Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturn in Libra- A Review

Libras, have you got that yet?

Allright, so I knew that while Saturn was wrapping up his extended stay in Libra, the one thing we could count on is a whole lot of testing of the strength of relationships, but I was not prepared for the insane amount of relationships which seem to have failed the test! Something about Venus squaring off against Saturn set a lot of people off, and just wrecked the relationship scene. Now obviously, this is not ALL relationships, and a great many of the ones that did pass the test seem to be all the stronger at the mo'.

Seriously though, what the hell guys? Venus aspects Saturn fairly regularly, but something about this one... More Cardinal Crisis, Disaster Astro I suppose. At any rate, there is some good news- Venus is in LEO (rawr) now and it is time to step back into the world in force!

Before you do that however, I STRONGLY urge you to take some time away, and seriously reflect on what the relationship meant to you, what you learned, and what you know never to do again. Especially while the Moon is in Cancer (9/9-9/11 [yeah, expect a LOT of emotional raking and release on the last day of the transit, especially in America {America is a Cancer as well. Definitely one to watch}]), its brilliant for doing any internal work (Moon = reflective) especially when its about emotions, specifically the ones you try to avoid and hide from. They will need to be faced and moved on from.

Actually, it would be good to take at least two days and try to process everything that you have learned and how much you've grown since 2009, when Saturn first entered Libra (and especially how far you've come since February, when Saturn when Retrograde and Neptune entered Pisces) . Think back, I guarantee that you have come ridiculously far since then. But keep one day specifically for your relationship work. Journal, record yourself, meditate on it, whatever you need to do to process. I would reccomend something where you can express your feelings in words, because Libra is an Air sign and communication is all-important to us Airs (but oddly, not to Aries...).

While Saturn may be the main attraction, he certainly is not the only one to watch. Pluto is sextiling Chiron, making it a little easier to face all that old pain and just LET IT GO and move past it. It needs to be faced, and reflected on first however, and trust me, that will not be easy. You don't need to face it alone, remember that.

Also in the mix is a interesting lineup of the North Node, and the asteroids Juno and Eros. Now, Juno deals with relationships and commitment, as well as power struggles; Eros represents passion and romantic love. When you put those with the North Node, indicating Karma, Life Lessons and Choices, a picture starts to emerge. You may presented with a deluge of either new prospects or reminders of love past, depending on how much you move on and how much you cling to what was. If things are still up in the air I urge you to resolve them one way or another in order to allow both parties to move forward instead of being stuck in neutral.

Regarding moving on, you need to do so in a forward motion. This means no backsliding into old patterns that you've outgrown. And trust me, if you do try to slip, you will notice that you dont have any enthusiasm for those activites and they will feel draining and irritating. Don't waste your time, focus on doing productive things that you actually get excited about instead.

After the 11th, the Moon joins up with Venus and this gets LOADS easier, but to get there you need to go down to the Cancer's dark depths and air out the old crap.

Hang in there guys, the end of a Saturn transit always feels like exam week, but you have to do it or you dont graduate, capicé? And besides, after Saturn hits Scorpio is when the fun REALLY begins.

Stay tough as nails
-The AstroGeek

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