Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Second From the Right, and Straight On Til Morning

Hellraisers, Its time.

Blogger cant hold me anymore, and Im officially moving to a new site. Id be very honored if you all came with me.

Everything on here will remain up for as long as blogger does.

-The Astrogeek

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Moon in Aries- Bloody, Bold and Resolute

Lawd jezus, its a FIAR! Oh I know its old now, but apropos. Anyways, Its MUHUGGIN ARIES up in here! New Moon in Aries; its one of my favorite New Moons. The energy in the air, Spring, just feeling like a certified champion... Hard to beat it. Still, you have to make it last til Capricorn so dont go too hog wild!!

Ill keep it as short and sweet as I can for you all, so lets just skydive right into it!

Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars- Yes hellraisers, its another Stellium up in here. I love these, they make my life much easier by making it much, much harder! All of these guys ar joined by Eris, so you can bet this placement is about stirring up your life (for the better) and getting you way out past your comfort zone. You'll know you're onto something when you find something worth fighting for. A trine to Chariklo shows that you will not see this shakeup coming, but once it happens you will realize there was no real way that it could play out otherwise. A trine to Ixion and Burney confirms this, saying that this may come as a result of a very poorly planned choice, or possibly because you neglected to make a choice that could prevent it. Now all of this is not meant to be negative, says Black Moon Lilith, because the result of the coming changes will be positive- however the circumstances leading up to them might not be. A trine to Hylonome may inspire a new feeling of loyalty to something you love, whether that is a relationship. A quincunx to Psyche does not make this easy for you, however. Find something that sets you on fire, and set your path in its pursuit. A sextile to Thereus confirms this, and shows that your pursuit may take you off the beaten path into some surprisng places! A square to Varuna demands that you make an effort to bring yourself out onto the stage, into a place where you can have a greater impact and be seen for it. A sextile to Vesta shows that you will need to make this a long term commitment, dont waste your time if you cant dedicate the time and effort to it. A square to Astraea demands that you give this your full attention, telling you that now is not the time to pull the ripcord. More work is needed. A square to Apophis warns that there will be several distractions and attempts to pull you off of this path, but you just need to stay focused (this will get loads easier in Taurus) and keep at it. Don't allow yourself to make excuses. A square to Bacchus, an opposition to Rhadamanthus, and a trine to Amycus all confirm this. Dont allow yourself to get shaken by your own doubts and insecurities. A square to Ascelpius pushes you on, trust yourself and do what is asked of you to the best of your ability. That is the way through.

Mercury- Most Holy Hanuman, is he STILL in freaking Pisces? Ugh. At any rate, its almost over. Soon you'll have a clear head again and you'll be set to blaze a new trail. A square to Lilith, Vesta and Quaoar tells you to watch out so that you dont slip into your old habits- What you do now sets the course for this whole year. I know its hard to believe, but trust me. A trine to Varuna shows that you just want to slip away from your obligations and swim off into freedom- Don't. Another trine, to Psyche, tells you that the challenges that you are facing right now are to be conquered, not worked around. Tap Aries, and remember that you are much, much greater than you allow yourself to believe. A sextile to Kassandra asks you to look ahead and start planning out your trajectory for where you want to be next year- Play the long game. A square to Arachne confirms this, but warns you against getting discouraged because of the complexity. The best solution to a Gordian Knot isnt always a Gladius. A square to Hybris tells you that instead of warning against being proud and boastful, you're at the point to where you now need to build yourself up again, but not from an ego perspective. No, you are challenged to rebuild your sense of pride and worth, but taking care that it is rooted in a more mindful, aware part of you- Your actual Self, what is called the I AM, having conquered the ego (Even if you don't think you have conquered it just yet- You've done more than you think).

Jupiter- If it wasn't enough that the bloated gasbag is barreling full speed ahead into Cancer, hes also hitting right on a very sensitive point- the degree of last year's Venus Transit. So that means that in addition to the Mars-Venus Conjunction and all of its insanity, you are going to be presented with all of the issues that the Venus transit brought up last year, and you will be shown just how far or not-so-far you've come since then. This is a chance to get it right this time. You know exactly what you need to do- Be the best version of yourself possible. If you truly want it, put in the sweat equity and make it work, however you need to. No excuses. A conjunction to Atropos confirms this, telling you that for better or worse, you've come full circle. Show us what you've learned. A quincunx to the North Node and to Pluto shows that you are ready to make the adjustments needed in order to succeed. JUST DO IT ALREADY!

Saturn- Um... This is actually a first- Nothing major to report here. I have a square to Juno, challenging you to make deeper connections in your relationships, and a trine to Teharonhiawako which is making it easier for you to do something creative that you really want to do. Seize that opportunity, it wont be around forever. Other than that, Ive got nothing (Seriously? Nothing? Wow!), so enjoy a week off from Saturn!

Uranus- A trine to Orius tells you that you need an outlet, some way to unleash your wild side. Pressure is building up and the release is needed. Put it into something constructive. A sextile to Juno and a conjunction to Amor highlights that there are some power plays brewing in your relationships. Be aware of your boundaries. An opposition to Toro highlights a low in your drive and ambition- dont allow yourself to slip back, not when you've made so much ground! A sextile to Hephaistos says that this might be not be a great time for self-discovery and reflection, but you're too busy coming up with ideas and plans for your work and career to hear me anyway. A square to Narcissus warns of becoming too self-absorbed; why not try to lavish and adore someone else for a change?

Neptune- Blah blah Orcus, something something sextile to Magdalena... Nothing new? Oh wait, here we go- A sextile to Pallas Athene. She demands that you focus on your craft. This needs to be a way for you to actually reach into yourself and share what you find with the world. If you don't pour yourself into it, don't bother. Give it all you have, and start on it now.

Pluto- Closely sextile Chiron, we're dealing with all those old wounds that he loves to open up when he gets the chance. Here's the crazy thing though- They're actually healing. Think about it, recent events that have pushed you out of your comfort zone, and that you have stepped up to the plate on, even with your reservations; have actually helped you to move past your misgivings and old pains. Its legitimately magic. Keep at it. The sextile/Mutual reception to Saturn and to Deucalion tells you that this is not a temporary thing- start to build with taking it into consideration, not avoiding it and going around it. A trine to Elatus shows that the carrot is actually within reach for you. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but you can actually have what you want. Aries will help you get it, but you have to put in the sweat equity yourself. This is the reward, the battle plan is whats outlined above.

Get at it Hellraisers. Never forget that you are in fact worthy.
-The Astrogeek

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Venus/Mars Conjunction- Soldier of Love

Oh Hellraisers, can you smell that? No, not THAT, its spring! Yes, its in the air, things are heating up and life is returning! Of course, L'Amour is also in the air, and smells just as pungent. Its time for Venus and Mars to meet again!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of my favorite transits. Hands down, it rocks. Even for someone as anti-Venus as I am, I cant help but absolutely love this one. Even more so, now that its happening for my Venus Return!

Anyway, so what happens when you get a Mars-Venus conjunction? Well, lets look at the planets: Venus, goddess of love and beauty; And Mars, god of grit, War, and sweat? Anytime you get these two together, passions run HIGH. And in Aries? Holy hellfire, its like trying to put out a grease fire with gasoline!

So how do you work with this without getting burned to a crisp? Well you need to channel it instead of letting it run rampant through you, immolating you with its awesome. No, you need to tap into that truly amazing Aries energy, and let it inspire you. Be bold, try new things- Take up Motocross/ Dynamite Surfing /Skydiving! Go home with a stranger you meet at a bar! Take a random uplanned trip! Seriously, be shameless and just enjoy being alive for a while. If it feels like you're breaking some unwritten rule, you're doing it right. Of course, dont actually break any written rules, or promises/trust, dont cheat on your SO, and for the love of god dont come back with a disease if you do.

Playing back into the theme of Ceres, your mind is still focused on that new promising adventure that recently appeared on your horizon, the one that you really want to protect and allow room for growth. Keep at it, let it be your focus, but have fun with it! This life is way too short to be taken seriously.

Get dangerous, Hellraisers
-The Astrogeek

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ceres in Cancer- That's Right, You're Wrong

Well Hellraisers, I just reached 100 Likes on my Facebook page, so this is your reward! Seriously, you guys are awesome, and rock so hard its ridiculous. Its bringing some manly glistening to my eyes, of the type that is usually reserved for Doctor Who or some particularly ablative onions.

Getting into the astro, its been a while since we last checked in on Mama Ceres, so lets see whats up there, aye? She's been stuck in Gemini, with just Jupiter for company for a while. The last time this happened, she ended up pregnant with Persephone! So probably most likely with child, she heads into the much more feminine-friendly Cancer, to focus, recharge and recover- but most importantly to protect the new life within her.

Thats the main theme here- protecting something new that has just recently appeared in your life. You need to make sure it has support, room to grow, and has a chance to become something amazing. Look to wherever the start of Cancer is in your chart, and you'll see where this is going to play out for you. For instance, in the Seventh it could very well be some hot new love interest! Invest some time and energy on it.

The thing thats going to be hard is the dichotomy between the Aries "Me, me, me!!" attitude, and the Cancer attitude of "What's best for baby". Walk the middle ground- Let the Cancer soften the Aries Ego and consider the feelings and desires of others, while enabling the mother to channel Aries and empower her to defend herself and the new life within her.

The more I sit with this and write on it, the more I realize this is actually big. Work with this guys, sit with it and bring it into form. Trust your instincts- You should already know what this is. Be selfish, make it yours! That way you can defend it. Engage your support network- They will truly want to help you. In the same track, reach out to those around you and see if there is anything you can do to help them, they might need you in ways that are hard to broach. Pallas Athene switching signs in the same time and in sextile will be a great ally here, riding out ahead and being the shield-bearer for Mama Ceres, making sure she is truly defended.

Most of all- this is to become something that enriches your life, not consumes it. Maintain balance. Make sure your own needs are met so that you can meet the needs of others. And enjoy this! The process is pure dead magic, embrace it!

Breathe deep Hellraisers!
-The AstroGeek