturday, January 14, 2012

Venus in Pisces- Here be Mermaids

Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the funhouse. That's right, Lady Venus is officially in Pisces! And seriously, how perfect is the idea of a Mermaid for this? In Pisces, Venus is said to be "Exalted" or performing especially well. It fits because its a sign where she feels right at home.

Lets talk about Venus for a minute. In the myth, Venus (Aphrodite) was born when Saturn castrated his father and threw his genitals into the sea. They foamed up, and Venus rose from the tides. Now the thing is, Venus would technically be the last Titan, but is always strictly defined as Olympian, even though she predates the Olympians by an entire age (the actual year count is a bit wonky...)

In the sky, Venus is posited between Neptune at the end of Aquarius, and Chiron at the beginning of Pisces. So we have delusion and inspiration, love and beauty, and old pain. That couldnt possibly be a recipe for destruction, now could it? Nooooo, not in Pisces....

Remember the baggage from when Venus went through Aquarius? Well, now that it's gone, expect it to come up from the depths and demand to be dealt with, ASAP. Yeah, Venus is a bitch like that, deal with it. Expect shrapnel.

Now that I have you good and scared, lets talk about the potential here: One thing that this can be (if you let it) is absolutely magical. Now i say this as seriously as possible. If you let it, this transit could change your life in ways that you never even imagined. Follow any hunches or gut instincts that you have; decisions made on a whim could pay off immensely, or leave you broke and despondent. That's just the way Pisces goes, im afraid. There's always the danger that anything taken on faith could turn out to be nothing but smoke. Also (im getting sick of saying this) AVOID ALCOHOL AND DRUGS AT ALL COST!!!!!

Ok, so your plan of attack: Pisces demands that you reflect, and go over what has happened in your relationships; what has worked and what hasn't. You know how i've been demanding that you deleverage the drama, and obliterate anything that is holding you back? Hold on to that. This is the part where you are honest with yourself, and you own up to your life, as it is. Anything that has the slightest tint of illusion or any kind of gameplaying WILL DESTROY YOU. It is toxic right now, keep everything you do, 100% above board and on the level.

Now, if you have been good little boys and girls, then you know that the main focus has been defining your goals to live your life the way you want to. Well, this is your moment guys, this is where you move from thinking to doing. Take it one step at a time, and do WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to get what you want.

One hazard: If this involves going back into a toxic situation that you recently escaped, in order to build up the resources that you need for these big dreams that you have; a word of caution. Tread lightly, because this is not the greatest idea. Keep your eyes peeled for better options.

Use your judgement and discretion, but keep a wide-eyed, innocent outlook and this transit will be amazing. Stay stuck in old methods and pain and you will drown in your own self-pity. Its up to you in the end, so why not let it rock?

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