Monday, June 4, 2012

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: The Call to Adventure

When will this ever be relevant again? Its too good to pass up.

Full Disclosure- You guys are going to be sick of me talking my head off by the end of the month. But by that time it will be Cancer and I couldn't be bothered. This month was always going to be insane, so lets just get right into it, shall we?

A Lunar Eclipse on the same day as the ridiculously overhyped, guano-steeped Transit of Venus that everyone seems to have gone crazy over. Whatever, I was talking about it before it went all mainstream (Sweet Disgruntled Bhudda, when did I become a hipster Astrologer?). But it will be a helluva show, I can promise you that. The real action, however, is going on backstage....

The lights go up...

The Sun/Moon- Interesting Astro here, to say the least. We start our show with a conjuntion/opposition to Chaos, indicating that there is serious potential to be tapped and directed for the achievement of your goals, if you can keep up with the insanity that seems to be gripping everyone around you (and you too, you just cant see it). Keep your ears pricked for any stray gossip that may lead to a big scoop. A sextile/trine to Persephone tells us that if anything is going to get done, its happening behind the scenes. Dont be afraid to step away from the limelight to give yourself a breather, you might just get a genius flash of insight or clarity. Besides, it might be the last time you get to before Jupiter kicks the door in for his big entrance into Gemini. There is a trine/sextile to Zeus, indicating that you will get a much-needed jolt of energy (read: you will feel as though you are hooked up to a Tesla coil), but so will everyone else. Be very mindful of them. An opposition/conjunction to Hidalgo indicates that emotions will most definitely be running high as well, and a trine/sextile to Atlantis shows this may be catastrophic if not channeled correctly. But y'all know better than to let this get the better of you, right?

Mercury- A trine to Saturn helps to steel the trickster's nerves, and regain focus. Its quite sobering and is good medicine, but watch for bouts of melancholy. A sextile to Bienor could make you prone to some pretty nasty shouting matches, without realizing quite how things got that bad. Take a step back, breathe, and be as serene as possible as you firmly defend your point. Give no ground. An opposition to Echeclus could introduce you to some very suspect characters. Dont get roped in to a con. By this point you should be able to smell one a mile away, though. Its not all bad news though, as an opposition to Quaoar has you very optimistic and stoqued to unleash your epicness and brilliance upon an unsuspecting populace. Dont hesitate, grab the spotlight while its shining on you. A sextile to Burney indicates that there may be more going on than what is clearly visible, with a fabricated story being presented as gospel. Be wary, especially with a trine to Damocles hanging over your head.

Venus- An exact square to Mars makes things... difficult here. There is a ton of tension, and things are ready to snap. Get ready to stand your ground. An opposition to Nemesis shows you that vengance is swift for those who indulge their hubris, they will get what they are due. Dont allow that to be you. This is reinforced by a square to Niobe. An opposition to Amycus should encourage you to be decent and relatively non-douchey. A sextile to Pelion indicates that your experience of these moments are going to be highly personal and will help to shape your character. A sextile to Lachesis shows that you need to let certain things go, and not to try to keep beating a dead horse. Let it die in peace A trine to Haumea tells us that something new is most definitely stepping up to take its place, you only need to jump for it.

Mars- Our boy is not making many friends lately, now is he? Squaring pretty much everything, and throwing us to the wolves as he gets the spreadsheets done. I do have some good news, though- We only have one more month. That's right, people, its almost over. But, for now, lets see his scene- A square to Amycus indicates that there is a serious potential for you to mistreat others, and for them to do the same to you. One you can control, one you can't. An opposition to Borasisi tells you to ignore conventional wisdom; In these times, the only guide you can rely on is your own. Go indulge your inner renegade. A trine to Vesta shows that the only things worth doing now is where you are needed, and trust me- you will be needed, wherever you are. A sextile to Osiris shows that your most valuable asset is the ability to stay calm and collected as everything goes to shit around you. There will be plenty of time to break down later, but put on a brave face and quell the chaos. A trine to Phaethon helps you to dare greatly, and challenges you to do some of the shining for a change. A sextile to Dionysius can make you a little crazy, so dont make his job any easier by indulging in booze or drugs.

Jupiter- Wow. I cannot believe its almost been a whole Jupiter transit. He is set to blast into Gemini on the 12th, and that will be a big change from what we've been doing. You think events are happening fast now? You're in for a rude awakening, my friend. Anyway, a trine to Asbolus shows you looking to your future, trying to map out your destiny and decide how to proceed from here. A trine to Pandora shows that you can make all the plans you like, but anything can still happen to knock them out of the sky. A square to Apollo has you soaking in all the benefits of living the good life, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Saturn- Saturn is not having an easy go of it either, to be honest. He starts out with a nervewracking opposition to Eris, the goddess of discord and chaos, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what Saturn stands for. You may feel as though you are fighting a hydra- whenever you cut off one head, two more grow in its place. Some creative thinking will get you out of it though. A sextile to Echeclus shows that you may not be too sure of your footing in the current paradigm. Step back and evaluate your position in order to better actualize a way to progress. A square to Varuna shows that you are not in the mood for any more skulking around in the shadows; No, you want to be out there, center stage, demanding the world take notice of you. To this, I say: "Just fucking do it!" The Astro demands that you be your own press agent. A sextile to Quaoar should help with that. A square to Hera strains your commitments and relationships, bringing a struggle for power, degenerating into a pissing contest, and hopefully ending in makeup sex (you're welcome). A trine to Amor influences this, but doesn't do enough to nullify it completely. Just remember the reasons why you fell in love with them in the first place, and give them plenty of space. A trine to Burney reminds us to check behind the curtain for the real truth, and a square to Sauer makes us quick to act wherever we find anything that reeks of impropriety. Finally, a trine to Damocles reminds us just how precarious our position really is, and scares us into taking more care.

Uranus- The big show here, of course, is the square the Mad Scientist is making to the Prince of Darkness. This will not be easy, nor will it be pretty, but it will be so balls-out amazing that it will blow your socks right the hell off. Full post with mad expeletives coming forthwith. Til then, amuse yourself with the musical stylings of the imminent sextile to Circe, pushing you to experiment in your life and take some chances, just to find out what will happen. You may be surprised at the results! For instance, I have recently developed a huge interest in permaculture, and think it may just be the coolest idea ever. This aspect is also reinforced by an opposition to Isis, which throws in the part about doing anything for love. Take that how you will.

Neptune- Well, not much to talk about here, except for the fact that he is going retrograde, right after the eclipse and super-transit! Thought you could pull one on the Astrogeek... Aside from that, however, not much to talk about. There is a conjunction to Hygeia, so take care of yourself, try to seek natural cures if at all possible rather than relying on medication. A trine to Memoria takes you for a trip down memory lane, and rehashes what brought you to this place, giving you perspective. Hopefully there aren't too many cringe-worthy moments to go over.

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All- That seriously never gets old. Anyway, we have a sextile to Chiron, cue old wounds re-opening and new ones forming. Remember the lessons, move past the pain. A sextile to Teharonhiawako demands that you use this time to create yourself anew; its time for a comeback if you're down and out- if not, call it a reinvention. Act more like the new you than the old you. A trine to Psyche shows that you are completely flummoxed by this whole "Fifty Shades of Grey" craze. When did Sadomasochism translate into book sales? Anyway, make sure to establish a safe word before trying anything too crazy in the bedroom. A square to Isis shows that you are willing to do whatever it takes to acheive your goals, but make sure you dont get stuck in the planning stages. Action is required.

Ok guys, this is your updated map. You know where you're going, and you can do this.  

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