Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturn Direct- Jim the Fish

Yeah, I dont know either, I only work here on the weekends. Just go with it.

So can we all agree that Saturn going direct may just be the best news all week? I dont know about you guys, but I am so tired of this one. I have a hard time with anything Libra as it is, but Saturn, much less a Retrograde, not even mentioning the not 1, not 2, 3 or even 4 rounds of Saturn Square Saturn, but FREAKING 5 of them (while on my Midheaven, mind you)? Oh HELL NAW. Its too much for this Gemini.

Le sigh.

So, Saturn Direct. Ladies and Gentlemen, this one is going to be one to watch. He has had it up to here with the lesser beings just piddling around mucking everything up while he gets shuffled off to the side; and then on top of that, you (try to) force him to be NICE???

Bitch plz. Saturn dont play that way, you cray-cray.

No, now the Old Dirty Bastard is on his way into Scorpio, and may the Great Goddess Empanada help you if you get in his way, because Heaven only helps those who know better. From here on out, its full steam ahead, and rest/calm/being bored is a quaint relic of a bygone era. You'll be lucky to have 3 seconds to breathe after this, especially after Mars blasts into Libra and sets off the Cardinal Crisis powder keg.

And trust me, it will be awesome.

In these last couple hours, lets take a minute to reflect. Saturn's been in Libra since October of 2009 (before that... well, lets just not even talk about that. It never happened [you're welcome]). How have you matured since then? What sacrifices have you made to get there? Are you happy with where you are? Where are you headed from here? If you know your chart, how has Saturn's romp through Libra affected you in that area?

Most importantly, what have you learned? How have you incorporated it into your life?

Feel free to share below. And get ready for amazing.

-The AstroGeek


  1. Saturn has been in my 8th. I learned astrology. I learned that my chart is the blueprint of my soul and is an incredible dance partner.
    I am so ready for awesome. YOU are awesome, love your posts!

    1. Thank you! Saturn in the 8th is... difficult to say the least, I went through that back in '07 with Virgo. Saved my life, but cost me my innocence. Definitely did a lot of growing up then. Its awesome if you do it right however!

  2. We seem to have misplaced Our Saturn, Ducks, but there are definitely rings around Uranus.

    Stay tuned for a Starzina news bulletin sometime soon!


    1. We already heard about FOR!!! MAN!!! MILLS!!! lol

  3. I agree, I couldn't be more over this one! My Sun is 22 Libra and as he has been inching closer it's like I could feel the weight of it squaring my natal Saturn (who just so happens to be my chart ruler). I feel more determined than ever now, last time he passed my sun was a lot harder to heal from than this time, so it's onward and upward from here!

    1. For sure! To infinity and beyond, right?