Monday, June 18, 2012

New Moon in Gemini- The Eye of the Storm

Aaaah, Gemini! The Sign so nice, we're doing it twice! Which, incidentally happens to be the statistical #1 fantasy for those of a Mercurial persuasion, but im sure that its unrelated. We get the joy of having three Lunations in the sign this year- First, the Solar Eclipse that almost took me out for good, The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, and another New Moon (every Solar Eclipse is a New Moon, Lunar Eclipse= Full Moon.) happening now. Add in the Venus Transit (also in Gemini) and Jupiter entering Gemini earlier this week, and you have a recipe for some serious Gemini shenanigans!
Ladies and Gentlemen, for your entertainment....

The Sun and Moon- This is your sweet spot; Right between Eclipses and the Cardinal Crisis. Celebrate your success up to this point and learn from your defeats. Next up: Insanity. Starting out this time, we have a sextile to 1992 QB1, indicating that a new cycle is beginning, and it is time to stop fighting it, and just work with it in order to succeed. This is further indicated by a square to Klotho, adding that much of the preparation for this has gone on behind the scenes. A square to Pandora tells us that there is the potential for a lot of new information to come to light, and it has the potential to be very damaging to you if you have not kept your nose clean, but since Ive been warning you guys about that for a while now, you should be fine. A square to Minerva demands that we be detached about this information and use it wisely, however, or risk our own fall. A trine to Aphrodite shows that this is the perfect time to take a bit of a breather and gather yourself, before events start ramping up again. A sextile to Burney indicates that when the other shoe drops, it will drop hard, so be ready. 

Mercury- A sextile to Vesta has you feeling very run down and almost to the breaking point because of stress, but with the benefit of feeling very Zen about it, and allowing you to keep going in spite of this. A conjunction to Urania is a huge boon to you, giving you perspective and helping you to see all the angles of your situation at the moment and how to best move forward. A square to Lachesis tells you that your time is up in certain areas of your life, but it is not quite time to release them, leaving you feeling as though you are stuck in Neutral. An opposition to Sauer indicates that this may leave you somewhat irate and combative in your manner, as you are just fed up and want things to move forward yesterday. This is normal, when you catch yourself, just stop and take a minute to collect yourself so you dont go on a massacre or something. 

Venus- Our Girl is very busy this time around. A sexy sextile to Uranus breathes new life into you, especially your where your Love Life is concerned. If you are bored, watch out for a very good chance to meet someone new; If you are quite comfortable and happy, look out for life to blow up in your face. Those two can be funny like that. Another sextile, to Pallas Athene, shows that you are not living as dynamically as you could be, but you are in the perfect position to pounce and take what you want after much careful maneuvering. Keep holding and wait for the opportune moment. A square to Chiron has the potential to bring back those people in your life who you thought you were long done with, for better or for worse. Make sure you really want to rekindle the relationship, in whatever form it takes. A square to Teharonhiawako tends to indicate that there is someone out there that really wants you to fail, and their reasons may not make any sense to you or them. Just stay aware and keep moving forward, because you can only stop them when they make a move.

Mars- Soon...Very soon now...Mars actually WILL leave Virgo, I promise. In two weeks time, we will be done. Of course, then we are staring Mars in Libra square in the face, but thats next week's lemur. For now, lets focus on finishing strong in Virgo. A square to Echeclus has you reflecting on your position here and now, what brought you to this point, and where you will go from here. A sextile to Varuna shows you that there is much going on behind the scenes, and it has the potential to lift you to new heights, but there is not much you can do about it now, other than to be aware of it and watch for a chance to prove yourself. A square to Quaoar explains that you really need to focus on channeling your frustration correctly, instead of letting it destroy you. A trine to Sedna may leave you feeling as though there is something missing in your life. Although it sounds trite, count your blessings and realize all that you have right now. A sextile to Juno kicks up sand in your relationships, and brings up issues of power struggles. Try to avoid baseless ego battles, but dont hesitate to stand your ground if necessary. A sextile to Diana indicates that you will not allow any restriction on your freedom right now, and any attempt to do so will go badly for the one stupid enough to try. A sextile to Terpsichore demands that you take some time for yourself and have some fun, damn it! An opposition to Panacea tells you that you really need to take charge of your health and prioritize it now. A trine to Phaethon demands that you lay the groundwork to start putting yourself center stage. You really need to start being your own press agent and publicist. A trine to Orpheus further indicates this, and adds that you need to be aware of your support base, and show them your appreciation as much as possible.

Jupiter- Sweet mother of Loki, I thought he would NEVER get out of Taurus! Freshly into Gemini, Papa Jupiter is... not doing a damn thing. He is in square to Orcus, telling us that to get what you want, you are going to have to give up on something else first, something that you think you desperately need. This is actually holding you back, however, and if you give up on it, you will progress. Another square, to Apollo, may leave you feeling drained and overworked, hoping for rest; I have some bad news, there's no rest for the hustlers guys. To add insult to injury, you cannot afford to be at anything but your best right now, and there's nothing you want to do less. It will be hard, but worth it. 

Saturn- We're about a week out from Saturn going direct, and then its straight on into Scorpio, full steam ahead. Before we get onto that demolition train however, we have to survive the end of his stay in Libra. We start out with an opposition to Eris, who stands for pretty much everything that Saturn hates, and vice versa. This is a huge pull between what you want to do, what would leave you fulfilled and happy vs. what is expected of you and fulfilling your obligations/ performing your duty. The hard part is you have to do both sides of the opposition and try to find a happy (or, failing that, just functional) medium. A trine to Thereus has you working overtime to impress someone, but it will go unnoticed. Do what you do because you want to, or because it needs to be done, not for anyone else. A sextile to Echeclus tells you to slow down and reflect on your current velocity; Where are you going? Why? What do you need to do and who do you need to help you? These are questions you need to ask yourself. A square to Varuna tells you that you are doing these things because of your inner desire to master the world around you, which is a normal human desire, but not in your best interest or the best interest of those around you. Plus, do your really want to be in charge? Its such a hassle! A sextile to Quaoar further indicates this, and adds that you really need the freedom to be master of yourself, and thats all that really matters. A trine to Damocles tells you to tread lightly, for there are hidden dangers for every step you take.

Uranus- Ah, we get to the celebrities of the moment! The big news here is, of course, the square between Uranus and Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, which is commonly referred to as the Cardinal Crisis. Its the game-changer which has been tearing down everything we thought was solid and what we built our lives on, and that was before it even hit as an exact aspect! Its verrrryyy close now, and you will most definitely know when it hits. Welcome back to the Loony bin. A trine to Chariklo will help you keep your perspective and navigate the choppy waters here, but tells you to keep to yourself and chart your own course; you have to help yourself before you can help others. A square to Cyllarus says that you may have a desire to sacrifice yourself in order to affect some major change, but this is so far beyond what is needed that you need to crush that impulse completely. A conjunction to Pallas Athene helps you stay cool under pressure and allows you to see opportunity where others only see defeat. Know when to seize them. A square to Ophelia pits you against those who are not ready to take control of their own lives, and are still stuck in their drama and try to suck you in with them. Disengage them when possible; you've already been through Hell and back, avoid going in again at all costs. 

Neptune- A square to the Nodes has you focused on bringing your A-game into the moment in order to rock this insanity and capitalize on your potential. The key is getting up on the board to ride the waves instead of letting them bash you in, and making you drown. Also, surf in a crowd of one hundred- You have to fight for the same waves, but you reduce the chances of the shark biting you to 1 percent. A square to Orcus tells you to use your friends as bait. A sextile to Hybris warns of getting a big head; stay grounded at all costs, and if all else fails, say nothing and walk away. An opposition to Apollo has you feeling as though you are getting lost in the shuffle, and that you are losing the sense of who you are. Again, stay grounded, and reconnect with your roots and the people who care whether you live or die. Hug, call, or spend the day with your mother for gods sakes! A trine to Hermes tells you that right now, whatever you want, you can make happen, but you have to commit to it 1000%. 

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All- An opposition to Cyllarus (man, what is with these centuars lately?) shows a tendency to choose others over yourself. This must be avoided at all cost. A sextile to Teharonhiawako allows you to really focus on molding and shaping your life, it begins to take form now and just might take you by surprise. A sextile to Ophelia shows that you may be fighting a losing battle somewhere; recognize where things are just not working, no matter what you do (it should be pretty easy to identify by now) and pull the ripcord. You dont need it in your life, and should not feel guilty about bailing at all. A sextile to Toro gives you the reserves of strength that you need to push through the guano and rise to the top. A trine to Itokawa forces you to stay on target and pushes you forward till you can taste the win. Because I promise you, if you keep going, you will make it, and afterwards, there will be NOTHING that can destroy you. 

You just have to want it. 

-The AstroGeek

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  1. Can't think of anyone else who could have me laughing - yes, perhaps somewhat hysterically - while reading an account of my own possible demise by stellar misfortune. Thanx for this AG!