Friday, January 6, 2012

Full Moon in Cancer- The Dark of the Moon

Ah, the Moon in Dignity. Gotta love it. Time to check in with your emotions, see if they're in tune with your goals and your progress. This is the first Full Moon of the year, and it will help to close out 2011, so we can get on with 2012!

The Sun/Moon- All is rather quiet on the Lunation front this time, there is a sextile/trine to Diana, the goddess of the Moon and the wild. Indulge your hippy side for a while, and screw anyone that tries to judge you for it. Oh, and to keep everything balanced, there is a trine/sextile to Apollo, reinforcing the Solar vibe. Draw, paint, act sing, do anything, as long as its inspired.

Mercury- Fresh out of Saggo, he strolls into Capricorn like he owns the place. This would be an excellent time to focus on your career, and if you are thinking of switching jobs (or going for that promotion) now would most certainly be the time. A trine to Jupiter has you brimming with optimism. Keep those Resolutions front and center, and capitalize on your momentum. A square to Uranus may have you hesistant to starting anything new and different however, but it is a great time to get back to basics and optimize your results. A sextile to Chiron has those old wounds finally starting to heal. Now's the time to focus on setting a tone for the rest of the year, and moving past the hurt and drama. Adding to this is a conjunction to Icarus, showing that right now the answer is to be teflon-coated and the second things start getting dramatic or too restrictive, GET OUT IMMEDIATELY, waste no time on emo crap.

Venus- Its a mixed bag for our girl at the mo'. A square to Juno puts a definite strain on relationships, and this might be an impetus to break it off, if the situation is toxic or there are constant power struggles. A square to Terpsichore puts you back out in the game if you have been sitting on the sidelines, helping you put yourself out there and have a little fun. A conjunction to Atropos shows that you are not taking any crap right now, and situations that are long overdue for closure are put to a swift and sure end, no drama. A sextile to Narcissus shows that you may be too concerned with surface issues to realize what is actually happening in the background, and this could prove to be your undoing. Semper Fi guys, but stay open and optimistic. Oh and watch out for Ixion- a sextile to the Love-Stealer shows that its all too easy to lose what you have to someone who just shows up out of the blue, when you least expect it. If this does happen though, do not chase or fight, I promise it will not go well.

Mars- Boy oh boy our boy is active at the moment. A trine to Asbolus has you focused on the future, and figuring out what it holds for you and yours. Stay alert, and keep a questioning mentality. Avoid alcohol (Seriously, it'll make you lose sight of your goals and take you down a bad road right now). An opposition to Salacia tells us that you are stuggling between head and heart; the right thing vs the smart thing. Choose wisely. A trine to Sedna shows that you are feeling like there is something missing or lacking in your life. Identify what it is and do what you need to. A trine to Niobe has you feeling quite proud of what you've accomplished, and has you resting on your laurels. Watch for boasting and gloating. Finally, a square to Hekate has you advancing along your path quite nicely, keep up the good work!

Jupiter-Not a ton going on with the king of the gods, at the moment. Still at 0 Taurus, the focus is on treating yourself. A trine to Icarus has you dreaming big dreams, possibly to escape to some exotic locale. A square to Tantalus could have what you want just out of reach, however. Finally, a sextile to Hades has you still focused on finding the root of your obstacles and cutting them out at the source.

Saturn- Poised at the end of Libra, Saturn is very active. A trine to Neptune has you laying the foundation to build the life of your dreams, keep at it, and dont allow anyone to sabotage your efforts. If you need to escape from the limelight to do this, so much the better. A conjunction to Apollon shows that at the moment you cant see the forest for the trees, and you are drowning in the details. Do one small thing each day, and watch how easily the good stuff manifests. A trine to Hera is great for commitments at the moment, whether they be in business or in love. A square to Orpheus warns against hiding your desires, and inventing reasons to deny them.

Uranus- Still at the Aries Point, Uranus has us all hopping, and if you tap into his vibe, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish! A square to Hades has you wanting to move past the toxic situations that have held you back, and start writing a different script. A square to Icarus again brings up the idea of breaking free of anything that is holding you back, and finding anything that's not 100% genuine to be intolerable. A sextile to Tantalus has you yearning for something, but be careful that it might not be all that it seems. A trine to Ascelpius tells you to take care of your health, first and foremost. Eat right, exercise, and get that apple a day.

Neptune- Neptune is pushing ever onward back to his home sign of Pisces, and til he gets there everything feels like its in flux, a constantly shifting labyrinth that may or may not have a way out. A trine to Apollon has you wanting to get out there and create something awesome. Like I said before, it doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you use your creativity to do it! A trine to Hera may bring up some aspectrs of your relationships that haven't been dealt with yet, like an ex appearing out of the blue, making bold declarations of their undying love for you. Remember, they are your ex for a reason, but, that being said, the heart wants what it wants.

Pluto- Alright, im taking up a petition to rename Pluto as Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All (20 points to anyone who gets the reference without google's help). A square to Typhon brings up those boogeymen from the closet, ask yourself, what do they want? Why? Why does that scare you? You may be surprised at the answers! Also, a therapist would be very helpful in identifying these things with you. A sextile to Vesta has you focused on your spiritual practice, but dont lose sight of the mundane matters in your life. Gotta pay the bills! A sextile to Hopi has you looking to the natural world for your answers regarding your questions and indecision. Take some time, go outside and clear your head. An opposition to Askalaphus shows that right now, your ideas might be rather unpopular, and may spark some conflict. When all else fails, withdraw gracefully. Last but not least, a conjunction to Heracles has you ready and willing to undergo the Herculanean task that you are staring down right now. That aspect is seriously awesome, and still valid for a while. Its time to get going; There is no limit to what you can do!!!
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