Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jupiter Retrograde- A Test Of Character

God you really cant take me anywhere anymore. A simple night out with my family becomes a raucous bacchanalia without warning, and the discovery is made that I have multiple fan clubs. I have no idea who any of those people are but they sure as hell know me! New rule- always go out on the New Moon and never ever ever on the Full Moon. Or was that already a rule? Not sure, its gone all timey-wimey and im rambling. 

Round 2, Ladies and Gentlemen. Get your game face on.

So, Jupiter Retrograde, huh? Jesus, somebody pour me a Valium martini and lace the rim with Vicodin, Papa needs to take the edge off. 

Last time we checked in with Jupiter was when he got sick of plodding through Taurus and entered Gemini. Since then, he has had to deal with Venus stealing his thunder with her Occultation (that transit of the Sun everyone was on about) and he had to put up with her for an extended stay to boot! Well, hes soldiered on, and has made it about halfway through the sign (incidentally, right where Venus put on her show, give or take a degree) and is ready for a bit of a break. So he's going Retrograde.

God help us.

Jupiter intends on making this difficult for us, guys. The challenge is going to be whether you can make it through without falling back on those old habits that you used to think were the only way to survive, or if you can use all of your shiny new skills and knowledge to succeed. And in Gemini? Yeah you are going to have to hustle if you want to make it. Its time for you to start living on your wits again; nose to the grindstone isnt going to cut it alone anymore.

You're going to need to have Faith in order to see this one through. Faith in what, you ask? Well, you're going to need to have faith in yourself. I know, it sounds trite, but bear with me. Look at where Gemini falls in your chart if you know it. The area that represents in your life is where you are going to need to do to the max. For me, thats going to be the Sixth (and Fifth) House, so fitness is going to be key to my success (and later on, unleashing my personal awesome).

Anyway, wherever this transit falls, Jupiter is going to stretch and pull that area of your life until it is suitably awesome. You will need to call on it and use it more than is comfortable, but as long as you do it correctly, at the end you will have achieved more than you thought was possible.

But ya gotta have faith.


-The AstroGeek


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