Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Moon in Leo- So Hot Right Now

No Derek, not when its still Leo Season... Just keep calm and work on Magnum.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you're going to want to take the time to relax and recharge your batteries now while it lasts, because next up is craziness. We're staring down another dose of the Cardinal Crisis, and Pretty Much Everything moving into Scorpio. Oh yes, there will be fuqery and silliness, and a hefty dose of glaring/eyefucking at anything that moves. Perfect your look now.

Now, on to the other Astro...

The Sun and Moon- Well, this is going to start out with a tight sextile to Saturn and Mars (ohyes, its going to be one of those Moons... Better get your big girl panties on, princess), so drama is a big no no, and serious, sobering reality checks abound. If you're deluding yourself, your ego will be cut to the quick faster than you can say "Sassafras" BUT at the end of the day you will be left with a much more realistic and truthful view of your situation, so not all bad, right? Tons of potential if you do it right, just not the most cheerful skies. And lets not forget the trine to Eris, stirring up just enough trouble to get you to stop causing it. An opposition to Nessus brings some tough love to the table, bringing your animal nature up to the surface so that you can either fall to it or choose to reject it. Not a choice to make lightly. A square to Diana confirms this, but stresses that there may be a middle way that you're not seeing. A square to Terpsichore tells you to do what makes you come alive, even though it isn't easy at all. You have to be your own cheerleader. A trine to Bienor confirms this, and makes it very easy to fall back into old "Oh, why ME??" traps. We are way past that, don't stumble now. A sextile to Toro helps you keep pushing even though you just want to quit. Dont stop now. A square to Sedna shows that you need to deal with what you're missing in your life. Identify it, figure out a way to get it, and then focus on what you have right now. Dont give it up so cheaply, you worked hard for this.

Mercury- Finally Direct, its full steam ahead for The Tweaker. A sextile to Altjira and trine to Okyrhoe AND Uranus AND Pallas Athene helps you to get the perspective you need to make informed decisions, but a square to Kassandra may make you question and reject sound advice, even if its your own. A quincunx to Pluto and Chiron tells us that you may know what you need to do in your head, but knowing what to do and getting the courage to do it are two very different things. Dont let fear and pain from the past hold you back, you're not going that way.

Venus- Our girl is happily rolling around in Cancer, making life generally more bearable, one batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies at a time. There is a cloud hanging overhead, however... An opposition to Pluto keeps trying to encroach on the fantasy and bring the reality into focus, but damnit if she isnt ignoring his every intrusion like its her job (which, here, it kind of is) A square to Uranus and Pallas Athene is no help either, acting like rowdy kids that have had waaaaaay too much sugar for anyone's good. A trine to Chiron suggests the answer isnt at the bottom of your Valium Martini. What's a mom to do? A sextile to Elatus keeps your spirits up and looking on the bright side. A conjunction to Cyllarus can lead you to do too much for others, make sure your own needs are being met. An opposition to Crantor also confirms this, make sure you are keeping strong emotional boundaries. A trine to Deucalion and Heracles can leave you very beleaguered, yet paradoxically gives you all the strength you need to meet the needs of the day. A trine to Ceto warns of unresolved emotional issues that may spring up without notice. Stay on guard. An opposition to Icarus shows that now might not be the best time to stretch your wings; Wait out the storm.

Mars and Saturn- Ah, Mars conjunct Saturn... I look forward to this aspect every year, its great medicine! It can be a bit intense, however! Constructive action is so important right now. Stay ahead of the curve. A square to Varuna tells you to work behind the scenes and get out of the limelight for a bit. It will help you get loads done. A quincunx to Sedna has your focus on matters of the heart; Invest some time with your loved ones. An opposition to Bienor shows that even though the odds are stacked against you, persistence and resolute focus will help you win the day. You're stronger than you think. A conjunction to Isis shows that you will achieve your goals, by any means necessary. A trine to Toro not only confirms this, but ensures it. You will have to make difficult decisions however. A sextile to Sisyphus shows that you are feeling as though your situation is hopeless, its really not. Keep pushing. A square to Orpheus tells you to rally support from your circle, it will be key to your victory.

Jupiter- Gearing up to go Retrograde and looking extremely suspicious with the large black marker in his hand, Papa Jupiter needs at least one set of eyes on him at all times (Don't Blink). An opposition to Amycus shows a heightened propensity for rash action that is extremely ill-advised. Consider all your options and make sure that you're not missing something. A conjunction to Vesta confirms this, and suggests maybe letting someone else shoot themselves in the foot while you sit back and watch. A trine to Pandora warns you against pushing things too far, and not giving them enough time to succeed. A square to Siwa tells you that you still have to do some demolition in order to clear your build site for a new project. Do it without emo drama; quickly and cleanly- A professional job.

Uranus- Still traveling with Pallas Athene, The Mad Scientist demands you expand your horizons and think bigger than you have before. A trine to Chariklo and Okyrhoe confirm this, and tell you to go deeper. A square to Kronos pushes you to do what you want, and have no regrets doing it. Look for authentic experiences that really speak to you. A trine to Hidalgo drives you to speak out for what's right and stand up for yourself and others. Do not allow yourself to be silenced. A sextile to Phaethon has you in the view of those who can help you, and they like what they see. Capitalize on that.

Neptune- A square to the Nodes still has you questioning your path, but dont look for anything to be resolved just yet. Keep asking questions and dont settle. A conjunction to Lilith (the Asteroid, not BML) and a square to Asbolus confirm this, and tell you that right now you shouldn't be focused on the big picture; handle today's challenges. A trine to Hades shows that you need to clear your way ahead before you can really progress. Stay unattached and light and you'll go far.

Pluto- Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, is in a hell of a mood and has no time for your insufferable and endless questioning! Come back later when something's actually happening.

Til then, as always go check out the Fabulous Starzina Starfish-Browne and her Amazing Rodents er, Time of the Month Horoscope!

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EDIT- Added Jupiter


  1. Ummm forgetting Jupiter?

    1. Oh shit, did I? Er, I mean... Jupiter is surprisingly unimportant this lunation, due to... Sesquiquadrates forming with asteroid 821 Fanny, and being conjunct the Part of Cucumbers and Melons. And those are both real things in astrology that I did not make up on the spot at all.

      So there.

      But seriously, there's totally a Part of Cucumbers and Melons. Quite possibly the most ridiculous thing in Astrology.

    2. Really, not to those that are ruled by it. Wow, I thought I respected this site but just wow.

    3. Woah Anon, it was a joke to buy myself some time to write up the correction lol. I tend to make those, and sometimes they're not funny (or so im told). Jupiter section should be up shortly.