Monday, October 15, 2012

New Moon in Libra: I Feel Pretty, Oh, So Pretty...

Hello, Hellraisers! Yes, I know- Im sorry, it was him or Ke$ha. No one deserves that punishment.

Alright Libras, show of hands- Who feels like this right now? Hell, who am I kidding? We all do. After that insanity, in surprised we're all still standing! I knew you guys could make it though.

So, our first shot of Libra since Saturn left the sign! Hope you paid attention during that last exam, because BOOM POP QUIZ! Yes ladies and gentlemen, its time to take what you learned from Saturn during his sojurn and APPLY it. Now, wherever you had Libra is going to be helpful in processing the lessons (though honestly- if you havent gotten it yet, you're just not getting it. Wait til after your Saturn Return, young'n) and really defining them, which will show you where they fit in the new "You" (and if you think that you're not a completely different person yet, you are in for a nasty shock...)

Curiously (well, not so much to me because i know what im looking for, but for you lot and because I need to fill up the space) most of the lessons that I am hearing about involve Courage, a very non-Libran trait; belonging more to its opposite, Aries. How did Saturn push you to fight, take what you want, and defend what you love? These are questions you are going to need to answer and move forward with. 

Anyway, I cant ramble on about Saturn all night (as much as i'd like to sometimes...), so without much vacillating, onto the other Astro!

Sol Invictus and Luna Noctiluca- Okay, lets take a look at the situation here... *jaw drops* Holy hell, this little Lunation is directly opposite Eris. The best way to channel this is to rise up like an unholy warrior, full of piss and vinegar, and refuse to take anything that is holding you back. Put something awesome into motion, and do it NOW. Bring your A-game, and for the love of whichever God or Goddess we're asking for help from this week (oh fine, its Aphrodite), dont try to do anything less than that or you will fail. Come correct and Go Hard bitches, its Libra Season! A trine to Nessus tells you that you need to really purge the poison you have in your veins in order to move forward. You don't need to carry your baggage anymore- Just drop it, seriously. A sextile to Echeclus tells a different story, however- Time is an issue. Unresolved issues from the past will return- Deal with them (laughter helps); Uncertainty about the future will emerge- Refuse to let it paralyze you now; Own the present- This is your moment, start acting like it! Repeat after me- Always forward, never back. Make this your mantra. A conjunction to Rhadamanthus? You will be judged. What you have done up to now, what you are doing and what your plans are? Its all on the table. Anything that isnt going to work is going to be eliminated. I cannot stress this enough- Do not fight this process! Let it happen, even if it was the most super unbelievably awesome plan that you have ever concocted. Make a new one, one that works! A quincunx to Sedna tells you to stand up, and not to be afraid to demand to get what you want. There is no shame in it, as long as you put in the sweat equity in order to get it. A sextile to Quaoar tells you that there is a great deal of potential around you, but you have to use it to create an opportunity for yourself. Be authentic, and keep going no matter what, even if you find yourself completely and utterly alone. Thats when the fun starts, trust me. A trine to Heracles shows that you DO in fact have it in you to accomplish these great feats, but you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to do so. A bit of cleverness wont hurt either, though.... A sextile to Narcissus warns you of being too proud to turn down help from those who truly want you to succeed. Dont allow that to happen, stay open and alert for any opportunity. A trine to Hygiea confirms this, And asks "Would it kill you to smile a bit more? Oh, okay... try this, its called toothpaste. Use it often".

Mercury Terminorum- Mercury is almost silent. This cant be good... Last I saw, he was in the corner with Venus, plotting with that sextile of theirs, thick as thieves. Tell someone you trust a secret, you'll be surprised at what they share in return. It will bring you closer together and help to build trust. A sextile to Elatus shows that even though you are plotting and scheming and the details are driving you insane, you are in a surprisingly good mood! Use it to your advantage- walking around with a small, knowing smile on your face all day does WONDERS when it comes to freaking out your enemies. A quincunx to Jupiter is challenging you to think BIGGER when you make your schemes; Its time to graduate up to the big leagues, junior! Make some waves. A trine to Panacea shows that you are going to want to take the easy way out of a situation, but another trine, to Borasisi warns that if you take the out, it will just lead you further down the rabbit hole. A trine to Helio helps you to shine, dont bother to hide your brilliance right now! Arrogance is your enemy, obviously, but Humility isnt your friend either.

Venus Victrix- Not a ton to go over here either, the big news is a square to Jupiter that is so scandalous, you even shocked the hotel maids. And take it from me, THAT is something. that trine to Elatus is SUCH an awesome mood booster though, you're just oozing positivity (or is it positively oozing? [on that note, ewwww] Starzina's rubbing off on me again, I think. Or is it... wait, no- not even going to finish that thought for my own health) and those around you are definitely taking notice (seriously bitch- here's a towel, clean yourself up. You're oozing on my rug). A square to Amycus begs you to consider the consequences of your actions, and think about those you may hurt before you act. What has worked for you before may not work anymore. An adjustment is needed. An opposition to Borasisi tells you to watch out for sweet words that mean nothing- Lies are hardest from (and to) those we love the most. Another opposition, to Panacea confirms this- Dont deny reality. A conjunction to Sappho tells you your mission right now needs to be to become Self-Fulfilled, no matter what. It gets LOADS easier once you get that conquered. Of course, that is the secret message of the age, now isnt it? Do this and win the game before anyone else figures out the rules.

Mars Ultor- Well, the hits keep on coming. Our boy is in a crazy high-energy trine to Uranus, so yes to audacious new plans/ventures but no to petty spats and altercations. A square to Chiron confirms this, and adds that when all else fails, run from the situation in order to avoid getting sucked in. Thats right, you heard me. An opposition to Altjira tells you that its time to stop talking and start doing. Move quickly or you will miss your window of opportunity. A sextile to Siwa confirms this, but tells you that you need to have a lot of faith, as you aren't able to see the whole picture just yet. Take a deep breath, steel your nerves and move forward anyway. Another sextile, to Persephone tells you that no matter what you have lost and how much it hurts right now, you need to keep going. You will find what you are looking for again, but not right now. Now you need to be strong in yourself (or at least make a good show of it, because its all you can do to keep it together) and spit in the face of your self-doubt, laughing hysterically. Scorpios, you guys know what im talking about; everyone else is going to figure it out by 2014. A sextile to Orpheus also confirms this, but warns that you are going to have to traverse some rough road coming up here, and you're going to have to lead the way, or do it alone. This takes serious balls. Luckily, you have them. Finally, a square to Orcus challenges you to maintain your integrity in all of this. Trust me, you will be tested with temptation. Read the contract carefully before signing anything.

Jupiter Lucetius- An opposition to Pholus, Eros and Ixion has you longing for what has come and gone- You need to accept that what has passed is now firmly in the past and that you are in the present. Look ahead, and get excited about new potentials that are right under your nose rather than allowing yourself to get trapped in self-pitying martyrdom. Besides, there's a reason that its in your past (no matter how good it was). Make better choices next time (Ohyes, there WILL be a next time. I guarantee that.) A sextile to Pelion tells you that you need to take some time away from the everyday and recuperate. Give yourself space. A conjunction to Chaos is calling you to face your fears and start something brand new. Do not give in to that nagging voice in your head. A square to Urania indicates that you have got to start trusting yourself if you expect to make it through. Seriously, you dont need validation on every single decision you need to make. Weigh your options, and always go with your gut/intuition. We are DONE walking on eggshells and waiting for the other shoe to drop. No, bloody bold and resolute is the name of the game now! 

Saturn Zamolxis- Okay, awesome, I get to rave about Saturn again! Lets see, trine to Neptune, nothing new there. Although keeping a dream journal is wicked awesome right now, so do that. A sextile to Eurydike asks how you will react when what you were depending on falls through. Do you make adjusments and press forward, or do you throw your hands up and admit defeat? In the end, that is up to you, but either choice, commit fully. This is not a time for a crisis of faith. A sextile to Toro is awesome for helping you keep your momentum going, provided you can make the initial spark on your own. A trine to Ceres helps you do whatever is needed to get what you want. Make sure you are acting from love, and not fear/doubt.       

Uranus Aiolomorphos- A trine to Juno can bring back old flames out of the blue (read: everyone you've ever even so much as crushed on). It starts small, with flings and crushes first, and moves quickly up to the heavy hitting ghosts of romance past. Wrap up what is unfinished and go forward (or stay and settle. I really cant tell you what's right for you there). Curiously, this seems to have an air of "Second Chances" about it. Again, what you do is up to you. A sextile to Altjira forces you to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation, both yours and theirs. An opposition to Siwa, Orpheus and Persephone calls for you to stand up and do whatever it takes to get back what you want, if it still matters to you. 

Neptune Ennosigaios- Oh thank god, we get a break here. A trine to Ceres is telling you to nurture your dreams. They are what is keeping you going after all, right? A square to Asbolus makes it a little difficult to stay cheery, and some very harsh truths need to be faced, but it is worth it to do. An opposition to Toro shows that energy levels and drive are very low, and you will need to fake it most days. Take as much time for yourself as possible. 

Pluto Eubuleus- So what's new with Pluto? Well, not a whole heck of a lot. The major one to watch is a conjunction to Icarus, indicating that you are really struggling with the mantle you are carrying right now, and you just want to throw it off and go do something else. The only thing ill ask is this: What's stopping you?

So stay alert guys, step forward with cautious optimism, and dont be scared to believe again (just a little). Do whatever it takes, and dont lose something amazing just because you were too good to fight dirty for it. 

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(what, did you REALLY think I was going to let you off that easy?)

And thats all for me folks! See you in Scorpio!
-The AstroGeek

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