Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Venus Retrograde: Penny in the Air...

Ah, Venus. Its been a while since we did a focus on our girl. She's been trekking through Gemini, and is poised to go Retrograde today, culminating in the coolio transit of Venus across the face of the Sun, something which has made quite a splash on the Astrology boards (and I thought we had seen the worst of it with the Cardinal Crisis...)

Anyway, this Retrograde is awesome and I am both stoqued and dreading it. Why you ask? Well, because my Disaster Bunker is currently being fumigated due to an unfortunate incident involving a colony of lobsters, a small amount of peas, and my nemesis- the dreaded Sue from Accounting (Don't ask. You REALLY don't want to know). So there goes my refuge. And this is happening in my home sign of Gemini (Represent! #TeamGemini baby!), so this time, its personal. 

Getting right into it, this Retrograde is about choices. Make no mistake, for the first time in a LONG time, you have options available to you- Options that just a short while ago you thought were completely out of reach. This is good, no? Well... that's where things get tricky. 

Here's the deal: You have done the work. You have walked the line, and while you may have slipped once or twice, you never wavered from your end goal, even when all you wanted to do was collapse and wallow in self-pity. But you did not allow that to happen. You kept going. You dug in, and this is your reward- a brand new life, on your terms. Exactly what was promised. The only thing is, this reward is also another test.

With all these wonderful choices, you are now faced with the single greatest fear of Gemini, the one that I am probably going to get kicked out of the club for talking about: The fear of Missing Out/ Making the Wrong Choice. You cant possibly have this shiny new romance while booking your emigration to Australia, or build up your savings by working 16 jobs AND trying to become a bodybuilder at the same time. Something has to give. Which can most certainly be paralyzing, and stop you from making any choice at all (which is in itself a choice). But there are other players in this drama...

Enter (hell, we cant seem to get rid of him!) Mars Ultor in Virgo! Finally, it starts to fall into place. When you have this exact situation, what do you need more than anything? Quick action, accompanied by a clear head. And to make it even more appealing, this quick action is guided by a laser focus. All the numbers have been crunched, and the most viable solution to the issue has been ascertained. Trust whatever you do, just do something! 

If only that were enough for you. No, you want to know with 100% certainty that whatever you choose is in fact the correct way to go. Enter Saturn. In a very tight trine to Venus as she stations, know that he will back your play, no matter what it is. You must make the call however. The path you choose will take you to new heights, and it will stick. 

"But Astro, it cant just be that easy" you say. And you're right! Neptune/Chiron are ganged up on you, chipping away at your confidence and reminding you of all your mistakes while showing you countless other ways that will lead you nowhere. These paths will be extremely tempting and you will want to settle for the easier way. Keep your focus.

With Uranus in a challenging position, the main thing to remember is that courage is required here. To live a life on your own terms, you have to be willing to piss off everyone who tries to get you to follow their path and sell yours. Pluto conjures up your demons to torment you as well. There are those around you at all times that want you to give up. I wont lie, it is the easier option. Jupiter promises protection however, albeit from behind the scenes. You must walk, blindly, off the edge of the cliff and take him at his word that there is a net to catch you.

"Ok, but if only there was some giant sign in the sky to tell me to do this RIGHT NOW. So I can be SURE" you say.

Oh wait, up next is a SOLAR FREAKING ECLIPSE! 

And if you still cant be bothered, go find a new astrologer to tell you that everything is going to be rosy as long as you keep funneling them money. Maybe even one who does Relationship Astrology! How lucky!!

The rest of you, get your game face on. There aint no rest for the wicked.

P.S- A couple parting thoughts. 

1. If you take a chance, then you may lose. But if you never play the game, how are you going to win?

2. The hard way is damn hard. But is nowhere near as hard as the easy way. 

3. Dont settle for anything, and you'll never have a reason to be jealous of anyone.

4. In the end, this is all up to you. You are the one who has to live with your choices. Make them count. 

5. Laugh at your fear and you can walk through fire.

6. Be shameless. Make no apologies.

7. You do not have to do this alone. You can make the choice to do so, however.

8. No, I dont do Relationship Astrology. But your ex is most likely still a shithead.

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-The Astrogeek


  1. Love this post it wakes me up!!! While I should be sleeping...well this will fall in my 10 th house!!!rethink rework rechoose rx. Yes I am a Gemini sun and with libra Saturn already in my 2 nd l am almost ready to retreat in a cave in cave and start doing cave art cause I couldn't care less about money by now...who cares about the 10 the house?? Oh well this to will pass and I feel good about doing my own thing behind closed doors for now just creating! I don't even feel like celebrating my 35th birthday....I loved the list by the way too funny! I think this Venus retro will be just fine if I think back of 2004 I changed directions indeed...the coin fell and I'm doing the same now somehow!anyhow great post going to read more.Xx joan

  2. Now that was 'on the nail' helpful. Brilliant. I know I have to make the BIG choice, but thank you for telling me. It is so strange to actually acknowledge that there has been no choice for years - like 20 so years - and now, it's in my face and awesome. Still don't know which way to go - I ask for guidance and am shown the most amazing things, and still don't know which way to go and so.....I accept this is a process and that I am almost at the crossroads.

  3. Lol thank you Joan! Us Gems have to stick together, right? I know what you mean, I am on my last Saturn Square this year(due to retrogrades I had 4) but Saturn takes good care of me. Happy birthday btw!!

  4. Wow thanks Diastella! Facing the facts and accepting them gives you a lot more power to affect a change in the present moment. Im sure you'll make the right choice and it will be hellaciously awesome! Hsng in there!

  5. Thanks for explaining about venus retrograde. I've found its helped me to rethink my way forwards and learn from my mistakes. Thanks for the clarity and explanation.