Friday, October 5, 2012

Scorpio Black Ops, Act IIII: Mercury in Scorpio- Talk Dirty To Me

Oh I have been WAITING for the right moment to use this one, guys. Mercury into Scorp, huh? Well this is Round 3. Officially the home stretch now.

Right then- Mercury. The bastard has been wrapping up his stay in Libra, and is partied out. Enough of the platitudes, backhanded insults and being civilized- Mercury wants something real.

Right now he feels like a private dick from an old whodunit. Craving the streets and a good puzzle to tackle, our boy is getting antsy. Luckily, there is a lot of work to be done in Scorpio...

Its time, ladies and gentlemen, to focus on the matter at hand (whatever that may be) and make some decisions. Wherever you have Scorpio is going to get a mental supercharge, in addition to all the other nonsense happening there. For me, that is the 10th, so its all about my career and worldly ambitions.

The big thing about Merc in Scorp is that he gets so hungry for knowledge right now. You may find yourself interested in new ideas that are a little... offbeat. Follow where they lead, if you dare.

Also, if you are doing any kind of psychological/ subconscious work (and even if you're not), this is an amazing time to take a good, hard look at what's in the dark, murky depths and get some awesome insights about it. Take time to be alone with your thoughts and give yourself a chance to process these insights.

Also, obligatory Scorp warning- For some reason, this placement turns the Mercury ruled (like yours truly) into full blown lothario mode. And while we think we are being smooth, in practice it ends up more like a bad impression of Austin Powers. Its better to read body language, and the intention behind the words rather than listen to the words themselves, which are guaranteed to make you laugh and probably spit up your drink. Unless you're into that sort of thing...?

(Oh damn it, its starting to get to me too. Better end it before I go overboard!)

Good hunting!

-The AstroGeek

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