Sunday, April 7, 2013

Venus/Mars Conjunction- Soldier of Love

Oh Hellraisers, can you smell that? No, not THAT, its spring! Yes, its in the air, things are heating up and life is returning! Of course, L'Amour is also in the air, and smells just as pungent. Its time for Venus and Mars to meet again!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of my favorite transits. Hands down, it rocks. Even for someone as anti-Venus as I am, I cant help but absolutely love this one. Even more so, now that its happening for my Venus Return!

Anyway, so what happens when you get a Mars-Venus conjunction? Well, lets look at the planets: Venus, goddess of love and beauty; And Mars, god of grit, War, and sweat? Anytime you get these two together, passions run HIGH. And in Aries? Holy hellfire, its like trying to put out a grease fire with gasoline!

So how do you work with this without getting burned to a crisp? Well you need to channel it instead of letting it run rampant through you, immolating you with its awesome. No, you need to tap into that truly amazing Aries energy, and let it inspire you. Be bold, try new things- Take up Motocross/ Dynamite Surfing /Skydiving! Go home with a stranger you meet at a bar! Take a random uplanned trip! Seriously, be shameless and just enjoy being alive for a while. If it feels like you're breaking some unwritten rule, you're doing it right. Of course, dont actually break any written rules, or promises/trust, dont cheat on your SO, and for the love of god dont come back with a disease if you do.

Playing back into the theme of Ceres, your mind is still focused on that new promising adventure that recently appeared on your horizon, the one that you really want to protect and allow room for growth. Keep at it, let it be your focus, but have fun with it! This life is way too short to be taken seriously.

Get dangerous, Hellraisers
-The Astrogeek

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  1. Yes I smell it, and feel it. (hummmm) Mars and Venus brought me a fantastic gift this week! Tall, dark, sexy and brilliant (always important for a sapiosexual gal like myself.) And Aries. This is going to be fun.