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New Moon in Aquarius- Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff

Ahhh, Aquarius- how we've missed you (like VD...). After the long climb to the top that is Capricorn, we are finally in Aqua. Happy Chinese New Year!! Its the year of the Black Water Dragon, and how fitting is that for the start of Aquarius (The Waterbearer)?

This is a mega-auspicious time to start anything; and the bigger and more daring, so much the better. Dream big, Dream freaking HUGE! Now is the time to be blasphemously audacious and screw anyone who dares to stop you (haters gonna hate). By this point, you should have hyper-simplified your life, ramping up your efficiency by 110%, thanks to Capricorn (and Mars in Virgo) so there really shouldnt be anything holding you back. Reaching your goals is the name of the game, ladies and gentlemen, and by God (Hail Satan) im going to make sure we all get there in one piece.
Settle in, because we're just getting started!

The Sun and Moon: We start the show with the Sun and Moon both freshly into Aqua, so the air is positively electric. Helping us to dream (and live) bigger, we have a square to Jupiter, pushing us forward, full steam ahead. Another square, to Phaethon, reminds us to stay in control and keep our feet on the ground, lest we crash and burn due to our own pride. And...wait, that's it?? Really?

Mercury: Give me something good guys... Jackpot! Still in Cap, we have a trine to Mars, ramping up your energy leve, and helping you get your ass to the gym to keep up those resolutions (keep going, it'll all pay off when we get to Aries). An opposition to Varuna tells us that there is something brewing behind the scenes, but it's not time for it to make a move yet, so hope for sun but plan for rain. A square to Rhadamanthus helps you put a discerning eye to those big dreams that you have, and helps you leave behind what isnt working anymore. A sextile to Salacia indicates that you need to get your head and heart in sync here, and quit fighting yourself. Quit putting off your decision; Pick a path and see it through to the end. A trine to Sedna tells us that we might need to take ourselves out of the limelight to make sure our needs are met and so we dont get distracted from our goals. A sextile to Diana confirms this, telling you to go outside and get some fresh air to clear your head. A conjunction to Hygeia highlights this as well, adding in the caveat that you need to eat right, stick to your workout and take your vitamins. A square to Isis may have you using some unorthodox ideas to get what you want, don't be afraid to go against conventional wisdom. An opposition to Achillies shows that you will be tested, and your weaknesses will be highlighted, so you can be aware of them. Try to avoid any verbal spats, you will look like the villan.

Venus: Bolting through Pisces, Venus is very active this period. First up, we have a square to Chariklo, so right now you may not have the most active social life, but that's a blessing in disguise. Don't worry about those that you're leaving behind, they'll do just fine for themselves. An opposition to Elatus has your mood down in the depths, but if you keep going and don't let that stop you, you'll find out that your life can be pretty awesome if you want it to be. A square to Okyrhoe has your mind going full blast to try to figure out what lies ahead for you and where your path will lead. Try not to worry about it, and move forward as best you can. Like I said before, be audacious. A trine to Deucalion shows that you are reconnecting to your inner mettle, and you will need every bit of that in the days to come. A trine to Poseidon shows that you are riding some stromy seas, but remember that calm seas make shitty sailors. An opposition to Eros shows that right now, you have to do what you are passionate about, at the expense of all else. If it doesn't light you up like a Christmas tree, then it ain't worth your time. A sextile to Icarus shows that is is high time to emanicpate yourself from bullshit. Let nothing hold you back. A trine to Hopi shows that you can find the answers that you're looking for in the natural world, spend some time working with crystals, getting accupuncture, etc. A square to Ascelpius further indicates this. Don't push yourself too hard. Take a mental health day if you need to. Finally a sextile to Itokawa is shining favorably on any new relationships initiated at this time, lending you the courage to get up and walk over to that person you've been eyeing across the bar.

Mars: About to go Retrograde, our boy is wrapping up some unfinished business. By the way OHMYGOD 6 MORE MONTHS OF MARS IN VIRGO!! We will perservere. A sextile to Varuna shows that your efforts may find the best outlet if action is taken behind the scenes. Pretend you're a secret agent (Mars loves that game). A square to Quaoar is highlighting the need to put your efforts into something creative. An opposition to Salacia shows that you may be caught up in playing the victim and all sorts of other drama. Get it out of your system NOW. A trine to Sedna indicates that you may be putting too much work in trying to bring back a lost cause; Let it go. A sextile to Diana shows that you want to go out and wreck some s^%! just to blow off some steam. Try to channel it into more constructive efforts. A square to Photographica indicates that you are under some scrutiny right now, and what you do counts. Look the part, and dont do anything stupid. A sextile to Achilles will help strengthen your resolve to achieve your goals. Tap into the awesome!

Jupiter: Jupiter is moving forward in Taurus (Finally!) and the key is harnessing momentum. Start small, and dont stop for anything. A sextile to Kassandra inidcates that the future that you see might not be what will actually come to pass, stay on your toes and don't burn any bridges. A conjunction to Phaeton does not help with this, as the kid just wants to gogogo and actually is trying to burn down your bridges. So yeah, watch out for that. A sextile to Dionysius tells us to- all together now- STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE BOOZE!!! Another sextile, to Hermes, calls on you to keep your wits about you, because you're walking through a veritable minefield. Avoid bailing on everything, you might miss out on something good. A sextile to Lachesis AND Atropos shows that you are reaching the end of this cycle in your life, and a new one is about to begin. It will be just as awesome as you make it. Remember guys, you are in control here!

Saturn: Still poisited at the end of Libra, Saturn is in a sanguine mood, reflecting on everthing that has passed since he entered Libra. Its been a wild ride, but its not over yet, ohno! We still have one more round to go guys. A sextile to Neptune is, yet again, compelling you to take constructive, serious action to bring your dreams out of the clouds and into reality. A trine to Hades reminds you to make sure you have your affairs in order and aren't slacking off to go have fun at your own expense. A conjunction to Apollon could work against those efforts though. Keep on the path, and dont wander off (its Rule #1). An opposition to Sisyphus can have you wondering why you are putting so much effort into this, as you are not seeing much in the way of results. Trust me, if you keep at it, this WILL pay off.

Uranus: Now that we are back in Uranus' territory (thank the gods!), we get a little more room to have fun! As he is still on the Aries point, kicking up trouble, Its time to start a little bit of your own. That's right; you lot have been good and patient up until now, and I am giving you permission to go crazy. Do whatever it is that you want, just make sure it doesn't take you back past where you want to be. Uranus is conjunct Ceres, so again, take care of yourself first. In Aries, that tends to show up as "Get your ass to the gym and beast it out" type of caring. A sextile to Panacea tells you to explore some new modes of healing, like going to a holistic practitioner or naturopath. A square to Dionysius tells us to... oh, you know by now.

Neptune: At the very end of Aqua, Neptune will test you on every. last. thing. you have learned in the last 14 years. And no, its not an open-book kind of test, its the kind where Neptune throws you back through all the same situations that you escaped (or didn't), fast and furious style. I hope you kept the study guide... Well, there's a trine to Hades, so you can bet that you're going to go real deep on this one, and have to deal with all those old issues and lessons, and they will be exactly as strong as they were last time. What you have to remember is that you are much, much stronger than the last time that you faced those issues. A trine to Apollon tells us that you are going to feel as though you're fighting the Hydra; whenever you cut off one head, two more grow back. Use Hades' fire to cauterize the wound so they dont grow back (i.e.- deal with the issues head on, no drama, and dont allow yourself to be trapped again). A sextile to Sisyphus again makes you feel as though your efforts are in vain. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THAT THOUGHT. Use Jupiter's blinders (Taurus is famous for its ability to keep plugging away, never being distracted or moving off the path) and you'll be fine.

Pluto: Typhon is still in square, so you still are in the arena with the old monsters. Keep taking them down every time they get back up. A square to Minerva has you rethinking your grand strategy, and putting a more tactical approach into play, a la Mars in Virgo. A trine to Industria shows that yes, working hard and saving money actually is the way to get what you want now. Just make sure to get those mental-health days in. A sextile to Aphrodite shows us that there is some seriously weird love mojo in the air at the moment, keep your cool, and explore some new paths in romance. This can also play out as a really long dead and buried relationship rising from the grave, but you guys still have your combo shotgun/chainsaw/bayonet from The Annoyingly, Frustratingly Undead, right? Finally, last but not least (unless Aphrodite has something to say about it) we have the conjunction to Heracles. Your labours are not yet done, Hero. Keep pushing forward, and let your name build up to become a legend.

                                                            May You Live in Interesting Times
                                                            May You Find What You're Looking For
                                                            -The AstroGeek.

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