Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ceres in Cancer- That's Right, You're Wrong

Well Hellraisers, I just reached 100 Likes on my Facebook page, so this is your reward! Seriously, you guys are awesome, and rock so hard its ridiculous. Its bringing some manly glistening to my eyes, of the type that is usually reserved for Doctor Who or some particularly ablative onions.

Getting into the astro, its been a while since we last checked in on Mama Ceres, so lets see whats up there, aye? She's been stuck in Gemini, with just Jupiter for company for a while. The last time this happened, she ended up pregnant with Persephone! So probably most likely with child, she heads into the much more feminine-friendly Cancer, to focus, recharge and recover- but most importantly to protect the new life within her.

Thats the main theme here- protecting something new that has just recently appeared in your life. You need to make sure it has support, room to grow, and has a chance to become something amazing. Look to wherever the start of Cancer is in your chart, and you'll see where this is going to play out for you. For instance, in the Seventh it could very well be some hot new love interest! Invest some time and energy on it.

The thing thats going to be hard is the dichotomy between the Aries "Me, me, me!!" attitude, and the Cancer attitude of "What's best for baby". Walk the middle ground- Let the Cancer soften the Aries Ego and consider the feelings and desires of others, while enabling the mother to channel Aries and empower her to defend herself and the new life within her.

The more I sit with this and write on it, the more I realize this is actually big. Work with this guys, sit with it and bring it into form. Trust your instincts- You should already know what this is. Be selfish, make it yours! That way you can defend it. Engage your support network- They will truly want to help you. In the same track, reach out to those around you and see if there is anything you can do to help them, they might need you in ways that are hard to broach. Pallas Athene switching signs in the same time and in sextile will be a great ally here, riding out ahead and being the shield-bearer for Mama Ceres, making sure she is truly defended.

Most of all- this is to become something that enriches your life, not consumes it. Maintain balance. Make sure your own needs are met so that you can meet the needs of others. And enjoy this! The process is pure dead magic, embrace it!

Breathe deep Hellraisers!
-The AstroGeek


  1. im a 7 degree cancer sun, in my 7th house. currently single but longing for a partnership that was recently broken to be re-established.

    1. Anon, to me sounds more like you need to cultivate your newfound independence!! With Ceres, its more like reacting to your circumstances, rolling with them and truly owning your situation. My advice would be to stop "Needing" and start becoming ridiculously self-sufficient and unshakably secure in yourself. What did this partner do for you? Identify that and start doing it for yourself! I firmly believe that you can do it, Cancer is probably the canniest sign in the zodiac, once they get over their self-esteem issues.

    2. thanks for the reply. im very self sufficient and independent. i just cant marry and bare children with myself, which is what i ultimately am longing for in my life. have been for years. and not just with anyone but with someone im completely in love with. always watching the neediness, though, as it is my downfall. there was an imbalance in the relationship with respect to give and take, so i can see where the time for boosting up my self esteem and individuality again will be a positive thing for myself. thanks again.

  2. Thank you so much for this, you have no idea how completely spot on this is for me right now, this week, this year :) RG