Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chiron Retrograde- Taking Care of Business

Starting to wish I had saved the "Kansas City Shuffle" title for the current Astro, the only other witty title I can think of involves squardancing, a llama, and Morgan Freeman. But, as it makes no sense whatsoever, it shall be forgotten completely in leiu of drudgery (at least until Aquarius!).

So, Chiron goes retrograde today. He tries to back out of the room, trying to slip out the backstage door before anyone notices he's made off with the liquor. Again. Jupiter spies him, and distracts everyone else with a dirty joke to cover his escape. He joins Neptune in the back alley and they have a private party, lit by candlelight (because Neptune is a hopeless romantic) and ending in the two of them having a good cry about their past loves and past losses. Yay codependency!

My goodness, that sounded rather like an AstroScene snippet, didnt it? Im not sure what came over me there...

Anyway, Chiron goes retrograde today, and expect there to be plenty of those old emo-zombies around: Those people who just get wrapped up in their own (and everyone else's!) drama and keep playing out their tired games time and time again, and asking why the universe is so unfair. 

The best strategy here is evasion. Avoid getting sucked into the guano they spew at all costs, as you have come way too far and worked too damn hard to get away from it in the first place to get suckered back in! if you get cornered by them, just let them spew and spew and expose their insecurities, weaknesses, emo traps and smile the whole time, not feeding into it or going onto their level. 

For yourself- You will be exposed to a lot of your old issues re: emotions, old wounds, what works vs. what doesn't, what you want vs. what is expected of you, saying fuq it and doing what makes you happy, muttering to yourself in public, developing a phobia of green water balloons, wearing tinfoil hats, and going on a tangent of cleaning absolutely everything. Try to avoid flashing small children in public though, society tends to disapprove if you're not senile. Although the tinfoil hat and water balloon thing should go a long way toward making your case...

-The AstroGeek

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