Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Neptune Retrograde: Drawing Back the Curtain

Sweet Vishnu, are we back to this again? Just when I think I can stop worrying about Retrogrades... Ok, so what have we got this time? Neptune? OH HELL NAW, you kids are on your own!!

I have just been informed by my legal team that apparently, it is illegal to promise goods or services and then not provide said goods or services. Therefore, I will turn to prostitution (AstroGeek's Skywatch, LLC does NOT endorse prostitution. Stay in school kids [like all the smart drug dealers!!])

Deep breaths AstroGeek... So Neptune. Trying to sneak in a Retrograde while we're all staring, slackjawed at the Transit of Venus and still reeling from the eclipse. Sneaky bastard. And it is just like Neptune to try to pull this kind of thing (a trick he learned from Mercury, no doubt). 

This time around, things are... different. Its hard to describe, hard to get a hold on, like all things Neptune. This time, we dont have High Neptune, that awesome blissed out, walking-on-air, grin bigger than a peeled banana; or Low Neptune, when you're either stressed-out, over-worked, snorting bath salts and eating people's faces or losing everything you have, getting kicked out of your place and disowned for bringing shame upon your family. No, this time, we have to deal with Pure Neptune. Its not too much, or too little.

I just cant help myself from getting excited over here, but there is a ton of potential here. Most notably, whatever your situation: Even though you have failed to get it right the first time, you now have a second chance. Right here, and right now, you can make this happen. It is within your grasp. There is a catch, however-

You have to want it. 

You have to want it more than anything you have ever wanted in your life. You have to be willing to run outside stark naked at 6am (much less wake up at 6am) to scream it out to the world at large, not giving a shit who you wake up or piss off (at least it will help you to identify other Skywatch readers in your area!). You have to be willing to walk over coals or jump out of planes. You have to be willing to fly to another country with someone you've never met just because you believe that this one time it may just be real. You have to be willing to get out of your norm, try couscous, volunteer, do anything! 

But most importantly you have to actually get up and do it.

This is not going to be handed to you, make no mistake. This is where you need to bust your ass. At the end of the day, you need to make this happen your own damn self, because no one else will, and no one else can. 

Carpe diem, bitches
-The AstroGeek

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