Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scorpio Black Ops, Act V: Saturn into Scorpio- A Swift Rider

Hellooo, Hellraisers!!! Thats right, we're dispensing with the pleasantries and getting down into the real nitty-gritty now! And its about damn time too! If I had to take one more nanosecond of Libra I was about to cut a bitch. Luckily, I kept the body count down to a minimum during his stay in the sign of the scales, so its all good.

Anyway, lets get down to buisness, shall we? Saturn is in Scorpio for the next two and a half years, and you're going to have to make some serious adjustments if you expect to survive, because Saturn is taking no prisoners here. Think of him like the leader of a caravan through the desert. He will do everything he can to get you across to the other side, safe and sound, but you must follow his instructions exactly and without question or he will kill you. Sometimes, there is no room or time for debate or compromise (as were the watchwords in Libra) and the job just needs to get done, for the good of everyone.

And you better believe it truly is life-or-death. The choice, however is up to you.

No more sitting on the sidelines. You need to get involved, engaged, and get totally turned on in every sense of the word. You should be positively crackling with intensity and it should be palpable to those around you. See, Saturn LOVES Scorpio and Scorpio loves him right back. They get along fantastically (even though he's exalted in Libra somehow).

Adding to this is the fact that Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio (allegedly), is in Capricorn, which if you've been paying any attention at all you'll know is ruled by Saturn. Now this is getting a lot of Astrologers very excited, as it is quite important when two planets are in each other's signs (allegedly). It creates something called mutual reception. All that means is that the planets are working to help each other acheive their mutual goals, and everything goes swimmingly (except when it doesn't). In addition to this, the signs are also in what we call a sextile to each other, which is a great, supportive aspect. These two are easy bedfellows.

But thats not all, folks, Nosiree Bob (who the hell is Bob anyway?)! Saturn is also in trine (another awesomely supportive aspect, even more so than the sextile) to Neptune for like, ever. So that brings on even more of the awesome, as Saturn helps to give structure and support for Neptune's dreamy ideals, while Neptune softens some of Saturns rough edges.

And if that wasnt enough for you, next year we have Jupiter moving into Cancer, which will trine Neptune and Saturn bringing into focus something we call a Grand Trine, which is just a fancy way to say that all of the planets are working together instead of bickering like they usually do. Now this Jupiter thing actually brings up some other issues too, as Jupiter is considered Exalted (performing really really well) in Cancer, so that adds to the awesome (not to mention, thats where my Jupiter is, so i'll be having whats called my Jupiter Return next year. While not as dramatic as the Saturn Return, its still one to watch out for and ups my personal awesome factor. But back to you guys).

Its not all sunshine and ponies however (seriously, when is it EVER with Scorpio?). Jupiter in Cancer is also going to set off a brand new round of the Cardinal Crisis, now that Saturn's out of the ring for a while. So enjoy this next 8 or so months as a nice reprieve (not that it feels like that, mind you) as all we have to worry about on that particular front is Uranus square Pluto, and I am running out of things to say about that one.

The main message here is this however: Grow or Die. These are your options, and you can package them however you like, but the message stays the same.

Of course, more as we go along. This is just getting started guys, and we are in for one hell of a ride.

Lets get dangerous

-The AstroGeek


  1. Yep this feeels about right!! I feel empowered fear...just bring it on. Its an energy I can work better with...soon it will enter the 3 rd h. Pheeeew at last out of my 2nd and no more oppositions to my Aries stuff!!!! I love this big energy shifts I mean at least its shifting yay! So yes until now I like zhe scorp Saturn.

  2. Oh I hear ya I have a huge stellium in Aries and nothing in Libra, so this transit was abso hell (with a brief flash of heaven there at the end). Saturn in Scorp is going to be the everything!