Friday, September 28, 2012

Full Moon in Aries: Dramatis Personae

Most holy Huitzilopochtli (Praise Him), we come to you on this day to ask for your protection from shitheads, haters, asshats and douchenozzles, and we pray for the strength not to backhand a bitch. Ohhhhooohhhwooaaaahhhh, IiiiiWiiissshhhAaaMothaFuckaWould... Amen.

You guys, this one is for real. Even though its not til Saturday, Im writing this up early because for some reason, Its already ramping up in effect and is only getting stronger (and because Im not trying to be beasting it out on Saturday in the wee hours of the morning. Screw that). That and I have an irresponsible amount of caffeine running through my veins.

Still though... This is an Aries Moon.

Oh Aries... I love a good Aries. Aries moon should be renamed the Man The Fuck Up moon (And while we're at it, lets make Scorp the Psychopaths United moon, and Pisces the Holy Hell- Where Am I, What All Did I Do Last Night And Why Are We In Tennessee All Of A Sudden? moon) because no matter what your situation, there's something you're trying not to face right now- You know exactly what Im talking about. You need to just sack up and get it over with, because its not going to take care of itself magically.

Speaking of getting it over with...

The Sun and Moon- Well, starting out we have the Moon hooked up to Uranus and Pallas Athene, so expect absolute insanity right out of the gate, and everything will be highly charged. If you keep a cool head, and dont get caught up in your issues then you can rock out some serious awesomeness. Hell, it could be that spark that you've been waiting for. On the Sun-Side, he is slumming with Typhon, which does nothing to help us stay in control; You feel more akin to some avenging angel ready to smite all who stand in your way. Try to avoid this, for obvious reasons (unless you are in good with people who can, you know, help you to "clean up your messes" and wont ask too many questions.) Now, since the universe has a really twisted sense of humor, this is all happening in square to Pluto, so this is all going to have a "Do or Die" feel to it. You will feel like you have no options that work. A trine to Altjira tells you to take a step back and breathe. Get some perspective and see what your situation really is, no bullshit. A sextile to Askalaphus is telling you that you need to speak up against things that you do not agree with, even if it means speaking alone. Stand up for yourself! A trine to Eros kicks you into a frenzy for what you are passionate about, so live it! Its not enough to just feel it! A square to Kronos tells you to watch how you are spending your time. Remember, if it can be tracked, it can be conquered.

Mercury- Holy bajaysus, Merc has shot through Libra (he's almost to Saturn's spot). That can only mean one thing: (that Astro is really not paying attention to his Sun's Ruler?) Mercury is gearing up for another Retrograde (Oh. Or that works too, i suppose). Now its not happening yet, but be ready: Its coming. More on that further out. Today, however, the main aspect is an opposition to Eris. Its going to be really tough to get along just to get along right now, and you may have to swallow a hefty dose of your pride. A conjunction to Rhadamnthus asks you to take a good hard look at where you are and decide once and for all if its really worth it. If it is, quit bitching; If not, well, get out and quit bitching. A quincunx to Sedna tells you to go with whatever fulfills you, and not tolerate anything thats lacking. Make sure your needs are being met first and foremost. A square to Varuna shows that a lot of what you are stressing about is out of your hands. Focus on what you can control. If you can't, its not worth wasting any time on right now. A sextile to Quaoar is supercharging this whole mess, and telling you that even though things may not look so good right now, this wont last forever. Keep dancing.

Venus- The big news here is the square between Mars and Venus. Ohyes, that sexy, magical, intense (and did I mention veryvery sexy?) square which causes all sorts of sexy, sexy issues. Oh wait, there's nothing sexy about issues, thats right! Remember that. Tune into the tension, but dont over-think it. Just move with the tide and check your baggage at the door for the weekend. Also, this is an High-Octane Undead Ex alert, so be prepared. If you do become affected by this, There's a reason they're showing up again. Try to decode out the message that the universe (or god, fate, what have you) saw fit (in all of its insane and highly suspect faux wisdom) to entrust them to delier unto you without getting caught up in their drama and bullshit. Other than that, not much to talk about here until our girl moves into Virgo and moves to oppose Neptune.

Mars- A bit more to go over here, however. Our boy is almost through with his sojourn in Scorpio and is gearing up for Saggo. God help us. Til then, we have a conjunction to the North Node, trying to get you to make moves toward what YOU want to do with your life, but you just wont listen, will you? Oh well, cant be helped I suppose... You could chalk it up to his opposition to Sedna, which is a little stronger than the conjunction, but not much. A quincunx to Vesta makes it very hard to stay dedicated and on track, but with a few adjustments of your expectations, you should do just fine. A trine to Salacia tells you that if there is something that you really, really, really want then you should go for it. You might find that its more easily attained than you think! You're going to need to give it all you've got though, because with him squaring Heracles, there is no going halfway this time.

Jupiter- Good god, just get it over with and go Retrograde already!! Le sigh. An opposition to Ixion is really stressing your patience and goodwill. Only do as much is necessary, sit back and let the asshat dig his own grave. A conjunction to Chaos tells you that there is a lot that is out of your hands, and if it is, then dont focus on it, it wont help you to. Just focus on what you can control. A square to Sisyphus doesnt help anything here- just leaving you more stressed and burnt out, but its not time to bow out just yet. A sextile to Pelion helps you keep your eye on the goal.

Saturn- I am not dealing with Saturn until he hits Scorpio (October 5th). Finish Strong.

Uranus- Not a lot to go over here.... Square to Pluto, google it. A trine to Eros shakes things up, and reignites your passion for something you had thought was lost. My advice would be to follow it and see where you end up. A sextile to Altjira tells you that if you want to go anywhere with it or get something done, its up to you to do.

Neptune- A trine to Ceres warns of the dangers of overlooking your needs, especially when it comes to your nutrition. Feed yourself, but only the good stuff. A square to Juno tells you that when it comes to relationships, nothing is clear. Dont hold out false hope, and keep moving forward the best you can with what you know right now. A square to Asbolus warns against letting yourself give up. Keep yourself as lighthearted as possible. Things are tough right now, you dont need to make it any tougher on yourself.

Pluto- Nothing really new here, other than the fact that hes freaking squaring the whole Lunation, a la 2010. But we've already talked about that, so go back and read it if you missed it. A trine to Orcus also comes into play, giving us double the trouble and double the intensity. A sextile to Chiron cuts deep, right where we're vulnerable. Take note of where the blow strikes and protect yourself next time. A trine to Hera warns against getting caught up in political drama, let others who are much smarter or braver (read:dumber) than you take on that challenge. Sit back and strike after everyone has counted you out. Finally, a sextile to Apollo indicates that this is a great time for the authentic you to shine, so put yourself out there and make the world take notice of you!

Well guys, thats all I have for you right now, but stay tuned, because things are going to start moving very quickly now.

And for more astro, with a much lighter tone, go check out the Fabulous Starzina Starfish-Browne for her Time of the Month Horoscope! The Libra edition.

(No Lemurs were harmed during the making of this Video.)
(Except that one, and that was an accident)

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