Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transit of the Sun- Not Gonna Write You A Love Song

So I wasn't going to talk about this any more, but since I had a perfect SGM Macro, I decided not to waste it. But I swear to Odin, if I miss this Venus Transit due to some f%^#$ing weather, then heads will roll. Or I may just write a sad poem in my journal and move on. Either way, we shall be quite perturbed. Neptune, you have been warned.

Apropos of nothing, isnt it crazy how people who never give a second thought to the planets and the sky are going NUTS over this? Just goes to show you, everyone secretly loves looking up at the sky and just feeling like a part of something bigger, knowing that despite how good or bad our lives may be, there is a lot more going on at any given time than our trivial little dramas.

"Yes, but what does it all MEAN, AstroGeek? How does the Transit affect us?" Well, thats where I have to sigh deeply with ennui and tell you to just go out and watch it, because getting bogged down in meaning ruins the magic of the event. 

Although I do have some talking points. As Venus rules issues of love, equality, compassion and basic humanity; and the Sun rules the limelight, freedom, what is out for all to see, and media coverage, then we can start to see hints of what's coming. 

I rarely get political on here, but I feel compelled to share what I see. And my best guess (which is all I ever offer, anything else is just me blowing smoke out of my ass) is that the big issue (at least here in the states) is going to be the issue of same-sex marriage. 

Hear me out- First of all, the transit happens in the hotspot of Gemini, one of the most famously sexually adventurous signs. The Twins could easily be construed as lovers, and in some cosmological traditions, they actually are.  When paired up with the keywords I mentioned above, a picture starts to emerge. 

What we have to ask ourselves is, Do we have the freedom to choose who we experience Love with, which is so integral to the Human Experience (which, admittedly sounds like a bad theme park ride...), even if that defies traditional gender and marriage roles? Do those who choose something dissimilar to our own choices deserve to be treated with any tolerance and respect, or should they be demonized and called abominations? Should homosexual relationships be entitled to the same benefits and freedoms that heterosexual relationships enjoy? Should homosexuals be allowed to even express their love in public, even just holding hands, kissing, or those little moments that couples share, without being subjected to hate? Is there a malicious Gay Agenda? These are questions we must answer, and answer them soon. 

As this transit happens in the house of Relationships in the USA's chart (1) this issue is deeply rooted in the American psyche. And change here will not come easily, but it will be intensely focused, deeply fought, and there will be much blustering on both sides of the issue. Now of course this is only one of many possible expressions of this, but this is the one I would bank on, due to recent events such as the federal court ruling of DOMA being unconstitutional, and the equality fight in N.C., where not only homosexuals but unmarried heterosexual couples lost their rights, and the sitting President and Vice President of the United States "coming out" in favor of same-sex equality.   

So will there be equality here? Well, lets look to the past. 1874-1882: Women got the funny idea in their heads that they should be able to vote. They got that right, and the world didn't stop spinning because of it, and now it seems silly that there was ever a time when any person (note the distinction) did not have the right to vote. Electricity began moving out of the realm of a fun distraction, and into the everyday use and commercial application. Now it is intrinsically linked in every part of our lives. It was also the start of the age of the automobile age and industry. Again, integral part of daily life in the modern world. Phones, telegraphs and other modes of communication begin linking people together around the world. Good thing that never took off or anything...

Going back even further, 1761- 1769: This time period is characterized by growing tension between colonial powers and their colonies, and the growing gap between the rich ruling class and the poor working class. This period starts what becomes known as the "Age of Revolution" and America is born shortly after, along with the famously bloody revolutions in France and Haiti. The planet Uranus is discovered soon after, shattering the old ideas of the Seven Planets in the sky and opening new doors for science. 

Those are just the past two sets of this transit. So far we have been unable to stop this transit from changing our world completely. Will we be able to this time? In my experience, Venus is the one enemy you dont want to have. When Venus gets pissed, Eris looks like a diplomat in comparison, and Sedna becomes a free love hippie. 

Today, our government is voting on whether or not women should be mandated to have the same pay as a man for doing the same work, while at the same breath there are cries of a "War on Women", specifically when it comes to reproductive issues. 

Ok, that was a little more intense and political than i had intended. But I firmly believe it needed to be said. I only wonder what side of history we will end up on.

-The AstroGeek

Written at the height of the Venus Transit of the Sun, 6-5-2012 

(1) within 3 degrees of the Descendant in the Sibly Chart (2)

(2) The most widely accepted birth chart for the USA

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  1. my Odin! it sounds very old fashioned the women/men thingy.. is it 2012 yet or what??
    come on give us a break already! my venus aries says fuq ya all l do my thing anyhow..well with the breaks on with saturn all over me now :)

    the weather wasn't good enough in europa to see venus the spot... :( but it's fine l did dream of an old lover (a gemini Sun) pleasent yes...!
    Gems are the most adventuorous when it comes to love as a Gem sun l'd say you're right but pheeew thank Odin for the rest of the planets in sings and houses to keep me grounded to the ceilling!

    l'm looking forward to this amazing time Uranus is opposing natal Pluto yay! Pluto is square natal Pluto!yay! Saturn in scorp will conjucnt natal moon, opposing natal Mercury yay! Neptune will sqaure my sun/MC/jupiters laterzzzz
    and Uranus will conjucnt natal Venus&Mars later
    pheeeew! what a bliss!
    not to mention my progressed chart it looks like a battle field! :)

    it was fun! Joan