Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Venus in Virgo: Lets Get Physical, Physical

Well shit, its time for Venus to switch signs again. This time, its Virrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgo. Holy bajayzus, what a ride through Leo that was, huh? Well, the scene is about to change very drastically...

Ladies and gentlemen, the focus is shifting from strutting around knowing you are the HBIC to stepping back and getting your awesome on behind the scenes. Ignore this at your own peril, because the skies are not looking good for any kind of egoism or bombast (especially for the Geminis in the audience, but we'll get to that). Humility is key, and its low-key at that. Notice that does not say passivity. No, you need to be raging on the inside and just barely covering it up in order to function.

Now you cant run full-tilt like this, or you'll end up burnt out and no fun at parties. No, you need an outlet or you will drive yourself batshit crazy. Now, if you know where Virgo is in your chart, then do that full-tilt. If you dont, then just focus on getting your overall fitness and health tip-top. For instance, Virgo is square in my 8th House, so my focus is primarily on my financial fitness and getting rid of any and all debt ASAP.

Venus is also in charge of money (on a day-to-day personal level [but not when it comes to actual transactions]) so this could very well be a boon to a stagnant sector for your finances. The best possible use of these would be to invest in yourself now. Health, fitness, education, job skills, anything that is strictly about you bettering yourself is money well spent.

If you have to tighten your belt a little to make it work I must stress the importance of making ends meet the right way, however you define it. Do not break your own or societys rules to make it work ,and for the love of Inanna, keep your nose clean at all times. Friends or associates that are less than pillars of society? Ditch them for a month or two.

Now I would be remisss if I neglected to mention that Venus in Virgo is going to be fantastic support to all that is happening with the Scorpio Black Ops nonsense. Think of it like this, if all the boys (Mars, Mercury and Saturn) are the mobsters, Venus is the accountant who keeps 6 sets of books, one for the Feds, one to be caught with, one for each of the boys, and the real one for herself. This girl is good. She is the real power behind the throne.

This month, strive for perfection wherever possible, however you define that. Get your house in order, get up a little earlier to get your cardio in, and dont forget to take your supplements. Play by the rules and you'll get through just fine.

Oh yeah, this is just Round 1 of an insane 5 days of the Planets jockeying for position, changing signs and changing direction. Stay frosty.

-The AstroGeek

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