Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jupiter in Gemini- Right On Time

So, here we are Ladies and Gentlemen, the end of the road for Jupiter in Taurus. Now its time for his trek through Gemini (as if we didn't already have enough in Gemini to deal with at the moment...). Ill just tell you right now your humble Astrologer is not going to miss this transit one bit.

Jupiter in Gemini is a mixed bag. On the one hand, no more waiting around for things to get going, and having to push your way through the merde. On the other hand, you thought you were stressed before? Oooh, gurl- take a vacation now, because its only going to ramp up from here. All that weight you gained while you were carbing out in Taurus? Its going to melt right off- you wont have time to ingest anything but smoothies and juice (the exceptions being, of course, coffee and cocaine. Gemini loves their stimulants!)

[Legal Note: AstroGeek's Skywatch does not endorse experimentation with controlled substances of any kind (He has no need to experiment- at this point, he's a pro!)]

Jupiter is usually described as in detriment here, as he roams through the sign opposite to his dignity (Sagittarius). I'm not seeing it (besides, that whole system is dated anyway). I will say this- Normally, Jupiter is perceived as a fat old Sugar Daddy living in a poofy palace eating bonbons and tossing off good luck all around, or getting into temper tantrums where he just straight up wrecks the place. In this transit though, you will have to make your own luck, and tantrums should be relatively easy to avoid.

The major focus is that you will need to strive in order to succeed. There are no handouts here, but the rewards for making your own opportunites are abundant. Ladies and Gentlemen, its time to get your hustle on (especially after Saturn moves into Scorpio).

It will also be significantly easier to deal with your growth, as (presuming that you have been doing the work in Taurus) you have been able to recognize what you want, what you don't, where you are going to take your life and why you want to do it. Now the focus is on the execution of your planning. Taurus helped you build a secure base, now you need to leap. Whether you fly or crash to the ground in a fiery blaze of glory is up to you.

This will be in effect til next year, so we have plenty of time to go over it and make fun of Jupiter to levels that are entirely shameless. And as long as we steer clear of outright libel, then we're in the money!!

God Bless the First Amendment!
-The AstroGeek

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