Thursday, September 6, 2012

Venus in Leo- In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

Thats right people, that right there is a woman driving in what appears to be some sort of circus deathmatch with a Lion in her sidecar, like its no big deal. Somehow, that seems just about right, no?

Well, we're moving from Cancer to Leo for our girl Venus. Ladies and gentlemen, we are heading back into the jungle. And take it from me, our girl is the Queen, and you will be too. Either that or you'll be eaten alive, take your pick.

And I feel the need to stress again that we are going back into LEO, people. So grab your hairspray, bedazzle the shit out of something, and make sure to be within 10 feet of a mirror at all times, because its time to get fabulous.

No more sitting at home, flaking on friends and sitting in front of a computer screen. No, its time to get out there and flaunt whatever you got. Screw the haters (and ohyes, there will be haters- make no mistake), go out and dance like Rome is burning and its your last day on earth.

Its not all fun and games though. You need to keep your eyes open and ears pricked, because the more open and positive you are right now, the more you will be noticed for it. And that can lead to a great many things- A raise, new relationship, new opportunity, anything really. Be on the lookout and then GO OUT AND MAKE IT HAPPEN. Great things can happen when you are open and honest about what you really want.

Others will also be feeling this, however the default mode of expression is to go into Prima Donna mode. Avoid doing this yourself and steer clear of anyone who slips into that mode. Extra patience is required with these people, and more than likely you will need to smooth over some bruised egos before its all said and done. Saturn is still in Libra, so swallow your pride and make it work before you let it become a confrontation.

Basically, go out and be awesome and you'll do just fine.

Suit up
-The Astrogeek

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