Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Scorpio Black Ops, Act II: North Node of The Moon into Scorpio- La Petite Mort

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, I have had enough of these motherf*%$ing snakes on this motherf*%$ing plane! Oh wait, wrong movie. Well, same sentiment, I suppose.

Lets talk about something that does not get anywhere near the attention it deserves: The Nodal Axis of the Moon. First off, they dont exist (as in they arent physical bodies. NASA could never mount a mission to the Nodes); they are mathematical points where the Moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun through the cosmos [which is actually the path of the earth around the sun set against the backdrop of the stars, but sure, lets go with the first one, it sounds better] and its where we get the Zodiac, and allows me to do my job. Not to mention, when the Sun and Moon meet up together at or close to these points, it puts on a cool little sky-show and we call it an eclipse. Yay science!) Secondly, even though they dont exist physically, they are extremely important Astrologically. I'll spare you the karmic mumbo-jumbo, but basically it shows what you were born to learn and experience, as well as what you have already mastered that you really need to stop doing (at least in public) even though you're really really good at it.

Anyway, the Nodes are awesome at helping you focus on what really matters during a period of time, as they are in the same signs (always opposite ones) for about a year and a half. Currently the North Node (the one we normally focus on) is in Sagittarius, but shortly it will be moving into Scorpio (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; they're always Retrograde. Cool, aye?) and it will most definitely be a palpable shift in tone. We'll be going from faithful, optimistic, still-holding-out-hope, bombastic Sagittarius; to intense, pragmatic, and taking-no-bullshit-from-anyone Scorpio overnight. This will cause issues, trust and believe.

So what does this mean for you, personally? Well, look at your chart if you know it, and check the area where the cusp of Sagittarius falls. In the 5th? Expect to be cranking out a lot of very emotional work, and less of a focus on silliness. In the 10th? Hard choices relating to career, and avoid possible sex scandals (seriously, keep it in your pants [Ironically, the exact opposite advice that the 5th house would get]) If you dont know your chart, learn it, live it, and love it (well, try not to vocally hate it anyway).

This is the point where you have to get real, and you have to do it real quick. Pollyanna types that think that everything will work out in the end with no work put in by them will be in for an extremely rude awakening, as will bombastic firebrands that just spout nonsense and dont actually get anything done. Hell, we're all in for a very harsh wake-up call. Be prepared.

But you guys know I wouldnt leave you without some good news. The thing is, all that guano that we have put up with since 2008? Just prelude for this. Remember how I keep yammering on about creating your own way out/forward/in/left? Well, that has all been great practice, because the greatest magic of Scorpio comes after you face down the ugly truth and accept it. Once you do that, it gives you its gift: Creation out of Chaos. Against all odds, Scorpio creates itself after its own destruction, like a Phoenix (one of the oldest symbols for Scorpio). The caveat to this is that you have to be very careful about what you say, think and do, because the effects are almost instantaneous, whether used for good or ill intent. Read up on Hindu thought and learn about the path of Dharma.

But above all else, when you're walking through Hell, keep going.
-The AstroGeek

And keep in mind, this is only Act II....


  1. What does it mean if my the node in Scorpio will be transiting my 12th house?

  2. Well, it means that this is all going to take place in the arena of faith and things that are beyond reason. Try to take a step back, and trust the process rather than pushing through and trying to force it.