Monday, January 2, 2012

The Year Ahead: 2012- Fireworks

Happy freaking New Year everybody! And what a year its going to be! Are you ready?

We start out fast and furious, pulling no punches. The Moon rockets into Aries, guns blazing, to meet up with Uranus, shooting off a display that would put this picture to shame. We walk through the fires of Sun/Pluto, which burns away all the old crap, doubts fears, and baggage left over from 2011, leaving us unscathed and filled with a new, burning sense of purpose. If that weren't enough for you, we also have Mercury, blasting out of Shadowzone, still in brazen, bold, and downright awesome Sagittarius, leaving us with a sky full of Direct planets. 

Yeah, this is about to be one hell of a ride. Full speed ahead!

With the exception of Neptune, all of the outer planets have finally settled down some, and are in the positions that they will be in for the new cycle and Neptune will get there next month. The focus moves from initiation to harnessing momentum to achieve results. Smash through all obstacles that dare to stand in your way!

So, without further ado, the Astro!

(Guess what? I get to make up the rules as I go on this one, so lets try something new!)

[And oh yeah, that's pretty much the theme for the year in a nutshell, by the way.]

Emotional- Pack light, because while 2011 was all about identifying the crap and learning the lessons from it, 2012 is all about chucking the trash and ditching the baggage. 2011 was great about putting us back on the right path, and highlighting what was outmoded and worn out. At this point, you should know where you're headed, and you are ready and raring to get going! Focus on the details to make sure there are no surprises, instead of rushing in where angels fear to tread. Keep the energy level, but lose the urgency and take it slow. Let things progress in their own time, I promise it will be worth the wait. Above all, there should be no games being played. Be 100% percent clear and honest at all times, no exceptions. Do not censor or stifle yourself either. Make sure to take time for yourself and escape the rigors of the world, but dont lose control, we're way over that now, right?

Physical- Dont flake on those resolutions guys, this is the time to get shredded; buy P90X and dont miss a day, become a gym rat, and eat good food. Treat yourself right this year, there is absolutely no reason not to. Get passionate about it! Its time to live the good life, and have some FUN!! You're going to be feeling downright raunchy anyway, so do whatever with whoever feels right.

Mental- Now is not the time to flake on your bills, keep the lights on and watch the stresses evaporate. Keep your focus on the small stuff. Its time to demand what you want out of life, and go get because it sure as hell is not going to get delivered on a silver platter, you have to want it, feel it, taste it: it has to be as much a part of being alive as breathing or you'll never get it. No excess, save your money and build up your empire.

Spiritual- Ok, the inevitable point: THIS IS NOT THE END!!! Well, it is, but not in a mayan/doomsday/conflagration sense; Its the end of being weak, powerless, making excuses and not owning up to your life. Its the beginning of everything, you are stepping into your own shoes and claiming your glory. This is it guys, the gates are open, and you can have whatever you want! You just have to go for it with reckless abandon, and make it audaciously awesome.

More details as they unfold.

                                                                                    Take no prisoners
                                                                                    -The AstroGeek

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