Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mercury Retrograde- Sending A Message

Well guys, its that time again- Mercury Retrograde season. I know you're super excited.

Obligatory link for those who have no clue what im talking about. Also this.

Its in Scorpio no less (well, it Starts in Saggo, but there is Scorping to be done as well, so im claiming it)- So you guys know what that means... MOAR DRAMA AND CRAPOLA TO DEAL WITH!! YAYY!! Specifically drama related to ancient, soul-searing angst you thought that you were well done with, and psych-revelations/insights that will shock you and may leave you in huddling in a corner.

(Well that is definitely one way to rock this transit, thats for sure...)

A interesting effect of this is it reeks of synchronicity. What you are trying to avoid dealing with, you will be forced to confront. Also, Im issuing an Undead Exes alert- Do not fall into the trap of going back and covering old ground. Forward motion only!

Here's what I would do though-

  • Change every ex you still have in your phone to something along the lines of DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT or OFF LIMITS. I dont care what unresolved crap you guys have, the answer is NO *swats your nose with a newspaper*.  
  • Declutter your everything- If you dont need it, its taking up space. Sell it, donate it, I dont really care. Just make it disappear.
  • Make your Planner your best friend. Schedule and plan everything you can. This will save you so much grief its not even funny. Also- go back into Mars in Virgo mode: If it can be tracked, it can be conquered.
  • Join a 24-Hour gym, so that you have somewhere to go at 3:26 am when you cant sleep and you need to work out some agression, no questions asked. One with a pool would be preffered, but a sauna will do.

  • Make some kind of announcement about your plans when Merc goes Retrograde, as close to the actual time as possible for maximum oomph. And yes, I know, this flies in the face of all the Mercury Retrograde advice ive ever given, but we are living under rebel stars now.
  • After said plans are made, drop a smoke grenade and pull a vanishing act for the rest of the Retrograde. In fact, dont reappear til after Merc gets back into Sag.
  • Plot. Plot everything. Every detail.
  • Keep everything to yourself. This is not the time to be spouting out your plans to everyone who will listen.
  • Basically, go into full-on Gemini mode. Das rite, Hellraisers- Time to act like the twins. I dont often suggest it, but when I do its because theres nothing else that will work quite as well.
Pro Tips-

  • Deal with any situation that arises quickly and with minimal drama.
  • For some reason, spending time in seedy dive bars alone, looking fantastic and sipping on a stiff drink brings synchronicity. Vibe mysterious and with a story to tell.
  • Have orgasms. Lots of orgasms.
  • Heated pools and hot tubs are magic. Spend as much time in them as possible.
  • Smoke cigars
  • Im serious about the orgasms
  • Avoid moose (moose are fine, its those bison you have to watch out for)
Above all else, chase what stokes your passion. Dont be stupid enough to hold yourself back now, not when you've come this far.

And whatever you do, do it with style.
-The AstroGeek

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